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She bit a hole through her tongue

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My poor baby just slipped at the window sill and bit a hole THROUGH her tongue You can see the nasty cut on the top and bottom of her tongue. It quit bleeding after just a minute or so, but she's definitely hurting. Every few minutes she lets out a little cry Its breaking my heart! Is there anything I can do for it? Since it goes all the way through, is there anything I need t o do in particular to prevent infection? Anywhere else, I'd dab a little dilluted tto on it, but I dont think I want to subject her to the taste.
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My ds did this a few mo ago. The bleeding is definitely scary. Basically, as long as it doesn't keep gushing blood there's not a lot a dr. could do. Will she eat a popsicle? The cold may help w/ swelling and pain. I basically just tried to give ds liquids and soft foods the first day - he did ok w/ plain yogurt and scrambled eggs. It hurt him to drink from a sippy or bottle so I put water in a cup w/ a medicine dropper and playing w/ it distracted him from the pain plus he could let the water drip into his mouth. I tried to keep his hands clean and keep them out of his mouth as much as possible. He was pretty much fine the next day. Tongues heal pretty quickly but it is heartbreaking to see your LO in pain.
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well glad to know it heals quick! I tried to get her to suck on an ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth but she wasn't having it. She just fell asleep on me. Hopefully she'll be a little more bushy tailed when she wakes
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Oh wow that's terrible. You must feel so awful for her, poor baby. She's the same age as my LOs, and I can't imagine something like that.

I once bit the end of my tongue clean off, when it was numb from dental work. It grew back, just fine, and quickly, too. I think it was only a few days before it was as good as new. So I'm sure she'll be okay.

Are you nursing her? I would bet that expressed milk from an open cup would be comfortable for her to sip, if nursing hurts too much, and breastmilk has naturally anti-infective properties that should help with infection. You could just hold the cup for her and let her take little sips.

And breastmilk ice cubes might be fun.
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My teeth went through my bottom lip when I was a baby - mom said that I cried but healed very quickly! If she is still in pain try filling one of those mesh feeders with anything frozen - ice cubes, frozen grapes, a broken up popsicle, frozen juice cubes, whatever she likes that will make her feel better!
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ooh.. forgot about those mesh feeders. I think I'll make her a boobcicle
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