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Twin Photos!

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Sure, it's the holy grail of photography; getting multiples to all be in the same picture is HARD. But share what you have anyway.

I called this one "Love" though "Get Off of Me" would have been just as accurate. :

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That is a gorgeous picture!

Here are my girls:


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I do love that black and white one. So sweet!

tons of pictures of my boys:
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Oh my gosh! They are all so cute!

I have this 'picture' taken yesterday at my sono:

That's Ben's face and Claire's legs

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Those Christmas outfits are ADORABLE. And the kidlets wearing them are pretty darn cute too!

I love the feet pictures though I am in awe you can wear both at once. I bow before those of you who can do that!

Great sono - congrats!!

Heather - those are all beautiful but that second one is just precious!
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My boys at a farm:
And "ready for take-off!!" (They climbed in and started yelling "Rocket! Rocket!"):
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These are all several months old:

My twins

Ready for a bike ride with Daddy
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Oooh! I'm all over this thread. . . I just love showing off my sweeties!

These pictures are all from October 2007.

My twin boys

The boys with their big brother

The whole crew
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Dontcha just love to see them interact?

This one totally shows their personalities..my determined one and my mellow fellow.

"Brother, are you in there?"

I have LOVED seeing all of your cuties!
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What an inspiring and wonderful thread! I am so excited to see my babies, and I have to wait until summer!!!

Some of your babies look indenticle. Do any of you know if they are?

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Originally Posted by DoulaSarah View Post
Some of your babies look indenticle. Do any of you know if they are?
Mine are.
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Me too Sarah! Makes me so excited to see my munchkins!
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Oh, I love these threads! Such beautiful babies!!

And mine are identical or monozygotic (MZ).


They are starting to "share" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...0/DSCN1764.jpg

I love that they have the same "huh?" expression http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...0/DSCN1767.jpg
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Originally Posted by DoulaSarah View Post
Some of your babies look indenticle. Do any of you know if they are?

We're pretty sure ours are.
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What a GREAT thread!!!! I have really enjoyed everyone's photos!!!

Here are a couple of our twins (if I can do this right)

The twins, Camryn & Carson with Caitlyn (who thinks she is their triplet even tho she is 8 months younger lol) at Christmas

Carson at the Alaska State Fair in August

Camryn at the Alaska State Fair

Their first camping trip

The twins with their guardian Akasha

The twins the day they came to us at 3 weeks old Please excuse the sheetless mattress We had just hours to go pick them up and had absolutely nothing for them, including diapers and formula. Thank goodness my aunt was able to loan us a crib
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How fun to see all of your adorable twins! Here are my boys:
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Here is a cute one of Maya and Thomas the other day (26 months)

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This was at Christmas and they were 17 months then.

Getting up to mischief:
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