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Well that sounds easy!

OT: do you think hummus would be gross without lemon juice? I'm reacting to citrus but I lurve me some hummus.

I'll try cooking them for a couple of days. I really though keeping them warm in the slow cooker would make for perfect chick peas. :
I don't eat lemon or any citrus right now because it gives my toddler a little red rash on her bottom (after breastfeeding). I have made hummus with no lemon using vinegar. It is not as good as with lemon (I would not serve it at a party, for instance) but it gives that tang that hummus must have. I'd say apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar are the closest to lemon flavor, but you could experiment.

KOMBU - We always use kombu (seaweed) when we cook any beans. It makes them noticeably softer and adds nutrients. We have not put it in the soak water, just in the cooking water. We have not tried the long soaking or slow cooking that a lot of you are talking about.

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