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Originally Posted by mamaeliz View Post
Okay, just another hijack, if that's ok I had never heard of the beco, but am now really interested. I had an ergo for a short while with my DD, but I have rounded shoulders and it didn't stay on very well. I don't know if I'll find a store in my area to try one on. Can anyone comment on the shoulder thing? The ergo always was slipping off of me, and I never felt that comfortable with how much of the baby hung out of it. (And I think she was at least one when I got it).
My husband uses the ergo but I can't because it slips off my shoulders too, I use a mei tie, baby hawk. but there is no "baby popping" i have to untie it to get my 1 year old out, and he didn't like it until he was 6 mo. he loved the sling.

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Originally Posted by maxymum View Post
i liked two babies in the moby when they were tiny. a thin wrap and a meitai. two mei tais. a rebozo was nice (less fabric) for one of the carriers. onbus are great for back carries as well with only two straps. one-shouldered carries never worked, too uncomfortable.
but when my twins were a few months old , i liked two buckle carriers (front and back). i would definitely suggest at least one buckle carrier. it is so easy to just clip that second baby on your back no matter what the first baby is in
so i guess what i'm saying is to use what you like/are used to and just get a quick and easy "second" carrier for your back, like a beco, angelpack, connecta (ie, something with a sleeping hood).

on the beco topic... most people just unclip and then cross the shoulder straps for front carries, = no slippage. if you are in a rush, just push that sternum strap way up high onto the padded part (before you put baby in) and clip it behind your neck.
Why with a sleeping hood? Is there any baby popping with babies on backs? Can you get baby on back by yourself or is help needed?

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can ibuy a beco online?
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that carrier would not work for me, i would never want two babies on my front. having one front one back feels very balanced.

yes, i can get them on my back by myself. a little practice with a mirror or a chair or some help and you will get it. i clip on the waist belt, just toss them up there or swing them around the side, flip the carrier up over them and go. you get used to it very quickly and yes, it consider it "poppable". it is a great place for one baby while the other nurses and then i switch 'em.

the sleeping hood is a must around here. once they go on my back they fall asleep it seems and the hood keeps their head from flopping. i personally wouldn't even bother with a hoodless carrier.

you can buy used becos on the FSOT board at thebabywearer.com great way to get one gently used to see if you even like them
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The Beco can be purchased online - I like SoBeBabies.com.

There are lots of ways to get baby safely onto your back. The Beco has very detailed instructions included when you order it. I also met people at thebabywearer.com who helped me learn faster and better ways to babywear.

One of my friends even made a 'how to' video on how she gets her DD onto her back in the Beco. I use it all of the time. The babies think it's hilarious and both shoot their arms in the air to be put in the beco whenever I get it out. I don't wear both anymore. Poor things.
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Originally Posted by RunnerDuck View Post
So you can wear two becos at once?

I just ordered a 4th gen and a butterfly - couldn't decide between the 2 but found a place that had one of each in the coveted carnival pattern - I feel like I will wish I had 2 4th gens instead but oh well we will see! Will I rue the day I bought the butterfly since it can't be used for hip carry? But I didn't know you could wear two SSC at once ... well that's not true I have seen a pic of someone with two ergos but... isn't that uncomfortable to have all that bulk around the waist??

My husband is going to be a little irked, LOL. This will bring my carrier stash up to 2 bjorns, 2 keltys, 1 moby, 2 MTs, 2 becos, and the babies aren't even here. I will have to promise not to buy any more...
Sorry, just getting back to this now...but, yes, you can wear two at once. I have two 4th gen and find it pretty comfy (well, as comfy as wearing two kids at once can get!)--since the weight is distributed well on your hips. Now, to keep them from fighting with one another while being worn is another matter altogether!
Here are two pics: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y19...ummer07017.jpg
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