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Originally Posted by TriGirlVA View Post
How have things progressed, Tara? Have you spoken to the doula? Have you stopped spotting? I've been thinking about you all day...

My name, ironically, is Tara....you'd never know by my screen name, though.
No, I haven't spoken to my doula yet. Well, she emailed today me to let me know her kids have hidden her phone and it has yet to be found. A normal day in the life of a SAHM with 3 and 1 on the way! I emailed her back about the spotting but I haven't heard back. Thanks for thinking of me...

Tara, wow! That's very strange! I don't come across many Tara's.
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Just jumping in with tons of sticky thoughts.... keep taking it easy.
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I talked to my doula. She said that when the placenta forms during this time, it's not uncommon to see spotting from that. I hope that's all this is. The cramping is pretty well gone this morning, especially now that I've had a huge glass of milk. She said the cramping is probably related more to my stretching uterus since the spotting isn't red. Thank God I have her.....she's so reassuring but not falsely reassuring. Does that make sense? Thanks for thinking about me everyone. I'm convinced it helps. The power of women's positive thinking is extreme.
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Still thinkg of you and your sweet babe (((Tara)))!!
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Continuing to think about you. Hope you can have a nice relaxing weekend!
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I'm coming a little late here, but I really hope everything is fine for you. With my 3rd I had brown (with touches of pink every so often) for 2 months. It was awful and nerve wracking. I thought for sure I had lost the baby, but, all was well, she was perfectly healthy.
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I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm thinking nice, sticky baby thoughts for you right now.
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