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eye color

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how long does it take for their eyes to change color? ds#1's eyes looked brown just after a few days, but after 4 weeks ds#2's eyes still look just really dark blue/gray. I just keep holding my breath that i will end up with a child with blue eyes.
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I read that it can take up to 3 months, 6 months or longer. Anybody else know?
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my DS1, has blue eyes. No blue eyes in any sides of the family. DH and i both have brown, must be some gene thing.

DS2, and DD have brown eyes.
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My baby's eyes are starting to turn a lighter shade of blue, but show no signs of leaving that color family. It's odd b/c my partner has brown eyes and everyone in his family has brown or hazel eyes. Everyone in my family has blue eyes, however.

I used this really cool eye color calculator and it said there was a 20% chance they'd stay blue. I think that'd be neat, since my baby looks like his daddy in every other way. It would be cool if he had my eye color at least.
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DS1's were bright blue by 2 months and still are at 4 yrs, DS2's were blue for about a year, then hazel, now brown at 2. I wonder what hers will be...
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dd's eyes were a gray-blue for about a year, then hazel/green up until recently. lately they've been hazel/brown.
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