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I had my baby today!

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Baby Claire born at home
8 lbs. even
21 inches




I thought second babies were supposed to be EASIER!? I had a really really long labor the first time (almost 48 hours!) and everyone assured me how much EASIER it would be this time. It was harder, IMO. I labored for 14 hours, had back labor again, the baby moved CONSTANTLY during contractions -- which made them all the more painful. When I got to pushing, I was expecting the back labor to disappear (it didn't) and for it to be relatively easy (it wasn't even close!). She was a pound bigger than my last baby, which I'm sure is why she didn't fly out. Anyhow, it wasn't at all what I expected! Everything did go well and as planned, though. She was born at home and I didn't end up with any stitches. All in all, I am feeling pretty good today. Although, very tired.
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Yay, zulupetalz, congrats!!! Glad you ended up pulling through it without any problems - & what a little sweetie, love those pics
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Congratulations Momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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so sorry that it was harder!!! But happy that you and baby are here and safe and you didn't even tear. Congrats!!!
Off to check out your pics!
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Congratulations mama, I am so happy for you, my 2nd was hell compared to my 1rst too! Happy Birthday baby Claire!
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Isaac was my hardest labour to date, too. I think a lot of second babies can be total stinkers to birth...
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Ooooh mama, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't as easy the second time around. But you now have your BEAUTIFUL baby Claire in your arms. I love the pants too by the way!!
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Congrats! She's cute!
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Oh, congrats Zulupetalz!: She's such a cute little squish! Hey you made it through, and I'm totally proud of you! Hope you're doing well!
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Congrats on that little cutie!!! Her baby pants are so darn precious!

I'm with you on the 2nd labor not being all that much easier...pushing this one out was much harder than ds1. I'm just hoping if there's a baby #3 ever that I get to have that one as my easy birth!
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she's gorgeous!!! love all the hair
welcome little Claire!
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She's gorgeous. Congratulations.

Sorry your labor was unexpectedly hard. I can see how that "2nd time is sooo easy" line would trip you up! My midwife says that 2nd babies are wild cards, so it can go either way. I don't know I'm glad it worked out for you and can't wait to hear more about your little girl!
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zulu- congratulations to you and way to go on making it through a tough labor. i am sorry that it was hard on you and can see why it was! back labor, squirming babe and a bigger one at that! i am so happy that you got to give her a natural start at home with her family welcoming her.

welcome, baby claire! i like that name so much, too. she is so cute in the second picture with almost her arms flexed like muscles. her lil longies are super nice!

hope that you get the rest you deserve and yummy fuel to help you nurse her. happy babymooning!
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Congrats! You must be over the moon
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Oh she is so cute. I love her hair.
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Look at all that hair! She's adorable! Congrats!
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