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Toddler Nursing Issues: Teeth marks and blanching

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For months now I have been dealing with latch issues with my 17 month old. It is worse on one particular side. I came here when he was around a year complaining of blisters on my nipple and got some helpful tips which did make a difference for a while. However, now I am basically always dealing with some level of nipple trauma...it gets worse for the weeks up to and after getting a new tooth...then will start to get a little better...then gets bad again.
When he unlatches there are indentations from his top teeth right where the nipple meets the areola. Also the nipple is white and slightly pointed. I've done research on LLL and kellymom, and it sounds like this issue is not altogether uncommon with toddlers. I am pretty sure the root cause is shallow latch...but I am having a very hard time correcting it.
Aside from overactive let down we didn't have any breastfeeding issues during infancy. I saw a lactation consultant a few times early on and his latch was always deemed "perfect" right from the beginning, but ever since he got teeth (around 10 months) we've had problems.
I know that I need him to take more aerola in his mouth, but I'm struggling figuring out how to get him to do this.
Any advice is much appreciated!
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I'm with ya!

Oh, I was so excited to see this post! I am going through the same thing with my 17 month old--literally as I type. (One finger typing...) I was hoping someone would have some words of wisdom...my nipples are so sore! She nurses to sleep every night, but it doesn't seem like I can make it until she's asleep enough to put her down. I just tried to put her down too early, and had to start all over again.

Ouch! I think it started for me when she got so wiggly, and wanted to nurse in all these odd positions--and top top it off, she twiddles the other one, and if her nails aren't short enough...But if I don't let her twiddle--no sleep.

I'm rooting for you momma. I hope some wise woman comes and answers this question soon!
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Hi lilylady!
I guess we aren't getting any responses here ...maybe I will try cross-posting in Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy.
There is some good information on kelly mom kelly mom teeth scraping
kelly mom blanching
If you click on some of the additional information links there are also more good suggestions...

I have been asking my son to make a "big mouth" to get his latch deeper, and that is helping a little bit.
Poor you also dealing with a twiddler, I am thankful that we at least don't have that going on.
Good luck!!
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