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taking newborn to a concert?

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i wanted to get some input from you mamas on this.

i am a BIG music fan and one of my favorite musicians (tom mcrae) is paying here about 3 weeks after my EDD. this is california, so there's no smoking in venues. but i'm worried about the noise factor. it'll be a solo show, just acoustic guitar and voice, though it could get a little loud.

i'm already missing two of my all time favorite artists (damien rice and the frames) because i'll just be too pregnant/uncomfortable to go, so i reaaaaaally want to go to this other show.

what do you think? is it do-able? or is it crazy?

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If the babe is unhappy or it seems too loud to you will you just leave? I mean, are you gonna be standing there thinking 'I should leave but I don't want to waste $x!!!!'?
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:LOL good point! see? this is my first, so i have no idea! i was just thinking she'll be either sleeping or eating, but you're right-- she'd probably let me know if she was uncomfortable. and i would leave, of course.
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I am also a big music fan. I had several shows this summer that I missed because of the baby. I debated it down to the day of the shows because I'd noticed plenty of babies/kids at the shows that I go to.

You should consider that your baby might react to or be scared of the applause. I went to a student lecture with my six week old and the group applauded for the presenter and my daughter started crying. I had to take her out.

When I went to one of the concerts (w/o my baby...thank goodness for mom!) I became aware of other children. I felt like, despite the shows being outdoor venues, the music really was too loud. If your shows are indoor it might be too much, even if it is accoustic. My deciding moment came when I saw a mom carrying her screaming baby through the crowd. It looked really scared.

I guess you can tell I'm against babies at concerts. I just feel like it's way too much intake for them. I understand your pain! I would either try to get someone to watch the baby at home (if that's a possibility) or just stay home and see the music next time around.

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We're kinda on the other side here. My dh was in a punk band until about 6 months ago. I took ds to all his shows. He slept in the sling, occasionally waking up to nurse or watch for a minute. We did get him baby-sized earplugs once he was big enough for them, but he took them out most of the time.
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Don't rule out shows because you'll be big pregnant. I went to see the Hollyweird tour (Poison, Cinderella, Faster Pussycat) when I was 39 weeks and it was great! We had a blast.
We took DD to her first concert when she was one year old, she did great but it was outside which I think helps.
One thing to think about - I was much less comfortable physically 3 weeks PP than I was the week before I gave birth, also, keep in mind your little one may not come on his or her 'due' date.
As far as the noise bothering the baby, I agree to follow his or her cues, baby will let you know if he or she is bothered.

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Go, if you feel up to it and have fun! I never took a newborn to a show, but dd was 3 months old when she saw Bob Dylan and, though, I was worried she did fine. SInce we were on the lawn we didn't bother with earplugs, but otherwise I would get some. We left her with my mother when she was 5.5 mos and saw the Dead because we thought it would be too hot, noisy, rainy, or smokey for her. It was none of the above, and everytime I saw a mama walk by holding her baby, I wanted to sob because I missed mine.
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Don't buy tickets today. Can you get tickets as late as the same day or day before? You have no idea what you'll feel like. Go with the flow not against it. If you're not up for it there are always more shows.

Also, ear protection is so important. My father has been playing music in a band since he was 13 so I grew up in lots of loud music. I have permanent hearing damage as a result. The human ear is designed for loud sudden sounds not constant loudness. A vacuum cleaner is even too loud for little developing ears.
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thanks everyone! very good points and ideas.

i won't be buying tickets (doubt it'll sell out), i'll just see how i feel on that day-- maybe going to a show will be the farthest from my mind.

i will go to one on 9/24, assuming i'm still pregnant. the venue is small but comfy and they'll give me a table with chairs if i request it.

thanks again!

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