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Sleeping too well?

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I'm not complaining, truly. But my baby slept through the night last night. And she has had long (like 6-7 hour) stretches of sleep since the day she was born. She's rarely fussy, and she sleeps a lot. But she's not lethargic. She's not difficult to wake up if we decide to wake her up. And she eats about 50-75 cc (1 1/2 - 2 1/2 oz.) when she eats. (I only know this because she isn't nursing well, yet, and we've been having to pump and finger-feed her.)

Should I be concerned? Is she sleeping too much. Do I need to wake her up during the night even though she eats really well before she falls asleep and when she wakes up? I love the rest I'm getting, but it makes me nervous. Any thoughts, anybody?
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all 3 of my girls have wanted to sleep 6-7 hours a night within days of birth.
i have never been comfortable with it & advised to not let them go that long ..
so for the first weeks (till around 6 weeks) i would wake them up & get them to nurse
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I'd probably wake her up in between. My little man sleeps way more than my girls did. He can easily go about 4 hours at a time which for one of my breastfed babies is HUGE. He actually wakes up and just wants to go back to sleep, by the time I stand up to get him.. he's asleep again. If I offer the boob he just grimaces and goes back to sleep. LOL
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I thought you were still pregnant and worried that you were sleeping too well.
I think my brain isn't working right.
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Hmm, with my DD, she slept 6-7 hours a night once she was past 3 weeks, and I didn't wake her up. Oh well, too late for her now. She's already 20 months.

Sorry no advice here, but I hope your wee one is thriving and gaining like she should be! My little man is not on any discernable pattern yet, so no two days (or nights) are alike. To my chagrin, yesterday he decided to be AWAKE between 4am and 7am...
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