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New update on AJ 2/22/08

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2-22-08 UPDATE
As of last night Ayden is back on O2. He was sating in the low 80s last night, and is in the higher 80's low 90's this morning. Right now I am waiting on the Dr to call to me to let me know what our plan of action is for him, and to see if I got the go ahead to stay the evening and night saturday, and the day Sunday with him, in one of the side rooms, to do nothing but his care and breastfeed him.....he takes the breast right now alot better than the bottle, so the head nurse last night made a note for the head nurse this weekend and the Dr to see if I could do it this weekend.....the good thing is, the Drs who both work there are super breastfeeding friendly

2-21-08 UPDATE

Ayden is down to 5lbs 4oz. Dr said not a big deal since he has been working so hard to eat and everything else. He is off evrything cept his feeding tube and his monitors, and has been moved to an open bed (them crappy plastic bassinets) and was also moved over to the other side of the NICU where the babies who are close to going home are at

I dont have any pics from today yet, but I have two from last night...after they took his cannula away, and even pulled his feeding tube for a few so that I could breastfeed him without it getting in the way.



2-19-08 UPDATE
They have moved his feedings up alot the past 2 days. He is now at 35ml every 4 hours, and by tonight will be at 40ml every 4 hours. They are making him take it by bottle everytime, but it is wearing him out and he has episodes for a few hours afterwards of breathing too fast. I asked the nurse today to please feed him his next 2 feedings in his tube and I will nurse him at his 6pm feeding. His IV fluids have been dropped to 4ml an hour....mainly to keep his line open for his antibiotics that he still needs for a few more days. His oxygen sats are staying within normal the past day and a hlaf or so, and he is on room air through the cannula, so once his breathing slows down some, they will take his nasal cannula away too.

He has been having more periods of being awake. He is begining to realize when his feeding times are and waking up and getting pissy if he isnt fed right away. He is also a snuggler....he just wants to be held and cuddled all day long.

Eyes open:

A full body shot....and you can tell just how pale I am right now:

Prayer request:
AJ isnt doing well tonight. His resps are up to between 90 and 100 a minute, and his O2 sats arent staying above 85........he was doing fine this morning, so this a new turn that no one expected. Respitory therapist and night Dr are saying that it is due to his bilirubin levels climbing rapidly (same thing happened with the twins so it makes sense to me)....this morning he was a little yellow, and tonight when I went to see him, he was a deep yellow color......they are running a bili test and more than likely he will need light therapy for several days.

The good news:
My milk came in and im getting a decent amount......I was able to get enough to keep him from getting an formula and then some....they have about 9 ounces at the hospital and there is another good 10 in my freezer. He is on feeds of 15ml (half an ounce) every 6 hours. Dr may be increasing how often he feeds sometime in the next day or so, then he will increase the amount slowly. So far he is tolerating feeds really well....he had alot of residual in his OG tube last night and early this morning, but his last 3 feeds have completley digested. He was getting feeds by bottle only, but since he is breathing so fast right now they cant risk him aspirating so they have an OG tube in.

He is loving kangaroo care! During one of our sessions today, he literally threw himself at my left breast and started screaming at me....he latched on and lazily sucked off and on for 30 minutes! At one point I figured he was done and went to pull him away, and he made this low growling noise at me and opened his mouth back up and starting rooting for it, so I gave it back

And since I know you all have been waiting, here are a few pics

A few minutes after birth:

Kangaroo care at a little over 24hrs old:

Approx 30 hours old:
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He's so lovely! I'll keep him in my thoughts today- gentle healing to him.
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Not in your DDC, but couldn't help but notice the sweetest little heart you have there. He is so sweet and cute + very strong too. I hope he is well soon.
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That's wonderful that your milk has come in. I'll keep you and him in my thoughts and prayers.
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He looks adorable and chubby in the photos -- great job, mama! You are both in my prayers. I LOVE the story about the kangaroo care. He knows exactly who you are and needs you.

Hoping that your experience with the twins will provide reassurance that everything will work out fine. I'm so sorry you're going through this. We're with you in spirit!!!
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He is gorgeous! I hope things are going better again... He's in my thoughts. to you mama!
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Praying for you and AJ!
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Not in your DDC, but thinking of you nonetheless!!
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Thinking of you!

Your son is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting pics
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Her is beautiful Mama! YAY for your milk coming in and I hope his breathing regulates and his bili levels stabalize.
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He's beautiful!

I'll be praying for AJ. :
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Praying for you both! He is such a cutie! Congratulations mama.
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Having had 2 preemies(33 and 34weeks), my heart goes out to you. I'll be keeping your little guy in my thoughts. My two nicu grads came home in just 2 weeks each so it's amazing how fast they mature and come home to you. Best of luck and healing vibes for the little fighter.
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He is gorgeous!! You are both in my thoughts and prayers today :
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Just wanted to let you know that you are being thought of a lot. He is so beautiful. What a sweetie. I know that you are glad to finally be with him. Hope that he gets to come home super soon. Lots of love to you and your family.
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: and : for sweet baby AJ. He's lovely, mama! You're doing such a great job, , keep up the good work!
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Prayers sent.

He sounds like a fighter - I"m sure he'll be jumping through the nec. d/c hoops soon.

Many hugs!
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Prayers for you and AJ mama!

He's gorgeous, congratulations!!
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oh, he's so beautiful! You're doing a great job, way to go getting him your mama milk! I hope he improves quickly and is home in your arms in no time
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