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3 year old scared of everything

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I was hoping for some advice on how to handle my 3 year old ds that is scared of everything - any animal, insect, etc...
This morning I was late for work because I had to kill a fly before I left and then comfort my ds, who was uncontrollably crying.
Last week I had to leave work early because my MIL called me and said he just started to cry uncontrollably and keeps asking for me. He is up several times a night with nightmares.
I only work 2 mornings a week and I am home with him all other times. My MIL comes and we have been doing this arrangement since he was 8 weeks.
What is going on and I can I help him? I am nervous we won't be able to go outside at all this summer because of all the flies, bees, etc.

BTW - is this the right forum for posting about a 3 year old? I am embarrassed to say that I don't know where toddler ends and childhood, preschool begins.

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I think that it is just a phase. Spring/summer is a long way off in the world of a 3 year old.

Validate his feelings, comfort him.

I also recommend going to the library and getting books about insects. This was very helpful for my ds at that age. Learning about how bees work together to make honey gave him something to focus on instead of the buzz around him.

When it comes to mosquitoes, each spring it becomes an issue, but it does pass as it becomes a normal part of the season. My strategy was just to say ya, mosquitoes are awful, but they are part of the food chain, birds, dragonflies love to eat them, they are a delicious lunch!

Keep calm and eventually it will wear off on your dc!
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I agree. It might be a phase. Our oldest child was scared of bugs and stuff up until he was around 6 years old. It worried us because he would literally stop in his tracks if a bee passed him on the sidewalk. It drove us bonkers! Now at almost 13 he has loved bugs, snakes, insects, anything you can think of since he was about 7! He totally did a 180 on the subject.

We were worried for the longest time and so I started gradually encouraging him to look at insects and telling him how innocent they were, how certain ones helped the environment, etc. He went through a couple of years where he was so absorbed in insects that he was collecting them all the time and just had so much fun with it.
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You sound like me and my DS and DD! My DS is/was the same way at 3 and somewhat at 6. Bugs he loves, but once it moves or is too close he's a screaming banshee! Scared beyond reason. My DD is scared too, but she's still rational about it. You have to keep comforting him, and telling him that it's ok to be scared, but that the bugs aren't going to hurt him. I don't have any other advice, other than maybe to check into physic-ly sensative children. My second DD is very sensative to psychic energy, and had a "dark" energy in her bedroom for a long time. I had a dear friend of mine cleanse the room and she said that children are so pure they are filled with the light of christ (or god) and that darkness is attracted to light. Whether or not you choose to belive in this, there may be something to check into.
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Both of my kids went through this phase. I say phase, because it ended as mysteriously and abruptly as it started. DD1 was scared of everything at this age as well - things floating in the bath, the drain, etc. DD2...well, she was scared of butterflies, commercials on tv ...

It will pass.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll go to the library and get some books about insects. In the meantime, it always feels good knowing that your not the only mom that has been through this
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