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Thanks A! I'm in a struggle for sure...the problem is, there is no name that I'm like, yeah that's IT!!! But I have to say, I'm getting to like Samson, it does suit him! He was tiny at birth, only 6lbs6oz, but he was 21 1/2 inches long at birth, he's long, and has big hands, big feet, he's already at 8lbs12oz, 4wks after his birth...I think he will be nice and tall, like his dad...and dad has a sweet muscular body ...So, anyway. Um, got off track there!! Samson's hair is getter more red by the day, and it's going to be thick and curly like his mom and sis. So, I think he'll be a darn cute Samson!!!!
IF I've made a mistake with his name, then it will come to me. I hope!

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Hi! I just wanted to chime in here and say that I was/am going thru the same dilemma. My first told me her name before I ever conceived her. She is definitely an old soul and has been a very strong presence from the get-go. This dear baby has a much more subtle presence and I think is a new soul, or at least new to this plane anyway. I thought her name was supposed to be Eleanor and we had been calling her that for a couple of years, but while pregnant I really came to like Isabel/Isabella and strongly considered it. When she was born I felt she looked like an Isabella and it sounded so nice with Sophia I seriously considered changing it. I really struggled because even though she was a newborn she'd been Eleanor to Sophia and I for a couple years before she was born. I let my mom pick her middle name (it was Caroline, but that's a whole 'nother story!) and she chose Elizabeth and said she felt that the baby picked it. I thought it was interesting that Elizabeth and Isabella are forms of the same name. Also, I call her Ellie Bellie, which morphs into all sorts of other little monikers, including Belle, so the name is really still there.

I still occasionally have qualms about having chosen the right name, but I can hardly change it now! It has really started to settle and feel right and the qualms are coming less and less. HTH
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Oh Mamasoleil! When Samson was born, we were still thinking of names for our babe to be (who was born the next day: ) so I had the baby name book out. I looked up Samson and thought it was so beautiful that you chose a name with a meaning similar to Soleil's. As you said, your two sunshines! I love the name, he looks like a Samson to me from the lovely pics you posted. All that said, I know how you feel. We didn't name Ethan for a few days after his birth. On the other hand, I had dd's name from 6 wks into the preg! I think Ethan is just now coming into his name and I am just now feeling settled with it. Hope that helps!
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i love the names. The sibling names go well together.

Also the other thing too is that when baby is born we have different idea what their personality will be like than we had imagined. So perhaps its not the whole naming issue but rather that you have to get used to who your new child is and get used to him as a person not the name itself. KWIM?

The name will grow and I love the meanings too.

My kids are Delfina and Yukio (japanese for snow and luck).

Big Hugs

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naming the baby wrong

When I was 16 years old I had a dream where I was 10 years older at a highschool re-union. Someone asked me what the name of my baby was and I said Haefen... so I took that as a message to name my baby that one day. I ended up not using the f like in my dream because the book (later metioned) said that it imparted a bad childhood...
When I got pregnant at 20 I wasn't prepared for having the baby. I didn't even think I would keep it, but I did and I'm pretty happy now. But the name thing for me was hard too. And still is. I rarely call her haeven and when I do it feels forced and awkward. I feel like my family feels weird calling her that too. She's 9 months old now. Afew months ago I seriously considered re-naming her Arianna, Rianna, Rhiannon or something like that cause I asked her to tell me in a dream (after she was born) and those were the sounds that I saw (KWIM?).
Also, when I was pregnant with her a friend gave me a book called Child Light, Parenting in the new age. In this book there is a section devoted to the breakdown of word sounds and what they impart to the person called that. For example, the H sound in Haeven makes a person more withdrawn and reserved, less likely to express their emotions... So with my baby being already quite reserved with her emotions (she rarely cried), I never called her that for the first few months.
It's good to know that I'm not alone in this. It's so hard to name a child. It's their tag, their marker, everyone will know who they are by it. I actually came to this "Life With A Babe" forum, cause I wanted to start a thread on not feeling comfortable with your babies name!
I usually call her Haeven-Soleil, her full name or just Anjel, cause that is what she is!
I know a child named Rise, who really is a rise, a baby named 0shee, named by his hippy parents .... what can I say? In the native american culture, children sometimes weren't named till they did something that awarded a name... big boy who helps with fire.... write back to tell me what yall think.

Jasanna and the little boobie moster
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I still think about dd's name and she's 5. I never felt completely sure that she's her name. HOwever, lots of people have told me htat they think she is. (They could just be being polite)

I did dream right before she was born that she was a girl named her name. It makes me feel like it was "meant to be". Also I am positive that DH had vetoed the name before, but towards the end of preg., he answered differently when I asked him. So I feel like that is a good sign. DH is intuitive in that kind of way. (he dreamed I was preg. before I knew I was, had a dream DD broke her arm the night before she did, etc.) We are pregnant again and just recently, I felt like I had the right name, which he had vetoed before, and I asked again, and he said "hmm....okay." So I think it is the right name.

W/ds, his name seemed more right and I am much more confident that he has the "right" name though it still seemed weird at first to hear people actually using the name and to write it etc. I mean, you've just created an identity and image that will follow them the rest of their lives. I always feel like "did I chose just the right one? Should I have chosen one of the other infinite supply of names there are out there?" I think your doubts sound in the realm of normal and that it does sound like a good name for your son.
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My kids names never really felt right to me until they were around
five or six months old. I called Laura "sweetie" until she was six
months old and it was then that I realized she didn't know her
own name, so I made it a point to start calling her Laura from
then on.

The same happened with Allison and is now happening with little
Leia too. Right now, it's awkward calling her Leia even though I
LOVE the name. I usually call her "baby girl" or "sweetie" like I
did with my first two.

Now that my first two are older, their names really do fit them
and I'm confident Leia's name will start sounding right as well.
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I finally sent in his "Live Birth Statement" with his name. So, Samson he's keeping! He's really coming into his name. His growth is astounding, he will be a good sized man I think. His hair grows redder by the minute, and it will be curly and thick, like
Soleil's hair. He looks so content when I whisper Samson into his ear!!!

For those who had names picked out for years. I also grew up thinking if ever I had a boy, his name would be Xavier. Always. That was it. Well, it just so happens, that that was the one name that dh always thought "why would anyone name their child that?": So, I had to respect that. I didn't want to name my child a name his father always hated!!!

So, I have my two sunshines...the pressure is on if we decide to have another!!!!
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