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Birthday gift ideas for 5 year old girl?

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I need to find something great for my soon to be 5 year old girl! Any suggestions?
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how about some classic old fashion board games? my DD has a current obsession with playing checkers!
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My fav kiddo gift is a box of craft supplies. Plastic or wooden box that you and yourkids can personalize with the birthday kid's name and interests and then filled with stickers and markers and crayons and gluesticks and ribbon and.... all that fun stuff!

I also like this gift because it's rarely a double and almost all kids can use more craft supplies.
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I second the craft idea. My dd is turning 5 next week and I have a Melissa and Doug paper punching set and some new paints and paintbrushes for her. I also found a really cute kid sewing machine at Michael's for $4, but I wonder how easy it will be to use, seeing as it was so inexpensive!
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This is a great product that I recently bought for my kids -- they are 8 and 4 and they LOVE it. It is great for in the car, there's no mess, and it never runs out of ink/batteries/paper. We homeschool on it too -- math, spelling, simple games, etc.


It's kind of like an aqua doodle but opens like a laptop. Very very popular here at our house.
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Well, my 5 yr old is asking for a lap desk and new books w/cd's.
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A gift I just gave at a recent birthday was a big hit.
I made a mail kit.
I got a metal box from the craft store and a stamp that looked like a cancel stamp, and a few stickers like were the right shape and size as stamps. Then I went to the printer, they sell odds and ends of stationary for a few dollars and tied them up in a ribbon.

My dd has one too, and we made mail boxes out of shoe boxes and play post office all the time.
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I like the idea of craft kits. Another suggestion might be jigsaw puzzles or a musical instrument targeted to kids...a kids' ukelele maybe or an electric keyboard? All of these things are popular with my 5yo DD.
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Crafts and board games were great suggestions.

First thing that came to my mind was a jewelry box - the kind you wind up with the spinning ballerina inside.
Link to just one that I found quickly.
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My son is turning 5 soon too.

Here is one of the things I found for him that I think he'll like a lot--

We also are making craft kits - a wood train to paint and put together, cutting and punching stuff, etc.

Then we found good quality kid sized headphones for when he listens to music/audio books on the iPod!
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www.novanatural.com has a ton of crafting kits. Activities are a big winner around here.
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You can either buy them pre-dyed or dye them yourself (very inexpensive!). You can even make skirts and capes out of them, or let the kids do that themselves.
Our Homeschool co-op mamas made a bunch for xmas this year (for the 3-8 yr old kids) and they were an amazing hit. Boys, girls, all ages and interests LOVED them. I never would have guessed how much use they get at our house.

Seriously, Playsilks!
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Originally Posted by tammyw View Post
I need to find something great for my soon to be 5 year old girl! Any suggestions?
Well, she is your daughter. What is she interested in?
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Fancy Nancy books. Let me see if I can find a link for you. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/boo...ancy+Nancy&z=y

Even though my daughter can (and usually does) read on a 4th-5th grade level in 2nd grade, she has loved these books since they came out, which was when she was still 5. In fact, she just bought Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly last week.
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Here's favorite major toys at my house: Marie (an American girl size doll with lots of clothes to wear and hair to style and a bed), Ballet Videos (Baby Ballet and Fantasy Garden--see Kultur.com), Playmobil Victorian dollhouse, the vintage Polly Pocket compacts (from ebay), Jim Weiss storyteller CD's, Dress-up clothes, and Wedgits. My dd got the Marie doll when she was 5.5. The rest of the stuff she had at 5 or earlier and still loves.

My 3 year is getting the Water Wizard by Buddah Board, clothes for her Bitty Baby, and a CD from Jim Weiss.

The girls usually get some books for presents to.

I'm pretty picky about what toys we have, so I usually am looking for educational-type toys (as in imaginative, not computerized toys). I like the Fat Brain Toys website, and Love to learn website.
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