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Good for you and momma bear! I've heard such horrible things about Target employees. I mean I know everyone has their bad apples but I seem to hear a new Target story each week.
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Good for you for sticking up for your family without seeming like crazed lunatic. I don't know if I could have managed w/o a few profanities thrown in, depending on my mood.
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just saw this and wanted to add a big
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
This makes me want to find out Gloria's schedule and have us all go there for an afternoon. Can you imagine what the toy section would look like if we all showed up with our kids??
Z and N would rock her socks.
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How awful!

Sheesh, my kid puked all over Target one day (he wasn't even sick either--it was just a very warm day)--all over the shopping cart, floor, and a few pillows (which we then bought because it would be nasty to put them back on the shelf. LOL!). Within 2 minutes, there were 2 or 3 employees all helping to clean it up, and nobody said anything negative (well, one of them gave us a whole big roll of industrial paper towels in case it happened again and we needed to clean our hands off, but that's not really negative. LOL!)

I'm sorry your boy was harassed.
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My kids play with the toys at Target all the time.  Since both my sister and I used to work in retail, I can tell you that there is rationale behind the placement of each type of toy on the shelf.  Things that toddlers are meant to play and explore are put on the bottom shelf, at their eye level.  Expressly for the purpose of drawing them in and getting them to play with it.  Since parents see how much fun the toddler is having and then often buy the toy.  RC and electronic cars are a few shelves higher and encase in a box, this makes them not as much fun for toddlers, so they do not get broken, but older kids know what they are looking for.


I think Ms. Gloria overreacted.

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Wow, that was unreal.  You handled it better than I would have!


Contrast that with an experience I had in the Salvation Army one time last year--we went in there, and the toy aisle was an absolute disaster--looked like a whole daycare full of kids had torn it apart.  An employee was cheerfully cleaning up all the toys and putting them back on the shelf.  My son, who was going through a phase where he liked to copy people, joined her and starts giving her toys.  I gave her a look of commiseration and said something like "You've got your work cut out for you today." and she said, "I know, but I just let them be...who cares about the mess, they always look like they're having such a good time playing with these toys."  (I'd hire her a million times over)

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