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Bummed about my pricey crappy haircut

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I FINALLY went for a haircut today after like 6 or 7 months. I never do anything but pull it back, and it was getting just kind of gross. I really wanted it short short... Basically like a shaggyish, choppy pixie cut that's intended to look messy and funky. I've had that cut before and I really liked it. So anyway, I am generally a very frugal person, but since I rarely get my hair cut, I like to go somewhere with people who are very skilled so i can trust them to give me a good cut. The place I went is one of the higher-end salons in town that I'd never been to. I'm not loyal to any one stylist so I thought I'd try out a new place. Anyway, I didn't really know anything about the lady but I figured she would know what she's doing--that's why I'm paying $50 for a cut, which is a lot around here. The first thing she says to me after I say I want it really short is "Well, I don't do pixie cuts" and I said "what do you mean, you don't do pixie cuts?" I was thinking maybe she has some kind of stylist-snobbery attitude toward them, but no, she just hasn't "gotten it down." So at the time, I didn't think that what I was envisioning was actually a pixie, so I just said, okay, well I just definitely don't want to be able to pull it back, but beyond that, do whatever you think will look good. I also really don't want a bob. She insisted it wouldn't be a bob.

Well, she went on about her business cutting my hair, and I definitely ended up with a bob. It's sort of shorter and choppier in the back, but really just layers. Then there's this weird line right at my ear where the layers stop and it's just longish chin-length with no layers. It looks like two different haircuts on my head. THEN I discovered once I got home and was really looking at it that there's quite a sizable piece that is longer than the rest of it. It's driving me batty. I hate that I paid so much money for not only something I didn't want, but something that really looks kinda bad. Not HORRIBLE. You wouldn't look at me and think "wow look at what she paid someone to do to her," but I don't think I can live with it. The real problem is, I'm the type of person that would rather hate my haircut and pay someone else to fix it than go back and complain that she did a bad job. Even though I wasn't warned that there was an entire realm of haircuts that she can't or "doesn't" do.

Normally I don't have a problem gently complaining about sub-standard service, but I feel like decent hair stylists are basically artists, and to say "you sucked at my hair" is on par with saying "that is a really ugly painting you just made" or "that poem is downright bad" and I don't have it in my to rag on someone's creativity. I know that sounds stupid. So I guess I'll just wallow in my bad haircut until I can have someone else fix it.
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i would go back and tell the manager or owner of the salon
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I'm sorry you don't like your cut.

A good stylest should be ok with you going back to her and telling her you really don't like it and them fix it for no extra charge.

It's your head and you have to walk around with it. You should enjoy it.
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The thing is, even if I didn't feel bad about it, in order to fix it, she would need to give me a haircut she doesn't know how to do in the first place. And if this is one she DOES know how to do, then woah. I'm not interested in giving her another crack at my head. kwim? I just made an appointment with someone I've seen before, and I think she'll fix me up.
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My friend just had a similar experience. Paid $200 for what turned out to be ORANGE high lights when she wanted blonde. She went back and they were gonna charge her another $80 to fix their screw-up!! She said no way and went to her regular girl.

BTW, I think this pic should be your siggie of Oliver!: http://picasaweb.google.com/OllieMam...64510776100162

SO SWEET!! (Sorry -- I'm a sucker for browsing Picasa albums!)
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awww! that stinks! i would probably go back and complain too but ask for someone else at the salon to fix it , not the same chickypoo!
grrr what a bummer!
and justthat girl... i totally agree that is the cutest picture if her little dude with his dada!!!!Awwwww
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Last time I got a bad haircut, I went back and told 'em nicely and they had someone else fix it free o' charge. No problemo.
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Bad haircuts feel awful. Because your hair is a part of yourself and your appearance, and it's very personal. But you'll get it fixed somewhat and pretty soon you'll be looking great again
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I once got a terrible haircut from the heir to a chain of upscale salons around here. I met him at a photo shoot and he did it for free... thank god I didn't pay for it!

He had an assistant standing behind him the whole time, handing him tools and telling him how great he was. He took out a razor and my hair was flying all over. Like Edward Scissorhands or something.

I wound up with a glorified mullet. A mullet. A Carol Brady-style MULLET.

At the time, I was so starstruck that I figured he must know what he is doing. About a week after, I realized how bad it was and I had my regular stylist fix it.

So I can commiserate on the bad haircut. I would complain, though. Someone charging that much for a haircut should have things that she hasn't quite mastered yet. It's not like you got your hair cut at a beauty school or something.
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Oh, have I been there/done that...just this past week! I usually have shoulder-length hair or longer. It's thick, and the most I get are long layers. But it looked so dragged out, so I go in...hadn't gotten a haircut in like 6 months...and asked them to hack at least 3 inches off...and give me long layers, "nothing choppy-looking".

While she was cutting, I don't know if it was the drone of hair dryers or soft opera playing or what, but I could NOT stay awake or pay attention. I dozed off, and came to with her putting the finishing touches on...I looked like Betty Crocker! Just past chin-length, and she had neatly curled the ends. The other ladies there were ranting and raving about how good it looked, so I thanked her, tipped her, and left to survey the damage. It was okay as long as I clipped it back a little.

But, with no styling...just washing and letting it dry...I look soooo bad! Just choppy ugly hair! I wouldn't even mind if it was kind of funky, but no, it's just bad. I don't dare to have them "fix" it...my only hope is to grow it out again. Till then I'm wearing lots of hats, because otherwise it's .
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I dont' usually post here, but I am in this same boat this week only it's my LITTLE GIRL! Oh why was I not paying more attention, why did I let that woman cut her hair like that? She had mid back length hair and we thought maybe something shoulder length would be easier to take care of and just something different. Well, it's different all right. She put it in a pony tail and cut it off at the nape of her neck while I was persuading my toddler to come away from the gumball machine. I said I wanted it SHOULDER LENGTH! A cute style, maybe some layers. I think the style is more like what the OP was looking for. Only it's chin length in the front, but very short in the back. The style is cute, but not what I wanted for my little girl. I can't even have them fix it, I mean what can I have them do, put it back on? Poor girly was upset at first, but seems to like it okay now since she can wash and comb it herself. I'm just shocked almost everytime I look at her. I wanted to cry!

So, OP I feel for you. At least you can have it fixed.

(I know, it's just hair and it will grow back)
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Is there another stylist at the same salon? I keep my hair extremely short; it has to be clippered all over to get it right and once, last year, I got someone who wasn't comfortable with clippers. I found that out after she'd started cutting, but she assured me she could do the same thing with scissors. Nope. I ended up with a crew cut. Not cute. I went home and played around with some gel and it didn't get any better. So, I went back a couple days later and insisted on a stylist who could use clippers. Since it was within two weeks of the cut (only a couple days later; their policy is two weeks) and the cut was clearly not what I wanted, they did it for no charge and no argument.

I found another salon after that, though.
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the manager or owner of the salon should fix it for you, not the same stylist.

just go back, explain the situation, and ask that someone other than the stylist you originally had fix it for you. they shouldn't charge you or anything to fix the other stylist's mistake.
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That happened to me. I went back days later and spoke with the manager. She fixed it AND gave me a certificate for a free haircut.

Because of that incident though, I didn't go to a salon for a couple of years. I just grew my hair out and would trim it myself. LOL.

Hope you can get it fixed.
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Call back and see if they'll fix it. Preferably with someone who can do the type of cut you want since that stylist couldn't.

My hairstylist is an absolute peach who I adore. In September she gave me the most amazing haircut, I was in love. November/trim up time came around, and it was, eh, less than spectacular. I was nervous as heck and felt bad about calling, but she happily squeezed me in within a few days to try again - no charge at all. We're still working on recreating that one amazing haircut that styled itself for months, but she's totally concerned about me liking how it looks and all that. She even gave me a call the night of my last haircut to make me promise to call her back if it didn't wash up and style right.
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I'd love to see a pic
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I've had a year of haircuts I really don't like. Hope you can get yours fixed up to look cute. I have gone to new places, explained I want it cut straight across the back and they proceed to trim the layers I don't want and intended to grow out. Now how are they going to grow out if they get trimmed as much as the full length strands.
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I agree about calling the salon and talking to the owner or manager. They absolutely should have another stylist fix it for you, you paid for it and should get what you wanted. And as someone else mentioned, the stylist really shouldn't take it personally, it happens. Your vision of your hair and her vision of your hair just didn't match.

Hope you get it resolved, and your new haircut is gorgeous!
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I'd talk to the manager, tell him you've tried to deal with it for a few days and you can't make the style work. Do you have a picture of how you would like it to be? The manager or another stylist should fix it for you, if they care about their business at all.

I once got a terrible cheap haircut! I felt like a freak. I remember sitting on the bus and feeling like everyone was staring at me, wondering why I did that to myself...but they had cut it so short that it couldn't be reshaped. Ugh.
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Go back to salon and speak with the owner/manager. They should fix it for no charge.

At least she didn't cut it too short! Nothing can be done about that but with extra length they should be able to fix it.
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