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What do you do in your mommy/baby group?

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I live in an area that seems to have a lot of mommies and babies, but not really any organized groups. We've talked about starting one, and I sort of volunteered to do it, but I really don't even know what you do in a mommy's group? We have a location to meet. I'm nervous about "being in charge" and not having a clue! Nobody will ever come back! Do you have any suggestions? What do you do in your groups? How did you get people to come?

My DS is 8 mos old and most interest seems to be from mommies with babies under a year.

Thanks for your help! I hope I posted this int he correct location!
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moms' groups are awesome! i love mine. we meet 2x/week--once for a formal meeting and the other time for an outing. everyone commits to attending thr formal meeting and the outing is optional.

here is the rouitine for the formal meeting. (2 hour meeting) we each check in and talk about our week and mention items that we want the group to talk about. this takes about an hour. then we spend the next hour talking about the items folks have raised. the trick is to stay on topic so that there is time for discussion on all items. then we spend the last few minutes planning an outing. one person volunteers to organize it. we do stuff like going on walks, having lunch, going to matinees.
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Our group is really informal! We keep in touch via email (we all met online a couple of years ago) and take turns hosting or meeting at places like the pool, McDonald's etc. We usually get together once/week, sometimes twice.

We just let the kids play together while we hang out... the younger, less mobile ones are usually in a momma's lap. We do the occassional special party for birthdays, holidays, etc too.

PS- I think our group must be smaller than what you're thinking? We have six moms, five 2-3yo toddlers, two 1-2yo and 3 small babies and another on the way...
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Thanks for the replies! Rebekah, what types of things do you discuss? Like what would be discussed during a first group gathering?

busybusymomma.. I have no idea what to expect on size. We live in a small community, but since there doesn't seem to be a lot of organized groups we could get a lot of interest.

Living in such a wet area, with winter coming I think that having planned activity for an outting will be good for us all. I just don't really know how organized I should try to be and if there should be "activities" or just everyone hang out. Mostly I think I am just being shy (so why didn't I volunteer to try to organize .. I have no idea) and worry that it is going to be awkward at first!
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We have a cool group here in my little town and I'd like to tell you more about it but it is soooo late and I have to get some sleep! I'll be back later to share more info!
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jmjello: topics have included: breastfeeding problems (e.g., a baby's preference for one breast), painful sex, emotions about returning to work, finding good childcare, feelings of vulnerability as a new mom, how to help the babies sleep better, the role of partners (especially during teh night), etc.

In the beginning, we had a topic that each mom included in her check in, such as "how i got pregnant," "my labor experience," "how i picked my baby's name." this helped break the ice and helped us get to know each other. it can take several weeks before a real bond is created, but even from teh beginning i found it helpful to hear what other mom's were doing with their babies, etc. good luck!

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Oh those are great ideas for icebreakers! Thanks!! I'm feeling much more secure and very excited to start meeting! I appreciate the help!
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Our mom's group is pretty informal...we communicate by email and organize what we will do every Wed. During the summer, we meet at the park w/strollers, go to a lake, once we all went biking with our babes on the back of our bikes. During the winter, we meet at someone's house or at a local play gym. We try to rotate houses so one person doesn't get tired of it. We usually talk about the babies and whatever latest concerns we have. But often we talk about other things as well. I love it. I think its really important as a SAHM to have a regular social outing to look forward to. It gives you a sense of involvement & routine to have a group of people who ask, "what did you guys do this weekend?" etc. I also like that everyone REALLY get to know each others babies and observe things like, "oh look, he got another tooth!"
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jmjello, Hi just wondering where you are in NW? I'm in the Portland area and looking for a playgroup with like minded mamas. I have a 4 month old ds.
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