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I used to be really unworried about posting stuff, I had heaps of pics (I still have over 2000 photos on flickr), and wasn't worried about our names being online and stuff.
but lately I started looking at the activity on my flickr account, and I found that the pics with the most views were of DD naked. (and hey, we're nature folk so there are plenty of nudie pics). then I looked closer and saw that all the people who bookmarked or commented on the pics also joined porn groups, and favourited lots and lots of pics of naked children, often in compromising postures, and also explicit sex pics.
so yeah, even though I have no shred of thought that any of this would ever come back to myself or my child in the IRL physical reality, I just got a really really bad feeling about the thought of folks into kiddie porn oogling shots of my bare-butt toddler.
so yeah, all those pics got set to private pretty quick smart, and I block anyone from my flickr pages if they look suss at all.