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Where do you buy sprouted flour?

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Please share where you buy sprouted flour and how much you spend...

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I like Summers Sprouted Flour - from http://www.creatingheaven.net/eeproducts/eesfc/
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this is where i buy mine too, great product--caution on the recipes though (online). i was suspicious about the minimal quantities of fat called for, it really does make a huge difference. i haven't been experimenting a ton, since the flour is rather expensive. if i remember correctly, SF's recipe for cookies turned out yummy though.
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I called them, but they have not called me back. Is there nowhere else to buy?

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I think Summer's might be closed temporarily. My husband said he thinks he remembers being told when he placed a phone order one time that they close for a while each Feb. to have their millstones re-surfaced and thoroughly clean all the machinery (I imagine flour dust gets everywhere). Has anyone called?
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I've been waiting for a while to hear from them... they had been really good with the communications and then just stopped! Good to know that they do this annually! I'll wait a bit longer...

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I sprout and dry a large amount at a time and then grind it as I need it. In a grinder or a blender.
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I use Summers flour too. We don't bake much, but do make ww bread in the bread machine with it.
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I was going to buy from them too. Then I went on their website and they say they soak the grains in hydrogen peroxide prior to sprouting. It made me wonder if it could harmful or damaging to the grains. What do you think of it?
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I called again today and it says mailbox is full - is there nowhere else to buy sprouted flour?

Anybody know about the soaking methods??

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Ok I have ordered sprouted flour from these people - it came out to about $10 per bag for organic sprouted spelt flour including shipping. I had to order 6 bags at a time. Here is an email I got about it:

"We wanted you to be the first to know that we have teamed up with Shiloh Farms, a company with a 65 year tradition of offering organic wholesome foods to distribute the Shiloh Farms Essential Eating Organic Sprouted Spelt and Sprouted Wheat Flours made from 100% whole grains. It has taken us years of research and development to perfect our sprouting process and to put taste and nutrition back into flour milling. The result is both delicious and nutritious.

You will be interested to know that our certified organic sprouted flour mill has achieved the highest rating of Superior from the American Institute of Baking. Very few mills in the country can claim this distinction.

We have heard from many Weston A. Price members that they are already experiencing satisfying and lasting results by incorporating our sprouted flour into their diets. That warms my heart.

Our sprouted flour is available in 2, 5 and 30 pound bags. There is a minimum order of six bags for the 2 and 5 pound bags. Or give the following information to your health food store to order for you. Check out the recipe on the bag for sprouted pancakes and muffins. They are definitely the most delicious pancakes and muffins on the planet - and they digest as vegetables! How cool is that!

To order contact:
Louise Hock
800 829-5100 ext. 110

Visit http://www.essentialeating.com for more information on beauty and benefits of sprouted flour - your delicious alternative.
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Hmm I put in an online order about a week ago. It said it went through, but I guess I have no idea how long it will take now.

I really just use it to make pancakes or crepes on the weekend. I usually use double the eggs and butter that a recipe with white flour calls for- and they turn out great that way. I get the wheat and spelt flours. The Cream of Spelt is really yummy but I found it digested too quickly as a breakfast and I was starving again an hour later.
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I ordered from Summers several weeks ago and never heard anything and didn't get any flour. If they shut down production during Feb they could at least put a notice on their website or something.... I haven't tried calling or emailing though.
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I've also been trying to contact Summers Flour. Their voicemail box is full and they haven't returned my emails. Has anybody received their orders from them recently? I used to buy it at my local food coop who say they have not been able to get any either.
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Summer's was cheaper than the Essential Eating one, but maybe they are out of business?
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I've been thinking recently about ordering either sprouted ww flour or sprouted spelt. For general baking and cooking usage, should I get the flour or the spelt? I don't understand what the texture difference would be.

Too bad that Summers might not be around anymore. I was hoping to buy from there. For all of you who contacted them, let us know if you get a response please!
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I placed an order on Summer's website yesterday, and today got an email saying they were having some delays but my order would ship within the next 2 weeks. So they're still around.

TJ, do you mean should you get wheat or spelt for general baking? I use both. The spelt has a milder flavor and slightly softer texture in the finished item, the wheat is a little more malty, but the differences are subtle. I sometimes find pieces of hull (the outside of the kernel, not the bran) in the spelt flour from them, I think that's because the hulls of spelt don't come off as easily as the more modern types of wheat so sometimes a few kernels slip through that still have it attached and it ends up in the flour (harmless). So I tend to sift the spelt flour right before using it even if the recipe doesn't need it, because that catches the bits of hull. I haven't found any hull pieces in the wheat, but I like the spelt better in general for things like quickbreads, cookies, pancakes, etc.. The wheat seems to allow for better rising in kneaded breads. I'd say get some of both so you can see which you like better.
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Has anyone had any luck with Summers recently?
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i've also been wondering about this! AJP, did you ever get your flour? have people had good luck with the other one (essential something)?
i have a couple other questions-- with flour that is bought sprouted, do you still need to soak before baking, or that's already been done? and, how important do you think it is to grind your own grain? and, do you usually just straight substitute the sprouted flour for reg. whole wheat?
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