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Daily thread 2/21

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Wow! Guess everyone else had a solid night's sleep, or a baby!

Mornin' all - 38w, 6 d. Slept ok, except for the peeing of course! The new fun thing from yesterday - a little better, but still here - is quite swollen ankles & feet. Nothing else really swollen (well, calves, a little) - bleah! DON'T LIKE IT! Walking not comfortable with these - trying to keep off them somewhat but that's rather difficult when one needs to cleeeeeeeeeeean!!! I hope the swelling goes down again; I ate a LOT of protein yesterday & I'm going to up my fluid intake even more today. I wanted to go into the city on Saturday for a last hurrah at my favorite farmers' market, but no way would I attempt the subway if the swelling continues.

Other than that, there's not much going on. Oh, the baby was doing some serious cervix-surfing last night, so that's in keeping with the "I'm moving down!" idea, I guess.

Oh, actually, the other thing is that this has started seeming really abstract, this whole baby-is-coming-soon thing. Almost like pregnancy is my new baseline state, and I'm slightly forgetting that there is actually a person in here that is going to come out soon! That's kind of a weird thing - but it comes and goes. It's probably because I'm so fixated on getting this place in order before that happens that maybe I'm pushing it into the background a little bit! But needless to say I am super-excited to meet the little one, whom I know is in there because he/she just squirmed mightily

Happy day to all my fellow expectees!
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We posted the daily thread at the same time - . I'll just copy and paste what I wrote here to keep it simple.

Wow, I can't believe I get to start this thread!! Well, It's the night of the 21st here and I'm 41 + 4. My boobs have been leaking for the last three days. I can't even wear a shirt at night because it just gets wet and wakes me up. Right now I have a cloth diaper stuck down my bra and it's working beautifully. Also, today I had bloody show every time I went to the bathroom. It wasn't thick or anything but the TP was definitely tinged a light, light, rose. I read that this may mean labor starts in the next two days or so!!! DH's birthday is on Saturday so maybe he'll get a birthday baby .

In other news I bought a birth ball to sit on but it had a whole in it. In China you just buy things off the street and there is no return policy so we're just out of luck. Luckily DH knows someone he can borrow one from so he's picking it up tomorrow.

Well, I hope you ladies have a wonderful day. I love to check in in the morning and see how ya'll are doing.
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Good morning!

Nothing happened last night--bummer. Well, I am going to just try to stay calm today and get things in order today. I have to be at the hospital tonight at 7pm to get this party started. : This is so NOT how I wanted this to all go down, but I am trying to look at the bright side and just keep focusing on the knowledge that I will have my baby in my arms by the weekend. It is the only thing keeping me sane at this point. I feel like my body is falling apart.

Wishing everyone else a wonderful day and sending ELVs to all that need them. You probably won't here from me until after the weekend.

I can't believe I will be someone's mommy!!!
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I had a few mildly painful contractions last night, but they went away.
I'm trying to decide what to tell my mother-- she lives a 12 hour drive away, and wants to be here several days *before* I go into labor. (I am happy with that plan, btw.) On tuesday I was only half effaced and no dilated. I haven't had any mucus or blood loss... but I am having a few more of these contractions.
My mom was planning on being here sunday or monday. Should I tell her to hurry?
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39 weeks today, woohoo!!!! DH was convinced I was going to go into labor last night for reason...but sadly I knew better LOL. I really can't wait to have this baby but still no big outward signs. I hardly have contractions at all, which is really different from my other pregnancies. Who knows, I guess.

Steph, I know what you mean about realizing the baby is coming. I still don't think I get it. I don't remember it ever being this surreal with the others, but as much as I talk about it, it's like I really don't believe it myself. That we are going to have another person in the house. Soon. It's really strange.
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morning. I'm due.

still pregnant though.
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morning! i did actually have a decent night's sleep. until the dog woke me up by barking at my face to let him out. DH works at the office on Tues and Thurs (he works from home MWF) so he lets our dog out before he leaves so i won't have to be woken up like that. but, yeah, today...annoying dog barking woke me up. i don't like rude awakenings...who does?

still preggo here and starting the 39th week today/tomorrow!!! woo hoo! thinking maybe the babe wants to come this weekend? it's my great-grandpa's birthday on sat who was very dear to me. we always joked that he celebrated president's day with george washington. and, a friend's birthday on sun who is dear to our family. he even wrote his birthday on ezra's calender that hangs in her room so she could get excited if buxton is born on the same day. he's a young, single guy that's not afraid to read "we like to nurse" to ezra...pretty special.

i am feeling the babe move more now...which i was concerned about recently. having lil menstrual like cramps here and there. a few BHX the past few days off and on. looking for some redness every single time i wipe (sorry if that's TMI, but i bet i am not the only one!).
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Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
looking for some redness every single time i wipe (sorry if that's TMI, but i bet i am not the only one!).
you aren't! I lost more huge globs of mucus yesterday adn when I realized that my bits were keeping it *inside* I reached up there and grabbed a huge glob and pulled it out. honestly I don't see hwo there coudl be anything left!

lost a bit more this morning but it's all yellow/clear.
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Morning everyone!
Aimee - doesn't sound like you'll necessarily check in again, but in case you do, best of luck tonight/tomorrow! You are going in for an induction it sounds like? Hope all goes well! If you are still around I have a couple of good improving-an-induction-experience tips.

I wonder if we had any full moon babies? Guess we'll hear soon. I had three hours of contractions last night close enough to time... then dh and I went outside to watch the eclipse and - no more contractions after that. Weird, huh?

Have a good day! ~ mb
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ELV's and to you Aimee!


My due date is tomorrow! I don't feel like anything has changed at all. My doula called last night and has been sat on a jury! She has a good backup, but i'm hoping i'll go into labor this weekend so she can be there.

I got a call from my uncle last night who said he thinks it will be soon (he's always had a 6th sense about stuff) and then an email from my Dad first thing this morning that said it has to be today since too many odd things have already happened and it wasn't even 6am. LOL.

: that it will be soon.
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Originally Posted by mamabutterfly View Post
Morning everyone!
Aimee - doesn't sound like you'll necessarily check in again, but in case you do, best of luck tonight/tomorrow! You are going in for an induction it sounds like? Hope all goes well! If you are still around I have a couple of good improving-an-induction-experience tips.

I wonder if we had any full moon babies? Guess we'll hear soon. I had three hours of contractions last night close enough to time... then dh and I went outside to watch the eclipse and - no more contractions after that. Weird, huh?

Have a good day! ~ mb
I didn't have anything. the people upstairs brought me a yummy donut mmmmmmmmmmmm
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Still chugging along at 41+4 (right there with ya, gingerbane, except for the leaking and bloody show). Feeling relatively crabby this morn. Woke up alot last night, but for some reason or another didn't sleep well... Some nights I can sleep well waking alot, other times, bleh. Woke up crabby (when I officially woke up). Just feeling frustrated with things, like putting on clothes and socks and all that. My happy zone of yesterday... not feeling it much today. But, saw my Bro, SIL and little A last night, think that I look bigger - which by our hypothesis, everyone pops out a bit more right before they go (happened to our older sister, happened to SIL, so hopefully me too). They think today/tomorrow. My other brother was laughing at how our baby brother was giving me labor advice. I had hoped on the eclipse to get something into gear, but I don't know, maybe the party got started, but slowly. I did have some very minor, very low, sporadic contractions the whole time at my dad's last night, and more of that EWCM looking stuff. Also baby's been consistently low since Tuesday (rather than high/low). Here's hoping. I did originally think it would be the 23, but the closer I get to that day, the more I say, man, why didn't I say the 20th, or something? But the average first time mom gives birth at 41 and a half weeks, so who knows...

OH and I've only been popping on here once maybe twice a day, I hate to say it, but I'm trying to not let too much jealousy infiltrate my brain. Not that I'm not excited for the mommas and their little sweetlings, I really am, they all seem so thrilled and in love, but sometimes I start a self-pity party and I'm trying to NOT do that...

Phillybama, you'll get there momma! I hope all goes well for you at the hospital and soon you will meet your precious little one!

Steph, on the cervix surfacing, hey, every little thing is nice to notice! I do understand what you mean about the abstract feeling of the baby coming. Sometimes it seems silly that I'm giong to have a baby, other times, I feel like well duh, of course I am! Isn't it wierd what hormones do? Oh, you asked in the other thread about the pineapple. I'm not sure where on MDC I read it, but I found some links to pineapple and labor. THere's a substance in (fresh only, not canned) pineapple called bromelain(I think). Anyways, it's supposed to riped the cervix, so I've been eating it daily. Can't hurt, and it's taking the place of my ice cream fix, so that's good.

Gingerbane, what a drag on the ball! I've really been using mine alot lately, so hopefully you will find a good one soon! Heh, you think Saturday too? Maybe we really are birthing buddies!

Cicley_m I wish I knew what to tell you about your mom coming. I really have no idea. If my mom lived far away, she'd have been too early if I told her anything near the due date, so IDK. Maybe some other wiser more learned momma knows?

True Blue, hey happy 39! Wish I knew what spurs birth along, but I sure don't.

Calebsmama, hey Happy Due Date! Sometimes it's nice to recognize those milestones! Hope you're feeling better, and this little one arrives soon!
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39 weeks today! i had a ton of bh yesterday, and lots of butt pressure last night, but nothing this morning. i still have to buy a new camera, so baby's not allowed out yet. oh and i don't have the instructions for my softub, so it's still sitting empty. haha.

ooh! maybe i'll hit 1000 posts before baby comes out!!
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I am 41+1

Hopefully when I go back to my doctor, it won't be a wasted trip like yesterday! Hopefully I will get some answers as to what is going on withmy baby!
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I'm 40wk5d today and fairly certain I'm losing my mind. I have to go to the hospital for a non-stress test and u/s tomorrow, because I'll be 41 weeks on Sat. and it's standard procedure for "overdue" women - baaah. It's completely stressing me out - I know I can turn down interventions, and I really do trust the midwives who work there to not fear-monger us into any rash decisions, but I feel like such a failure or something for not having had this baby yet.

I'm starting to be convinced that this won't just happen on its own. DH is being really nice and patient, but he keeps saying "it'll just happen, and soon!", which doesn't really make me feel any better. I think I'll call my doula today when I'm less weepy/pathetic about talking about it, and see what she says about going in tomorrow. Sigh. Baby come out!!!
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Steph & True Blue, I can appreciate the whole abstract thing, I have felt pretty surreal about about this whole pregnancy, since I never had an u/s, but now that I am just waiting, and also franticly trying to get the house in order, I tend to push actual baby to the back of my mind! Though s/he's been very active today!!! I am getting so excited!

I am so jealous of everyone with the pink tinted goo! I never get it, it all comes out when my water breaks!

philybama, : :

Teeny, I know your baby is going to come sooner than later, I can feel it! Much to DH's delight, we've been dtd every morning, and I tried the pineapple thing yesterday morning, that seemed to work, at least for a liitel while!

I was up at 4ish w/ my eldest DD who had a dream that a vampire was baby sitting her and her sibs. We couldn't fall back asleep so we got up and had some tea and oatmeal. It was nice to have a little bit of alone time with her.
Yesterday was a crampy/ctxy day, but as soon as I went to bed they stopped. Its funny because I was so excited about labor starting, though I usually have a day or two of prodromal, that suddenly despite my impatience, I wanted to wait a little longer!

Well, since I went to bed so early last night my dc's had a chance to destroy the house again, thanks DH! But he took two of them to work w/ him today, so I'm off to clean. I'll be checking in on you ladies again later!!!!
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i'm here.
me and my ginormous breech baby.

nothing exciting is happening today, which i'm kind of glad about. my mom will arrive this evening and i go in for an external version at the hospital tomorrow.

if the version doesn't work, i am about 98% sure we're looking at a c-section. the baby just keeps jabbing one of her feet down under her, into my cervix and that is bad news for a vaginal delivery.

i want the version to work SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.
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41 weeks today! Surreal. Never, ever thought I'd still be pregnant at this point. (DS was born at 39). I've had tons of Bh's this morning, but not a bit of show, and the ctxs aren't the least bit uncomfortable, so I'm not too hopeful, but you just never know.

Woke up VERY emotional today, and was having a hard time with the thought of DH leaving all day to go to work...just don't want to be without him today. Plus, we got a light ice storm last night, and it is supposed to ice all day and into tonight when we are supposed to get a LOT of ice, so I was really sad to think of him not being able to get here quickly if labor starts.

But...minor miracle...his boss called and said that the roads weren't too great, and suggested that he take the day off to be near to me just in case!!! So now DH, DS, and I are just playing together and spending the day together. I am guzzling RRL tea, walking a ton, eating pineapple, and we're going to DTD as soon as DS takes a nap. So hopefully our surprise day together will bring out the little one! If not, at least I didn't have to face this emotional day without DH!

Coco, hang in there. I have a NST for tomorrow if babe doesn't come with the full moon tonight. I'll be thinking of you!

Isra: Hope the visit goes well, especially after yesterday!

Elyse: hope babe waits for the camera!

Teeny, I hear you! It's easy to check in and hear about babies when you are before the 40 week mark, but when you start getting into the 41s, it gets a lot harder to still not have your baby!!

Juju: bummer about the jury duty! Bad timing!

Butterfly: cool observation about ctx during the eclipse! I would have loved that! My dad's an astronomer, he would have thought it was the coolest thing in the world!

Gunter: Glad to hear that the babe is moving around for you again!!! It's always hard to keep worry-free! And that sucks about your wake up call.

Caleb's mama! Happy due date! And a donut sounds GREAT right about now!

Amy: same here...I had easily 3 times as many ctx with DS's pregnancy at this point. Earlier I just thought it was a random difference. But at 41 weeks, I'm starting to wonder what is up?!!

Cicely: Tough one. It's so hard to say. If your gut is telling you to have her come, that seems like a good enough reason to me.

Philly: I will be thinking of you today!!! Hope that, whatever progresses, you can enjoy today and enjoy for the last pregnant day how amazing your body (and all of our bodies are) is for growing a full term baby!! Congrats!!

Ginger: bummer about the ball! Glad you can find a back up. Sounds like things are getting close for you!

Steph: You are totally right about reaching a weird state where it feels like pregnant is normal...rather than we are about to have another child in our house! I'm right there with you! Hope the swelling resolves!!

Hugs to all! Here's hoping for some full moon babies tonight!!!
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mosesface: I hope everything works out for you. I can't imagine being thrown such a wrench this late in the game!

So...I just took a shower. And when I got out I noticed my belly is a totally different shape than it has been. Kind of more rounded than out. Does that mean baby dropped maybe? : I'm really thinking I want this baby to come soon...I think I'll have DH bring home some pineapple this afternoon (it can't hurt, right?) and I think I'm going to put on a pantyliner and start using EPO during the day! My cervix is squishy but just not effacing...maybe that will help.

My grandmother is in the hospital, she has what they think is some kind of abcess on her appendix and may be perforated. Funny thing is she sounds/looks fine except for some discomfort. They are trying to figure out exactly what it is and heal her without surgery...but they say surgery is most likely going to be necessary. Downside to that is they don't know if she can pull through surgery...they can't do laproscopy bc they will have to wash her internally completely to make sure the infection is out of her system...her heart is not at full capacity anymore (the woman is 88 years old!) and they worry the stress of the open surgery combined with the fever they are expecting her to have for a few days might be too much for her. *sigh* This sucks. I'd love to have the baby here so she knows what it is, etc just in case, and plus then G-d forbid the worst does happen, I could still get down there (she's in FL with the rest of my family).
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Here's what I said a few hours ago in the other thread:

Good morning! Well, the lunar eclipse didn't do me any favors. Still pregnant, 39+2. I have a good feeling about this weekend, though... now I will say that I'm starting to feel like this birth is really imminent. I'm not sure, but during teaching this morning I had lots of cramping/BH/and back pain which kind of surprised me, and my mucous has definitely been more copious (though not "globby" like I expect a plug would be). Anyway, I just all of a sudden have the feeling that I need to get stuff squared away ASAP because this person will be here very soon, maybe not today/tomorrow but this weekend. Yikes! As someone said, the realization that this is real is hard to hold on to, I've spent so long preparing for this baby person but it's still so surreal.

Baby has been very quiet yesterday and today. Maybe doing more growing? Poor little guy. It's so cramped in there. We're both just about ready to be done. I'm definitely feeling like the baby is suddenly tired of being inside!!

Some BHX, nothing consistent or even interesting. Until later this morning!! I'm wondering if it's just the baby being posterior causing the cramping, so I'm sitting on the ball and will see if it goes away. So far still crampy and weird feeling 2 hours after it started... we'll see though, not getting hopes up...

We did get that car we were trying to buy yesterday! We pick it up this afternoon. I have a bunch of meetings/appts today and tomorrow. I'm hoping the kiddo will be cooperative for these things! I told the baby that he/she just needs to wait until we pick up the car this afternoon - I have to be there to sign papers - otherwise I can miss an appt or two no problem .

Anyone else randomly congested? I'm not sick but I'm stuffy all the time right now, almost like allergies except everything I'm allergic to is frozen right now!
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