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The cold that won't die

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We (dh, dd, and I) are on day 8 of the worst cold ever. We have all had a fever, though mine has been mild (under 100), but DH and DD have both hit 104+ a few times. I usually call the dr. when DD's temp gets to 103, but the last few times it has just been a virus and she is better in 2 or 3 days. Their fevers will break for a day and then jump up to 102 or 103 again, down for a day, up again. It's odd b/c we've never seen that before. We all have a horrid cough that is not improving. DH and I have had headaches off and on, some body ache (his due to high fever we assume), and I'm guessing DD has felt equally miserable. We've also got runny noses of course and sneezing. I know, it sounds like a cold but it just will not go away. We've been basically stuck home b/c we don't want to share this lovely whatever and I'm going nuts! There were several days we barely got out of bed b/c we just felt so blah.
So, any tips on how to relieve symptoms? At what point should I consider calling the doc? At least for DD. We did do ibuprofen for fever when it was high and a few doses of tylenol (I know, many ppl think it's evil) when it was lower, mixed in with some wait and see/let it do it's job. Not medicating a fever is a new concept for me, but I can't handle watching her be so miserable and I am not comfortable letting it get too high (which for me is around 104). The fevers have been mild for almost 2 days, so I mostly need ideas for this stinkin' cough and the runny noses. Thanks!!
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You may have the flu! Sounds just like what I had - I was surprised when my flu swab was + because I didn't really feel that bad!
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yep...that was what I was going to say. It sounds like us - and we have the flu. Day 5 for us.

I've found that if I put the tea kettle on to boil, then pour the hot water in a bowl and add a few drops of Clary Sage EO, Rosemary EO, Ecylpyptus (spellting) EO and Peppermint EO to it, I can sit with my head over the bowl and towel over my head and breath in the vapor for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Helps clear me up temporarily.

I've also been using a Neti-Pot to help keep my sinuses clearer.
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WOW, sounds just like all of my babies. We're going on day 7 for my dd, she is finally starting to feel better. DS1 is finally eating some dinner today, DS2 is in fever mode again, we had to take him to the doc cause his asthma was acting up, he gave us some steroids I gave him one dose and his personality changed drastically so I stopped that and started his flovent inhaled steroid, and antibiotics, which I chose not to give him at all. Now DS3 who is 4 mo has a mild fever and runny nose. I have been putting breastmilk in his nose hoping he won't get as bad as the others!! I have been chugging airborne and washing my hands like a crazy woman, hoping I don't come down with it too!! My husband is deployed and I am moving on wednesday!! SUre hope the babies get better soon.

I feel better knowing that we aren't the only ones, and that my kids aren't going to die!!!

I too am ready to get out of this house!!!!!!!!!!

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I hate knowing DD feels as ucky as we do, so I really feel bad for those that have sick babes too! marinemama-wow! I hope things look up quickly for you. Good luck everyone!
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Originally Posted by MarineMommy View Post

oh, can someone help me change my siggy?????
At the top of the page, find the "user cp" then go to edit my signature and you can change it there.
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hi tricia, sorry to hear your family is ill. i know what that feels like and you have all my sympathy. Whether it is a bad or the flu which is a very real possibility it is really important to make sure you are all keeping well hydrated. I found that eating lots of fresh fruit and veg helped me a lot, i was breast feeding at the time and what worked for me seemed to go through to ds so that was a blessing. I also took a black Elderberry supplement as it is full of antioxidants and really does help the bug pass more quickly. Drinking purple grape juice helps too. I hope you all feel better very soon. Kate
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Sounds like the flu. Both of my kids had it. My dd's temp was 103 for three days and then lingered at a lower temp for a while. All in all they were actively ill about 10 days (only about 4 I would consider quite sick) but even at two weeks they are not back at their regular energy levels. I took lots of herbs and held it at bay but I had all of the symptoms just reduced to very minor! Hang on - you will feel better!
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I am feeling your pain. Luckily my LOs have gotten over this yuck fairly quickly, but I am still dealing with feeling run-down and congested from a cold that I got 16 days ago. DH is even worse. His started as a cold and degenerated to pharyngitis, which required an ER trip, and a shot of steroids as well as antibiotics. He rallied for a day or two, still missing a week of work, and now he's back down flat. He got his at the same time, so he's also on day 16, and I believe that now he's developing pneumonia - the sore throat is gone but now he's coughing constantly and can barely get up, and he says each cough feels like "fish-hooks" in his chest.

Through all this, I have to keep working while he stays home with the LOs and works nights, and it just seems like neither of us get any rest.

(((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to your sick family. May we all make it through this horrible cold & flu season SOON.
: --> SPRING
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My daughter just had the same thing and now myself at 30 weeks prego am dealing wih a horrible cold.
For my daughter I let the fever go, watching it all the time.(Wen't up to 103)
I used cool cloth, Hylands homeopathic "Complete flu Care 4 kids" and therapeutic grade essential oils "anti-bac/vir" by Soma Therpy. I rubbed it ( diluted with olive oil) in and around her ears, down her spine and on the botome of her feet.
she was up and moving after 2 days. A week later she still lingers a runny nose.
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We are slowly on the mend. We're on day 11 and DD is acting much more like herself, none of have had a fever for 2 days, and we just have the nose junk and a cough. At least the achiness and hot flash feeling are gone. Thanks everyone! Hope all those that are miserable w/ us feel better soon!
Seeking-that is a bummer! I hope you are able to get enough rest soon that you all can start feeling better.
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