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Yellow stains on toddler teeth

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My dd is two years old and last month I noticed that her two top front teeth had yellow stains on them near the gum line. Now it has seemed to spread to about 6 of her top teeth. I brush her teeth every day and she breastfed up until 2 months ago. It's not plaque, because it won't come off no matter how hard I scrub and I can't even get it off with my finger nail. I don't know what it is or what to do. Some research I did on the internet came up with the possiblity of too much iron. This doesn't sound right for us though, because I have always been slightly anemic, and while I try to incorporate iron into her diet, I don't make a huge deal about it, and I certainly don't think she's getting too much.

Any ideas of what this might be or how to fix it? I'm hesitant to take her to the dentist. But if I can find a holistic one I will. I just want to check out all the other options first.
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Are the stains in a pit? Is there a slight divet (spelling) where the stains are located?

I cannot give advice on this topic. But, DS has yellowish/brown stains set in a small pit on his tooth. We have learned that this is a cavity.

Your case sounds different.
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