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Texas Lapbook/Unit Study ideas?

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Okee dokee I've got a 6yoDD and DH is headed to Texas for the week on a business trip. I'd love any kid-friendly resources you awesome ladies have on God's Country...err...Texas (I grew up there so I'm a tad biased LOL) as she wants to do a lapbook on it to show Daddy when he gets back on Friday.

The way we do lapbooks is she and I brainstorm ideas and activities (so help me brainstorm Puh-Leaze!) for different genres/subjects (we read, toss in something science-y, she LOVES math games, etc), and then she picks the ones she wants to include. It's her thing, she's madly in love with these projects, and the more ideas we can get the better off we are in the long run.

So....let's see those awesome links ladies! Y'all are my HEROES!!! *grin*

Bellevuemama... who is currently : and DEFINITELY not in Texas anymore LOL
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Where are you going in Texas? One of our favorite spots is Austin, and learning about the Ladybird Johnson wildflower center would be a nice science/botany project:

Whenever we travel somewhere, we try to learn about the native flora and fauna--what makes that place different from other parts of the US. Texas has so many different regions--the western plateau, eastern forests, gulf shore, etc.--that the animal and plant ecosystems vary greatly.
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He's headed to some military installations down there, we aren't going,

She's really obsessed about learing everything she can about all the places he's headed (next is Honduras if the schedule holds up) so that's where the interest is coming from.
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this isn't specific to texas, but it looks like it could help jumpstart you.

here's 2 books that go with texas you could check your library for (and you could even get those lapbooks for free from homeschoolshare.com):
* Armadillo Rodeo
* Leah's Pony

here's some lapbooking template help for geography:

and here is one of many unit study ideas that showed up in google for me when i typed in texas unit study:
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in Texas here!

try the State Parks site for nature related info:

if he's headed to Fort Hood (i was stationed there back in the day.) you could check out their site for tons of historical info on the post. it's huge and one of the oldest still functioning forts.

if he's headed to the San Antonio area- "remember the Alamo!"

just a few, but hope they help!
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