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No pitocin here, that is for sure. And how do they even figure out due dates, from an ultrasound.
I know conception date was June 14th, so that could put me as late as March 6th. So in my mind, that is when I will start to negotiate my choices.

Has anyone ever decided to do things there own way and the baby started to deplete nutrients?
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I'm not planning on doing cervical checks generally, but since the MW was already up in there for the GBS test yesterday at 36 weeks, I told her to go ahead and see what she felt. No dilation really--she said a "dimple," but the cervix is very soft. I actually don't want anything to move along that fast--I have an appointment for an external version on Wednesday, so he'd better not try anything until then!
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Monday at almost 36w head was really low, cervix was 20% effaced, totally closed, firm, and posterior! Things have been this way for 6 weeks!

Do you think that means anything about anything at this point? Except that I probably won't deliver in the next week or so? Midwife gave me the go-ahead to do "anything I want" (this is after weeks of bedrest) - it's OK if I want to start ripening my cervix I guess? :
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I haven't had any checks done by anyone but me so far.

I'm REALLY soft, about 50% effaced and at about 1-2 centimetres. I just checked myself out of curiousity. Baby's head is SUPER low, I could feel it "around" my cervix.

We'll see!



Do you always begin conversations this way?
"I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?"

(I think we watch and read the same things, that's two for two, woman!)

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At my check on Wednesday I was 4cm dilated and 70% effaced. She said the baby was at about -2, which is normal for mamas who have had kids before. She said that babies don't usually go down very far until you are in actual labor. She is certainly pushing on my pelvic bones though, cause man do they hurt!! Especially when I am walking. I am in serious pain right now because i just spent the morning vacuuming and mopping the house! I wish she would come soon! I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow!
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I'm 38 weeks today and was 1cm and 50% effaced, baby at -2. Very normal for this stage I fully expect to go past my due date and that's okay with me (and thankfully with the OB!)
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2 weeks ago I was 34 weeks and was completely closed. The doc did not mention anything about effacement % or position, but said that I was soft. At least I won't be having any contractions on a hard cervix. I'm 36 weeks now and it would be nice to get some dilation out of the way before actual labor begins. I'm getting the GBS swab done Monday, so hopefully she will let me know what my status is then.
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I didn't realize they checked people at 34-37 weeks. I'm 38 weeks today and didn't go to my appointment. There was just too much snow to risk driving out there. My appt is on Monday now and I don't know if I'll bother getting checked. Knowing that info didn't make a darn bit of difference in the last 3 pregnancies, so it really doesn't make a difference to know.
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I haven't had anyone look at me my whole pregnancy, since the initial visit. They just don't do it routinely.
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Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
I didn't realize they checked people at 34-37 weeks. I'm 38 weeks today and didn't go to my appointment.
It just depends on your doctor/mw. Mine doesn't start checking until 38 weeks. The NP checked me at 36 just because she was doing my GBS.
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Just got checked today. I'm about 1 cm, but cervix is very thick at 36 weeks.
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Trin-is that from princess bride???

I got checked 2 weeks ago and there were no numbers discussed-just an all clear to go away for the weekend. I go in tomorrow, and this time I want digits-I mean if your going in till your elbow anyway, and they won't buy me a drink first, I need something more than 'nope' I mean obviously I have no baby in my arms-but where am I??? Let me know even some of the work is already done!
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I'm a 1 as well, but still thick and posterior.
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I just found out today I am a 'fingertip' (that's 1 cm, right?) and very soft, but not effaced. Not engaged-he popped up right as I went into the room-no commitment from that little guy yet.
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Popping in from Feb 08, b/c it looks like I'm going to have a March babe....and it's depressing seeing all the "my babe is here!" threads there

Anyway, I'm 40+4 and have been 2 cm for 4 wks. It's depressing. Monday, he said I was "maybe 2.5," but really soft and he could feel the baby's head. It depresses the hell out of me to see you mamas who are 4 cm. I should stop reading these threads all together
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Not a clue, nor will i ever as i've put in my birthplan no internals.
i thought you only got checked when in labour :
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I was 1cm yesterday at 37.5w.
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36 weeks -1 station and 1 centimeter. She said my cervix is still very posterior, but this is my first birth where I have dialated at all before going into labor. I am expecting a fast labor this time. last time I think it was only 2 hours of hard labor 4-10 and pushing included.
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I am due March 7th and was told that I am 50 percent effaced and 1-2 centimeters dilated. I don't have much faith in the numbers though. I think that I will be late this time around too...
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I put very little faith in the #'s except maybe that they make labour faster. I have walked around with baby at 0 station and dilated 3-4 100 effaced for a month and still was induced. This time I am 2cm barely and about 60% and have my induction in a week. I am working on getting more dilated by having sex, drinking RRL tea and walking when I can. I am an early March mama and I am sad reading all the baby is here threads in the Feb DDC and the ones popping up here. LOL.
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