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It's a

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Baby boy

Born Sun, 1:25 pm after a quick labor. 8lbs, 6oz more to follow
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Mazel Tov mama, lots of love and nachas!!!
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Congradulations! How are your girls liking having a brother?
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yay for quick labor!!

congrats mama, enjoy your babymoon
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Congrats!! Is it just me, or does it seem like there's a lot of boys in this DDC??

Enjoy your little man, mama!
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Oh Rachel, welcome to you sweet little boy! And Congrats to you!!:

There are alot of boys in this DDC!
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YAY congrats!
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:::!! Congratulations Mama!
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Congrats!!! He was born a little over an hour after Steven
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yeah, rach!!! happy birthday to your little one and happy babymooning to you! i'd love to hear the whole birth story soon! enjoy!
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Congrats, mama. Can't wait to see pics of your baby boy.
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Congrats, Rachel! Glad it went quickly for you & looking forward to the story & pics!! Welcome, little one! :
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Thanks everyone!!! nak prob work on birth story soon. The girls love having a brother, theey are taking it really well. Dh keeps calling him "she" and "her"
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