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Getting my 5mo to sleep is a nightmare all of a sudden

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He sleeps fine at night without much waking. His naps are suddenly so short (10-30 min) and he is still tired and crabby when he wakes up. I am SICK TO DEATH of bobbing up and down while my other two run rampant. I have no idea what to do. I just don't get why this is so hard. Nursing and rocking no longer work and he won't fall asleep in the sling either. :::

Does anyone else who has a decent nighttime sleeper have this problem? I don't know if it's a phase, growth spurt, or if I'm just failing at seeing his sleepy signs over and over again and waiting til he's overtired.
Ugh. Suggestions? Sleepytime routines for the reluctant baby?
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We've been having a lot of similar trouble since 5 months. He is over 6 months now. I saw several similar threads, so I think it may be a phase.
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We were having problems. I cut dairy again, and we found a whole new way to get him to sleep. I find he's very disoriented by nursing to sleep and waking in another room. We started patting his back in the bed, until he falls asleep. Now he's back to taking long naps.

I do think it's a phase, we're just lucky we found a way that works!
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Getting my 7 mo to sleep is also a nightmare. She is the lightest sleeper, anything wakes her up. She tosses and turns, very restless and Co-sleeping with her is not working. When I finally get her to sleep and go to put her down she wakes up, and it is all over again for the rest of the night.
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My LO is almost 5 months old and she HATES going to sleep anywhere but the bed where DH and I sleep even though her crib is smack dab against the bed. I feel your pain. She's starting to get under eye circles from how much she fights sleep. Heck, mine look like someone punched me in the eye.

Please tell me when it ends...
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same with my 5 month old

My five month old is going through exactly the same thing. This past week naps have totally gone out the window. She seems exhausted but then somehow is able to power nap for 5 minutes and be revived for a while (but then gets crabby again soon). She co-sleeps with me and sleeps pretty well through the night but is up earlier than she used to be and stays up late as well...
I think it's probably because her mind is going in a million directions- I think the sudden new-found abilities to grab and manipulate things around her is exciting- and she doesn't want to miss anything!
It's hard though!
But know that you aren't alone in this!
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oh i meant to add that she wont sleep in the sling either- or even on me for very long- Holding her used to get at least an hour long nap out of her. Not any more!
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Well I"ve had a couple of days where it was better- just some light rocking and then nursing to sleep (although getting my nipple out of his mouth is another matter). He's had 3 naps a day that were al ittle long, and then he lasted almost two hours before getting cranky. I hope it stays this way. My first was also difficult, but he was always a difficult sleeper from day one til age one, and my second was easier. I think I'm just sick of sleep issues, I really get so frustrated when his little head is bobbing on and off my chest but still he perks right up. I wish he would just go out in the mei tai while I'm doing stuff for my other two, but he usually gets overtired first if he falls asleep that way at all.
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woops double sorry.
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