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Trasportation for Teens Safety Poll

Poll Results: Which is safer for 14-y.o. to take home from school, cab or city bus?

  • 53% (7)
    bus/light rail safer
  • 15% (2)
    cab safer
  • 15% (2)
    no difference
  • 15% (2)
    cab safer, but not enough to offset expense
13 Total Votes  
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My teenage step daughter is starting to want to travel by herself around the city. In your opinion, what is safer - mass transit such as the bus or light rail, even if she has to walk a few safe blocks to and wait at a stop for a few minutes, or a cab, that picked her up and dropped her off?

Just curious. I feel like the mass transit is safer, not to mention cheaper, but the other 3 adults in the family seem fine with her taking the cab. Quite honestly, the other issue is that we are expected to cover her cab expenses, which are about 3 or 4 times more than the bus/light rail fare would be.

This has just recently come up, as she has started to want to go home after school rather than stay after the middle school after-school program (latchkey kid syndrom being a whole other battle that I've already lost).
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I can see inherent dangers in both and it might depend upon what section of the city she would be traveling.

We're suburban but my daughter took the train into the most dangerous part of the city to go to school. She was fine (she was also a blackbelt in karate so I wasn't as freaked as I might be otherwise.)

She should have some method of checking in with you or her dad so you know where she is, when she's expected home (note to her so you know if she's in danger rather than a lack of trust!!)

Just my opinion.

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I voted for public transportation, but I did it as more of a long-term safety concern. I take it you live in or near the city so urban travelling is something she'll be doing rather regularly through her teens. 14 is a good age to start learning the ins and outs of the bus system. I took the train into NYC at that age (daylight hours only until about age 16). It was a good age for me to learn how to handle myself in city environments like subways and buses. I grew up on LI but as a teen, I did venture into Manhattan with my friends for events or shopping pretty often.

That said, I do see how a taxi might seem safer, especially if you have a teen bad with directions and her travels require a bus or lightrail change.

Good luck!
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Moving this to the teens forum
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I agree with the above.

Also, there are fewer accidents on mass transit than cars. I stay out of cabs if I possibly can.
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I don't know which is safer, but I think everyone should know how to take the bus. It's just one of those things that everyone should know how to do, like how to swim or ride a bike.
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I agree with Julie, I think everyone should know how to take public transportation, and with so many people on a bus I personally think it is much safer than a young girl alone in a cab!

Is there anyway she can travel in a group or with a friend? It seems that would be safer and more fun for her as well.
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