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Wait and see what your baby's personality is like. My first two always slept and cried at the sighting of a crib or playpen with me and now my son 5 months wants to sleep alone. He grew out of his bassinet cosleeper and also fell off the bed so I put together the crib I was given and he loves it. I sleep with him as much as he'll let me then in his crib he goes which is up against my bed.
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We bought a crib, and converted it to a co-sleeper by taking off one side rail and lashing the legs to our bed-frame with cable ties. We also put a piece of wood under both matresses so there is no way dd can fall into the crack between. We needed to do this because our bed is entirely too small for three people. It works great and I feel it was a better value than a typical co-sleeper because dd will continue to fit in it when she would have long outgrown a ready-made co-sleeper.
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Our babes have never slept in the crib. If you are planning to cosleep the first 6 months, chances are you will continue that beautiful arrangement far beyond that. I would save your crib money and spend it instead on Dr. Jay Gordon's new book "Good Nights." It has super cosleeping safety guidelines, as you mentioned wondering where babe will nap.

Enjoy your lovely pregnancy and congrats!
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We coslept with a SnuggleNest in between dh and I. We still do at nighttime but for daytime naps, I've started putting dd in a portacrib - she was just getting too mobile on the bed at 7 months. I actually put the SnuggleNest in the portacrib and she sleeps fine cause she's used to the SnuggleNest. I can't see any reason to buy an expensive crib just to use for daytime naps. The portacrib is working just fine. I'd wait and see what works for your family.
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Well, the crib is a great place to hang diapers to dry! Other than that, it stores some stuff and takes up space.

Wait and see if you have any use for it. We got ours as a gift and get minimal utlility out of it.

But, the diapers dry quickly...
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