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deep breath....help me not panic!

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i just had an appt with my mw and we discovered that for some bizarre reason, this baby has decided to turn breech. she did an internal exam and found a foot!

at this point, she estimates the baby to be near 9lbs (i'm 39w4d) and she really doesn't feel that she can turn the baby on her own. she's calling her back up OB (whom i've met and really like) to get me in for an ultrasound and then probably a version.

my prelabor has been building so strongly the last two days, she really feels we need to do this immediately.

on the plus side, she really encouraged me that my body could handle delivering a breech 9+lb baby. we'd need to be in the hospital, but she would be there with me the whole time. but she did warn me that with the size of this kid, the version could be really difficult and they may really push for an emergency c-section.

so, my head is kind of swimming.
i'm not panicking, it's just so NOT where i thought things were going. i'm having a hard time with this unexpected turn of events.

i need some encouragement -- the babe will turn, c-sections aren't the end of the world....stuff like that. please!
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First let me send you . I know your mind must be reeling as any of ours would be with such unexpected news. Remember, no matter by what means, this baby is coming out and you will be holding him/her very soon. The fact that your midwife is SO supportive of a version and of allowing you to try and deliver breech is your best asset right now. It seems that she has your best interest at heart too since she's saying she knows what her limits are and is seeking additional resources.

You are going to be just fine, and your baby will too. It may not turn out exactly as you had initially imagined it to be, but you will get through this with a beautiful baby on the other end .
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this must feel really shocking and unexpected! I too think your biggest plus is an awesome sounding midwife. Try to spend your time doing affirmations and visualization.

Good luck mama.
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I have to second what lilyblossom and Fletchersmama said. You certainly have an excellent midwife who knows what her limits are, but still has confidence in the outcome. Really that's a hue boost I'd say.

I'm sure if I were in your situation I'd be worried too, but it seems like you've got a ton in your favor as well!! I think spending some time on hands and knees will help you too, if you aren't already. But the visualization also is important, as Fletchersmama said.

oh and lastly this will all work out!! :
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I have had a version done, it was not fun but it was successful. If I knew then what I know now I would have found a practioner who would deliver breech and went that route. This baby was also breech and I think the Webster technique is what actually encouraged him to turn. You might check it out, but this late in teh pregnancy I would seriously consider a breech vaginal birth as the first choice. Chances are that the baby isn't that big either... they overestimate a lot.

Good Luck and Happy Healthy birthing.
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I had the same scare a couple weeks ago. It's not fun!
I agree your midwife sounds great and I think it's wonderful that they will let you try a breech delivery.
When I had my meltdown I reminded myself that in this case it's all about the destination not the journey. My goal is a healthy baby in my arms and me healing....
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thank you, everyone!
what would i do without my ddc?

it looks like we will not know anything until tomorrow. there is no way to get in today for an ultrasound unless we went the emergency route (which, i think , would just make things worse, emotionally at least). i will have the very first available appointment tomorrow and then the OB will schedule the version immediately, based on what we find out.

my mw suggested i go on home and just take it really, really easy tonight. avoid contractions and relax. so i think that's what i'm gonna do. or at least try to do.

i guess now would probably be a good time to read all those parts of the the books i've totally skipped over (i.e. c-sections, hospital births, etc.) and write a really solid birth plan.
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Big hugs. My first thought is that the prelabour is a good sign: you need the contractions to bring about the change you're looking for and to bring your child into optimum position. Optimum position for this child and your pelvis is not necessarily vertex- every birth is different for a reason.
Before you even go into the version, you need to know the position of baby's feet: a frank breech (bottom first) is going to be easier to birth than a footling, where the baby's feet come first. That's because when the body and legs pass through your cervix and pelvis together, it makes sure there's room to get the head (widest bit) out too.
This is not the end of the world, and it is not a disaster. There is no way in the world I'd accept a c-section before labour started though, simply because it is so hard to get a VBAC in so many parts of the US.
You can do this- if anyone can, you can.
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My cousin just had her baby yesterday and it was supposed to be a scheduled section for breech but when they did the ultrasound before the section baby had flipped vertex! It CAN happen- she had a big baby as well. Try to relax as much as possible- I find things are more apt to fall into place (no pun intended) when you just relax and let go of worries (which can be hard to do at a time like this).
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deep breaths. lots of them.

talk with your babe and ask it to turn if it can. assure it of it's safety. you know, whatever comes to you about what this babe needs to hear, just tell the babe.

what about seeing a chiro first thing for the webster technique and maybe some moxa and accupuncture? my friend's babe turned via help from the chiro just a few weeks ago!

okay, more deep breaths, mama!
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mama...I hope things work out!!! :
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well...the baby is indeed complete breech. :

we'll do a version on friday.

the OB is really pushing for a c-section, but the fact that he's even willing to try a version kinda tipped his hand. he claims that the baby's size and position give only about a 20% chance that the version will work. but, i have a lot of amniotic fluid, which will really help and if this babe really did turn all on her own three days ago, she can turn again.

my midwife is entirely optimistic about this whole process. she's going to be at the hospital with us for the version which will help us all stay positive. she's truly the best cheerleader and i am thankful that she'll be there to keep my head in the right space.

please keep sending turny baby vibes!!
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Originally Posted by mosesface View Post
if this babe really did turn all on her own three days ago, she can turn again.
Amen sister! Sending LOTS of turny baby vibes your way! Either way, you are close to your little one being in your arms...so hang in there!! Thinking of you!
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Have faith in yourself and your ability to birth this baby breech or not. And relax. I second the other mommas suggestions too. Good luck.
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It's all good. BooBah turned breech late in the game, too, and dropped her cord so I wasn't a candidate for a version. I had an emergency c-section that went beautifully, and from which I recovered very quickly. No matter what happens, all will be well.
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Have you got some pulsatilla? That could help...also, try acupuncture even (if the OB is prepared to work with another professional) during the version. One of the Bristol hospitals does a two-part ECV, with acupuncture used during the conventional version, and their success rates look pretty good.
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: turn, baby, turn!! mama...
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