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training pants question

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Dd has just started going on her potty by herself (yippy! ) Well now I'm not sure what to do. She started this all on her own before I could prepare! So now we're thinking about training pants. At home she's just half naked. When we go out I'd like her to have the same sense of freedom to got to the potty like home, but when I put diapers on her she gets mad. We've been doing disposables since she was born for lack on laundry at home. Now that she's going in the potty more we're thinking of cloth.
What are some good training/pull-up type pants? They need to be somewhat absorbant since she's just started.
Thanks for any info
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Just pull ups would be fine I think. When you go out you can hit most of the bathrooms on your way. Like with my dd I take her to Target and we go to the bathroom as soon as we enter the store, and again on the way out if I've been in there awhile.

If I expect her to poop I'll do a pull up but if she's already pooped that day I'll put her in cotton training pants if we aren't going to be gone too long. If we are gone more than 90 min. I use a pull up instead. I keep a variety of things in the diaper bag: diapers, pull-ups, and cotton trainers (plus a plastic bag to put them in if we have accidents).

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I used pull-ups on DD to begin with and she thought they were just another diaper. She also only really used sposies. So I am just letting her not wear anything when we went out for short trips. Because it has been warm it is not a huge issue because all of her dresses had pull pants with them Now that it is getting colder if it is a short trip I have some really thin shorts for her to put on. If it is a longer trip like beyond and hour I have pull- ups for her. But like I said she thinks they are diapers. I try to ask her like every 20 minutes if she has to go potty.
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Some of the cloth diapering companies make what seem like really nice training pants. I was considering them but then I found the standard training underwear for my daughter and they work great. If you don't know what I mean I can find a photo. They catch the pee or poop long enough to make a quick change but you will always have to change the pants also. One tip, there are a few places with mini toilets where I live and that gave me an idea to tell my daughter that they (the new place we are in, where she will need to use the toilet) has a “baby toilet”. It has worked wonders! I always say, “Let’s look…oh! Yay! They have one! It’s a baby toilet!” Unfortunately, I must use these strategies because our daughter won’t pee outside.
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