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"Affordable" clothes....

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I'm trying to buy what I can slowly. I don't want to have to go out and buy clothes and such for a newborn after the newborn arrives. Plus, we might be moving around the time I'm 32 weeks or so and I don't want to have to add shopping to my list!

Anyway, I'm refuse to pay 12.00 for a sleeper!! Where do I find affordable clothes...sleepers, and such...

I've also been buying hats since babe will be a winter babe I want "her" head to stay warm....
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I would check out the Trading Post on this website if you haven't already and definitely look at ebay, people sell collections of clothing and you can find the right size and season there. Garage sales are also a great find!
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I am a die hard yard-saler. When its not yard sale season then I hit the second-hand/thrift shops.

My 2 girls are dressed in mostly name brand all cotton clothes none of which cost me more then $2 apiece.

I do end up buy white t-shirts and turtle neck brand new cause they are hard to find used.

Our girls have more clothes then they or me know what to do with
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I have found so many clothes at thrift stores that I know I won't need any for at least six months. Nice ones too, lots of Carter's and Baby Gap for under two dollars.
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Yup, thrift stores. They have great clothing, many things look brand new. And you can't beat the prices! IME, thrifts linked to charities (like Goodwill, Disabled Vets, Salvation Army) have the best prices, since they get their goods as donations. In our town, Salvation Army sometimes has baby/kid clothes on sale 3 items for $1, and prices are good even without sales.
Yesterday, I got ds a brand-name sweater (supercute with an embroidered moose on it) for $.50. Can't beat it!
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goodwill arounf here is pretty expensive..... the DAV is too much of a hassle and its riht next to a porn shop so the men aren't too....friendly....that hang aorund outside....

Yardsale season is almost over.....

The thing is I never had to worry about it with ds. I had a baby shower and a great lady here sent me clothes for free and tracy is still wearing all of that stuff. I think I've bought him maybe 4 outfits since he was born...which has been really nice (not to mention he is wearing last falls clothes again cause he hasn't gotten any bigger.....

I'll check out some of the other thrift shops...our area is full of them...
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Our local Goodwill has "sale" days at the end of the month - most stuff is reduced by half then. Every day a different color sale tag is marked down as well. Yes, I know thrift stores have become more expensive but they're still not as expensive as the department stores --and the $$ generally goes to a fairly good cause.

Our little guy is almost exclusively clothed in second hand stuff -- most of which is terrifc quality that we couldn't afford if bought new.

Good luck.
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In addition to other moms' suggestions, the clearance racks at nice department stores can have awesome discounts. As long as you're the type who can go to the mall and not buy anything if there's nothing really priced well, you can get a great baby wardrobe entirely made up of clearance clothes. I get better prices that way than I do at consignment shops. Kohl's has good sales,too, although it's not what I would consider to be a "nice" department store.
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If you internet shop, just check the "Clearance" section. The summer stuff will be on sale soon and you can probably find peices in whatever sizes your baby will be wearing then for a reasonable price. I've gotter Gap stuff for about $3 or $4 this way (even though I TRY to boycott Gap, its one of the few places I can find plain cute clothing for a decent price.)
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I also recommend making sure word is out among friends and family that you are open for hand-me-downs. I take them by the box. While I do a lot of sorting, and a lot goes to the Goodwill after I pick out what I like, it's really worth it. I have bought a total of perhaps 2 outfits for ds since he was born--and he is almost 28 months now. Networking is good--extended family of family (ILs) tend to be big buyers of some of the best-made, finest stuff. And I get to use it for NOTHING!

Another string attached: I don't keep any of it. As ds outgrows it, I pack it up and return it to family members. Of course, if it's ruined, no biggie. No one lends kids' clothes out intending to get them back exactly the same.
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I LOVE Baby/Children's Resale Shops! You can find cheap, great deals on clean and cute clothes that have hardly been worn!

Good Luck~

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Good Will in my area is expensive. I can do way better on the clearance rack. Sometimes used clothes at yard sales, ebay, can be too much. If you get the word out to family and friends clothes will come your way. It is amazing the way you can get clothes from "Sally's best-friend's sister" when you just mention it. Also, why not tell a friend or relative that you could really use a baby shower.
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The Children's Hospital around here has about 10 thrift shops...I'm gonna check those out today hopefully just to get an idea. I don't know if I said this but one of the gals at the chiropractor is bringing me 2 large boxes of clothes for ds...some still with tags...I love hand me downs cause they are already "broken in"

I hit the sale racks this last week (labor day sale leftovers) and no sleepers to be found....just tank tops and things and I'm trying to buy semi gender neutral. But I figure if I buy some of each I can give the girls clothes away. We have lots of boy clothes since we already have a boy I just need the girl ones but feel silly buying them since we don't know gender!

Thanks for the shopping tips!!!
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I wouldn't even bother buying anything yet. If it is a girl you can worry about that when the time comes. You will get gifts, even if you don't have a shower. We got so much stuff for ds from people we never would have expected to even give us a gift. He ended up wearing some of it only a couple of times. I still haven't bought anything for him & now have an offer from one person to pass on all her boy clothes .
Just relax & enjoy your alone time with ds now - don't waste it shopping!
Good luck!
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Well, the clearance racks generally have the end of season fashions, hence all the tank tops. In a few months, the sleepers and other stuff will be there.

I'd beware of buying too much gender specific clothes - esp. if you're on a budget.

and I second all the tips about resale shops and thrift stores conncted to hospitals.
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We are moving right before baby is born to a town where we know no one. Otherwise I wouldn't even be worrying about it. All I'm really looking for are affordable sleepers hats and socks..... jsut things to keep baby warm. Plus, I'm in the middle of finding fall/winter clothes for ds...so knowing where to find the bargains is going to help us out across the board!!
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I have a few things I'd get rid of fairly cheap I know I have about 3 hats, lots of socks and probably some sleepers, too. Most are probably gender neutral, but some are boyish and some are girlish. PM me if you are interested. I can e-mail pics. Most of this stuff I got used, but it's still in usable condition. I like to shop on the clearance racks, and I also get hand-me-downs and yard sale stuff. Anymore, I can't seem to find much nice stuff at yardsales. I do better on the clearance racks. I think Kohls usually has good clearance sales. Ya know, I honestly liked my stuff from Wal-Mart. It isn't the best quality, but you can just buy a few packages of sleepers, and it doesn't cost much.
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Hey, i am getting ready to post a unch of newbornstuff,including sleepers on the trading post. Do you know the sex? Most of my stuff is kinda girly but all winter/newborn. I will PM you first with anything I think you will be intrested in.

Anyway, clearance racks are my friend. target usually has cotton sleepers on the rack all year round and I have found thier baby stuff to be pretty sturdy.. Also check out Gerber stuff. I think i saw a 3 pack of sleepers for about $15. Thier gown are 2 for $10.
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I run a home daycare and have kids from about 10 different families. I'm often given bags and boxes of clothes that they've outgrown because they hope that maybe another family in the daycare might be able to use them. So, if you do end up in town, don't fret: you have one person who can probably wrangle you some nice hand-me-downs!
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I like Wal-Mart and Target, and sometimes K-Mart.
Wal-Mart carries a Carters brand name now called Child Of Mine, like the Target brand from them. You can get packs of sleepers and gowns really cheap, and cute. They have a whole line of matching blankets and such too. They still carry Gerber and the other lines too. I'd look there.
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