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Blake is here!

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Just got home from the hospital...

Blake was born at 3:43pm on Saturday, February 16, 2008. He would've been here sooner in the day, but we waited to see if contractions would kick him out on their own. They didn't, so one of the nurses bribed me with Krystal burgers (similar to White Castle, for the northerners out there), so I gave a couple of pushes and out he came. (And then I got my burgers!)

He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 21.5 inches.

He definitely has features that remind me a lot of Chloe, but so far, the mental aspect has been going well.

Off to take a long-awaited hot, hot shower...

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oh wow congrats and YEAH for the power of Krystal!!!!
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Hoooray!!! Welcome Blake!

Did you ever get my 3rd tri swap package? Just checking. Happy newborn days to you both!!
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Congrats!! I hope the adjustment/"mental aspect" continues to go well.
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Congrats & welcome to little Blake! : I hope you enjoy your babymoon!
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Always - CONGRATS! I'm hoping to see if my contractions will be strong enough to birth my baby without the typical "pushing" as well, it's great to see another mama giving it a shot. You had mentioned something before about the baby looking a lot like Chloe (was it a dream or an ultrasound?). I'm glad to hear it's not completely overwhelming you. This is a new baby and a new situation. I wish you all the happiness in the world with your new little one - I would say you are about due for a happy ending . HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Blake!
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Oh, AlwaysByMySide, I'm so happy for you!! : Congrats! Enjoy your time with your sweet Blake. Glad to hear you're doing well!!
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Originally Posted by smokeylo View Post
Hoooray!!! Welcome Blake!

Did you ever get my 3rd tri swap package? Just checking. Happy newborn days to you both!!
I did! I posted in the swap thread; if I knew you had missed it, I would've PM'd you - I'm sorry! We're already putting everything to good use! Thanks again!!
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Congrats and welcome to little Blake!!
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That's wonderful, and he sounds nice and long!
Welcome to the world little Blake
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Happy Birthday baby Blake!!! Congratulations mama!
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welcome to the world, baby blake! yay, mama! way to go pushing him out! so happy for you.
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hmmm burgers!
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I totally understand the power of food- I was bribed with Pad Thai

Congrats on your sweet baby boy. Take it easy and be gentle with yourself- I can only imagine how bittersweet having a new baby must be for you. I wish you all the best.
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Enjoy your sweet little Blake.
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CONGRATS AlwaysByMySide :...I hope you're enjoying your babymoon with Blake!
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