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Baby Softwear - Baby Love

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Well, I have never seen these mentioned before on MDC but since I own 2.5 dozen I should probably share my experience...

There are 2 kinds, Baby Softwear and BabyLove, made by a Canadian company now called Kidalog which also sells the pattern. Both types are made of cotton flannel, have a floating panel to dry more quickly, are OS, and Velcro close. Baby Softwear has the panel attached in the back & elastic across the back; BabyLove has a longer panel attached in front & no elastic in back.

BS was very adjustable, with a fold-down front that wasn’t too bulky on a smaller baby. They were too big for nb though. We used them with cheap fleece liners and they were easy to clean, no special washing. We dried them on clothes hangers with those little skirt hangers added – saved a lot of space on the line. They were really soft and fluffy, even after the fuzz came off, and still are not completely dead after 2 babies. The diapers fit in all the covers we tried (not many). Drawbacks were the maddening Velcro which stuck to everything and could be scratchy when coverless.

BL’s panel seemed too long to fold up easily & the diaper didn’t fit so well. We only had a couple of them and they were always bottom of the heap.

The BS are inexpensive, sturdy, and easy to use. They were a great start in CD for us, but then I’m no hyena!
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I am bumping this post to see if anyone else has any reviews of this brand dipe. I saw them for sale on ebay and came here (mdc) to see what ppl had to say about them.

So let's hear it..........

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I used Baby Softwear with all 3 babes. After 3, the velcro wears out but a good dipe. I will be sewing more with this one(and I guess I should get on that soon...) Anyway, I've used many kinds second hand and I like these ones. They taked a while to dry because of all the layers(although the top one is only attached at the top of the dipe) and I'd prefer snaps but a top quality diper, also available in organic and pre-cut kits. I didn't like Baby Love ones as much-weren't as adjustable. Kidalog has been pretty good at sending dipes promptly but have had long back orders on other items. On the other hand, they are very friendly and helpful.
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I agree with the PP, this is a good dipe.
I bought one BS and the pattern to make some more.
The value for the price is excellent. And they do dry very fast.
The pattern also comes with a premie/NB size. I had a dozen of them and it was a great diaper when she was first born.
Made a few of the regular one size.
Now I must admit, that I don't use them much. Even though I think they are good and all, I don't like the one-size front panel that much. However, if I would be on a tighter budget and not be able to afford (or willing to pay ) other expensize fitted in different sizes, they would probably be part of my regular stash and I would find them awesome!
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