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Can implantation cause severe cramping?

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We are TTC #2 and planning for a VBAC. I am in, what I think (and hope) is, the implantation stage of pregnancy. For the past 24 hours I have had some severe cramping on and off accompanied with nausea and headaches. According to the ovulation predictor test I ovulated this past Monday so this puts me right at implantation. I have had regular 29-31 day cycles for the past 6 months and don't expect my period until around March 3rd (Next Monday). Plus I usually don't have PMS symptoms like this. I think it's too early for a pregnancy test but I just took one anyway and it was negative.

I did an online search yesterday and found that cramping and light spotting can be a sign of implantation. I haven't had any spotting, just the other things mentioned above. I never experienced this with my 1st pregnancy so I'm a little worried and hope that this is normal. I also looked into ectopic pregnancy and read that my risk for one goes up b/c I had a C/S so now I'm really worried! Although, I couldn't really find info about cramping and ectopic pregnancy this early (before a positive test).

Anyone with experience/knowledge in this would be greatly appreciated!
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I have had implantation cramping with two of my three pregnancies. The first, though, I didn't have cramping until weeks into the pregnancy...and other symptoms as well, that led to a diagnosis of ectopic.

Implantation cramping can be rather intense...but in my experience is quite different from that you'd experience if you had an ectopic. In the end, though, YOU know your body better than anybody in the world. If you are worried, get an ultrasound. I don't often recommend early ultrasounds, but in my case I had to fight for one, and it saved my life. So, I would say that, this early, it's probably implantation. However, you know your body and if you're worried, then have it checked out. This early after ovulation, though, even if it WERE ectopic, they probably wouldn't be able to see anything.

Good luck and let us know the outcome!!!
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Thank you for sharing your experience! I have felt much better today with only a couple of cramping "episodes" that lasted just a few seconds. I'm praying that it is the implantation causing this. I will definitely call my dr if it continues or gets worse.

I'm going to take a pregnancy test every morning this week and will post if I get good news. I have been reading the VBAC threads lately trying to educate myself before my 1st prenatal appt. I recently found out that my OB group has changed their VBAC policy so I might be on the search for a new one!

Thanks again!
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I had cramping that started 3 days after I ovulated and continued until I was probably about 8-ish weeks pregnant. It was very intense and came on whenever I would climb stairs, walk quickly, had a full bladder, etc. A midwife friend of mine pushed me really hard to go in for an examination and possible ultrasound because of worry about ectopic but I just didn't feel like that was what was going on so I waited it out and it finally diminished.
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I am 4 wks pregnant and have had cramping off and on since implantation. It hasn't been what I would call intense but it is sometimes painful and achey.
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Thanks for your posts! It's reassuring to know that it's normal. I haven't really experienced any more cramps yesterday or today. I stopped taking pregnancy tests for a few days b/c it's just too darn early to be taking them! I'll start back up in a couple of days. Hopefully, I'll get a positive one soon!
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