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I almost don't dare write - not wanting to sound like a braggart!

I found tandem nursing twins in public was easy - way easier than I ever could have imagined.

Now, I know some moms will never be comfortable with it. But I just wanted to throw my experience into the ring because for anyone who is sitting on the fence, I wanted to put forth an experience that it can be done.
  • The only position that works for me and contributes to (what is for me, personally) an appropriate level of modesty is the parallel hold.
  • I never buy nursing shirts, but do find that centre-snap bras are the easiest to use without fumbling under my clothing, dropping babies, or flashing people.
  • My boys were not preemies and not tiny, so this definitely would have made it easier (39wk4days, 6lb15oz and 7lb8oz).
  • The EZ-to-nurse pillow was useful for me only when they were small (I got it at 7 weeks and wished I'd had it immediately b/c I used it only for about a month - and not faithfully).
  • I found it easy to tandem nurse them in public, even in an armless chair, until at around 9 months they were so heavy and long that someone was always slipping away. Then I stuck to armchairs or benches.
  • Their bodies covered my stomach, my shirt was down to the tops of their heads, and if someone saw of flash of (flabby) side-skin, big whoop! (although I managed to conceal this often, as well, because I'm just too vain!)

I think of all the conversations, events, etc that private nursing would have kept me from, and I cringe. Being busy with other children and baby twins has enough challenges without social isolation!

Good luck!
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I don't care if you're bragging or not - I'm happy to see it can be done.

What does paralel hold mean?? Like cradle hold but they are stacked on top of each other? That's good to hear - I feel like I am going to have to deal with two in the football hold and I hated the football hold with my son.

I think I hate it in part because the evil L&D nurse I had said I HAD to use it because my nipples point down. Gee, thanks

Once they moved me to post-partum I never used the football hold again.
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Originally Posted by RunnerDuck View Post
What does paralel hold mean??
This is the parallel hold.

And here is us at the local pool in the summer. I have a one-piece swimsuit (yes, "twin skin" at the moment!). So I just pulled the top of it down around my waist and used the towel over my shoulders to cover my front while I positioned the babies.
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