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What sling did you use with your Newborn?

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So, I used the new Native Baby Carrier with Fia and it worked fine, but I did not use it until about 4 months. I really liked the fact that it had no rings or things to adjust. I also liked the fact that it could fol up small and fit in my backpack, etc. I feel like a new baby would just flail around with all that room though.
As she got older, past one year I felt like the NN was cutting into the backs of her legs when in the hip position. Then I got a Hip Hammock which I loved, until it was stolen from my car. It was great for a more active and heavy child.
Now I need a new sling for my newborn on the way. I think I want a padded sling like the Over the Sholder Baby Holder. I really like the Kangaroo Korner padded sling, http://www.kangarookorner.com./k_sho..._custom.shtml.
Have any of you used this kind? How did you like it, was there another slig you liked better?
With a busy two year old running around I feel like I will be using a sling a lot this time from the begining. I will need my hands free most of the time, and I do not see that happening without a sling.
Any ideas?
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maya pouch

Maya wrap POUCH.

Only one I like. DH loves it, too.
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THe only sling I use is www.heart2heart.ca.
I wear about 10 hrs out of the day, I have a busy 4 yr old, and it's so comfortable, I don't even realize I'm still wearing him sometimes....

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I used the OTSBH when my second was born and it was a lifesaver. It is very padded on the shoulders, but it did allow me to carry him for hours upon hours a day in Las Vegas during a vacation. I then loaned it to a friend and got curious about the Maya Wrap so I went to their web site and got the instructions that they have to make one and made one for about $8.00. I used that several times with my niece when she was a newborn and it was very comfortable. I have also carried my 30 pound toddler in it, but I can't do it for long or my bad hip starts to hurt.

I recently got the OTSBH back from my friend and I put it on -- no baby in it -- and it felt like home. It will be interesting when my next baby arrives next spring to see which one I like best and why. If you can sew, making your own Maya is a great way to get started on the ring slings. I really like them because of the flexiblity of the number of ways you can carry. My kiddos have always liked to be held very high on my shoulder, like when I'm burping them and the ring slings work great for that.
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I used the New Natives from birth and loved them. I didn't feel like my babies were lost in them at all, and I actually liked having a little extra fabric to cover their faces and protect from the sun/curious strangers. But, of course, you can only use the cradle hold with a newborn in a New Native, and you may want more options, especially if you'll be chasing your older baby around. I got a Kissa-sling when my babies were five months old, and I wish I'd had it from the beginning. It is very comfortable and pretty. It has a great padded shoulder, but no padding anywhere else. IMO, the trouble the the OTSBH is that it is SO padded, it's really quite bulky, especially with a newborn.

Everyone has their own favorite sling(s) !

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We started out using the New Native also and we really liked it but then we got a girasol baby scarf and we really love that one so much. We got ours from www.carrymeclose.com our daughter just turned 1 and we are still using it and loving it.
Hope this helps,
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I had a Heart to Heart (like the OTSBH), but ds absolutely hated it. He really liked being held tightly and the padding didn't allow that. So, we got a Maya Wrap and it's been fantastic! DS loved it from the beginning and we still use it daily.
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WIth my last baby, i really liked the New Native carrier when he was a newborn. With this baby, I haven't put her in a sling just yet. But I am either going to use the NN carrier or try my new Maya wrap sling that I just got.
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I have 3 slings and my fussy baby likes two of them pretty well...

Nojo sling - this was given to me by a relative, and it's a padded sling with plastic rings. Hard to get the "tail" in & out of the sling, which makes it hard to adjust - really impossible to adjust while baby's in it. But the padding supports his head and he likes it the best out of all my slings because he can kind of sit up a little in it, then relax and sleep when the motion lulls him. Big minus: besides being hard to adjust, it kills my back.

Maya pouch - DS likes this one ok most of the time, though at 9 pounds he's pretty lost in it. It's easy to get him in it, but once he's in it, it really hangs low! I haven't been able to adjust it to be smaller without it being so small I can't get him in it at all.

Maya sling - can't get this one to work for me at all, but I keep trying. Maybe my babe's too little for it? He screams when he's in this one, and I find it really hard to adjust (hard for me to get the tail straight so I can pull it through the rings). I guess I'm an idiot because this is the one most moms just love!
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I just have to put in a good word for my new Zolo sling - we LOVE it! Once I got over the learning curve (about 3 days for me!) Isabella and I use it almost constantlyl (I too am running around after an alsmot-two-year-old). It is so comfortable and easy to use.

When Harrison was an infant I had a Maya and I could never quite get the hang of it. He was always miserable in it, no matter what position we tried. The Zolo is much nicer, IMHO.
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I use a Kissasling. So far I've had no problems with it. my son falls asleep quickly in it ,especially in the grocery store.
It's easy to use as well.
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