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Water broke!!! Update!! He's here!

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I was laying in bed, felt the pop and water gushed all over!!!!! Wish me luck! I've had 1 contraction and birth team is on it's way.

Scroll down for the update, he's here
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Hah, I knew you were close! Have you got your bed remade for snuggling babies in?
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Good luck Mama, can't wait to hear all about it!!!
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Yay, smart baby knew he/she needed to get here quick! I'm so relieved for you, Kathy!
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CONGRATS mama! You'll be snuggling with that baby in no time flat! ELVs your way and I can't wait to hear all about it!
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I read your other post. I am so glad things started on their own. Smooth birthing vibes comming your way. Can't wait to here the sweet details and see some pictures of your new baby.

Congratulations, and way to hang in there.
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Ooh-hoo!!! Go Momma! :::
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yay, kathy!!! i am so happy for you!
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Yay! You must have felt so relieved... : & we'll look forward to seeing your announcement later!
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yay can't wait to hear how it goes!
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Amazing!! You really were right about to have the baby when you reached that desperate point!! Sending you gentle labor vibes
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Hey Kathy....
I was thinking about you this morning, wanting to chat with you since we never have gotten around to calling each other, so I decided to search your posts on here to see if the baby came yet (didn't want to bother you if you were celebrating your new baby) and saw the Water broke thread! Good thing I didn't call, LOL!!!!
Knowing your fast and furious history with birthing, I have to wonder if you're already holding him in your arms as I type this!
At any rate, good luck with everything and I hope the birth goes beautifully well. I'll check back in here later for an update, and I can't wait to hear how it went!
Call me if you get a chance in the next few days! I'm going to want to hear all about it!
Oooh, I just noticed you posted this 7 hours ago....I hope you're resting with your baby boy suckling right now.
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He's here!!

3:30 am water broke, so I called midwife, her assistant and my friends. Started off easy then of course things started to hurt like hell and my friend (who is a doula) told midwife I sound pushy....well I didn't believe her cause that sounded way too good to be true and I didn't really feel like pushing although I felt so desperate to be done with the pain.

Mw assistant checked me and told me that I was ready so I waited for contraction and pushed like hell. I don't play around when it comes to getting babies out, lol. My midwife had to keep telling me not to blast him out too quickly and I remember thinking, "screw that, this hurts!" I have just a slight tear and was told to keep my legs closed until I heal

His head came out at 5:58, body at 5:59, so it was almost 2.5 hours from start to finish, which was a little longer than his big brother.

I bled a little too much and midwife had to stick me with pitocin, stuck acupuncture needles in my toes and and then I was given lots of homeopathic stuff under my tongue. Dh said he was scared because everyone looked so concerned but I felt fine so I wasn't worried at all.

Benjamin is doing well and weighs 9lbs 14 oz and is 21.5 inches long.

Lisa, feel free to call me today if you want to. I'm in bed all day snuggling baby and I won't answer if I can't talk.
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Yea!!! Congrats Kathy! It sounds like an awesome, if intense, birth! Welcome to little Benjamin! Hope you guys are snuggling and resting well right now!!

Congrats again!!
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WOW, a couple ounces short of a ten pounder! Way to go mama!!!!! congrats and welcome to little Benjamin
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excellent birth! congrats mama
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WOW! What a huge healthy baby!!! Congrats & welcome Benjamin! : pics, please!
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WOW!!! I can't believe how fast our lives will change. You just posted less than 12 hours ago and now you're a Mom the 4th time over. I'm so excited and happy for you!
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Yay! Another big boy for our DDC! Glad you are both doing well!
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Wow, what a big boy! Can't wait to see some pictures! My labour was super fast, too

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