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Julie ~ Those are gorgeous! My Katie is on my lap right now and she LOVED the picture of Parker. I closed it, and now she won't stop saying *more*! :LOL
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Oh Julie! It all looks wonderful and Parker is so very cute!

I am so impressed- and jealous of everything you've knitted so beautifully!
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Thanks everyone! I found the blue hat so I'll try and take a pic of that tonight.
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Nice job, Monica & Julie!! I'm really impressed!

I've retired to doing dishclothes for the moment. I was helping a friend this week & that's our project for the moment. I'm waiting for my yarn to inspire me again. I'm really frustrated!! I may try my mittens this weekend.
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Thanks, Angela. I am feeling frustrated because in truth, all of my stuff is vaguely lumpy (except the hat) and has mistakes and I keep having to rip because I'm not good at reading patterns. I feel like such a beginner.
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Monica... all your stuff has looked gorgeous I think!

Here are the hat and mitties I kool aid dyed for Bret. I just have to weave in the ends on one mittie and I'm DONE!

Blue hat and mitties

Just one more red mittie to go for Parker and then I can move on to Christmas gifts!
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Thanks, Julie.

Those mittens and hat are really beautiful. Nice dye job, too. That's exciting to be moving on to Christmas gifts. What is on your list?

Everyone else, too- what are you working on right now?

I'm finishing up dh's first mitten- men's hands are so darn big it takes longer than I expected :LOL I'll post a picture when I finish, hopefully this weekend.

Also, I have red Christmas longies on my needles- just before the short rows. Slow going.

I want to make mittens for my mom and nephews, a snowflake hat for ds and a hat for each of my three brothers... all before Christmas

Did you know Theresa is putting up a Christmas stocking pattern next week? I want to knit one of those, too.
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Just joining your group! I am a beginner and am working on a baby hat and sweater right now. I hope they turn out cute!!
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You know what I have realized, yes, i am a beginning knitter, yes i love yarn and stuff and yes, i have begun many projects. But i have not finished anything yet!! NOT ONE SINGLE ITEM!! what does that mean??? I am so embarrassed I go to the yarn shop ask questions then don't finish anything. i even have a box full of yarn waiting to be used HELP!! What should I start off with??
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New knitter here! I am accomplished at knitting dishcloths, but I'm having trouble getting the k1,p1 type stuff down pat. I have a friend who knits, so I'm going to try to have her show me (we both have two kids and we get together for playgroup usually out in public, so knitting isn't the easiest thing to do!).

So anyway... that's me. I already have a big bag full of cotton and wool yarn. Just gotta get better.

My next two projects will be knit slippers for me (the kids already have some knit by my friend) and a soaker for ds using the LTK pattern.
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Knitting.... just picked it up and I'm doing ok, but I think I have stage fright! I am working from a free soaker pattern and just past the ribbing, but my increases look really loose! Is this a big deal since they will be sewn together?
Should I try something a lil less ambitious first??

All you knitting mama's amaze me! Crochet is sooo easy for me compared to knitting
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Originally Posted by michray
Crochet is sooo easy for me compared to knitting
That's funny (I mean ironic!)... I'm the exact opposite! :LOL
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LOL! I think its the two needle thing that I am finding daunting.. a needle in each hand.. so what do I do with the yarn??

Its getting easier and I really do enjoy it, I just think my fear of messing up something I have worked so hard on keeps me from Just Doing It!

I love these support threads, tho Its very encouraging to see that newbies are cranking out truely lovely things.
How do you all ever find the time??
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hi, my name is Shannon, and I am a new knitter-been at it for 2 weeks now. I have made a pair of soaker shorts (nearly finished-but the legs are giving me a pain in the neck) and have started a newborn soaker for a friend. As far as time, I have found that by simply cutting out 2 or 3 pesky meals a day-I have time to sew diapers, clean house and knit
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I started knitting about 6 weeks ago. I made a cute baby sweater from Vogue Knitting Baby but I haven't assembled it yet. I am hoping to make a matching hat for it.

This shrug is my current project. I am using Homespun in a dark steel grey and Wool Ease in Wood. Its really gorgeous even though its acrylic.

I've crocheted for years but knitting seemed so intimidating. It still is. I have printed out a ton of free patterns online that I hope to make. And all my friends are getting knitted scarves this year.
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That shrug looks so cool! I'm still stuck trying to k1,p1... I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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The shrug is so easy. Its all stockinette stitch with some increases and decreases. I am not totally sure that I did my increases correctly but it looks ok. Basically, its a long scarf with tapered ends that you join for sleeves.

I just find it overwhelming - too many neat patterns and not enough time to make them all!
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Didn't see this thread before!

I'm Shannon, been knitting now for 2 or 3 weeks. I'm 1/3 done with a green-heather wool scarf (stockingette at the end and then k4p4 ribbing) and just spent too much $$ for yarn, new needles, and a pattern for a rollneck sweater for my little boy. The yarn is this nice soft tweedy wool/silk/cotton mix in a dark orangish red, which will hopefully go well with his fair complexion and yes-I'm-of-Irish-descent red-tinged blond hair.

DH is shaking his head at me, convinced this is a phase! I knit in all my free time lately, which is not much since I WOH FT and spend the rest of my time with DS.
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Hi mommas! I'm on the last six rows of a scarf for my son. It is cute but kind of funky. I can see about five mistakes that I won't be making next time. The knitting doesn't make me nervous but looking at patterns makes me nuts. I guess I need some mroe time before I can decipher a pattern without running for help.
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