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Originally Posted by Alyantavid View Post
I'm sure we are. We don't have to buy beef, we raise our own. I'm raising some pigs now that we'll butcher this summer for pork. I do buy some chicken but only on sale and rarely do I buy boneless skinless breasts because they're expensive. We get some organic produce from my mom's boyfriend who has an organic farm. That's mostly potatoes so we eat alot of potatoes.

I shop sales, stock up on something we use alot or if its on my meal plan for the next month. I cook most everything from scratch. On my plans, I don't usually pick a specific vegetable to go with a meal, I wait and buy whatever's on sale at the store. Most of my meals are fairly simple and quick and therefore don't have a ton of ingredients.

And that bill doesn't include diapers or rice milk which I have to get elsewhere, but I usually only spend $30ish for those every couple weeks.

Well, that explains a lot!
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I started planning 2 weeks at a time, because DH gets paid once every two weeks I still usually plan 2 weeks at a time, although it varies. This month I planned the whole month ahead of time because I know I need to cut down on my grocery budget.

For the second month, I'm buying meals from Let's Dish to incorporate into my meal plan. I'm pretty new to the concept, but so far I'm happy with the meals I've made, and DH and the kids have liked the meals also.

Breakfast will be cereal with milk, fruit, oatmeal, muffins and/or waffles.
Lunches will be sandwiches or leftovers if not specified otherwise (I usually schedule lunches on the days that DH is home for lunch).

Sat 3/1
Lunch: egg sandwiches, fruit
Supper: Thai Shrimp + Noodles in peanut sauce, broccoli

Sun 3/2
Lunch: crescent casserole, broccoli, carrots
Supper: Pizza, salad

Mon 3/3
Supper: Lasagna, salad

Tuesday 3/4
Supper: Burgers, broccoli, onion rings

Wed 3/5
Supper: mac & cheese (kids), leftovers or eggs (adults), fruit & carrots (all)

Thurs 3/6:
Supper: Mu Shu Pork, mixed veggies

Fri 3/7
Supper: Chicken with artichokes and mushrooms in white wine sauce, salad

Sat 3/8
Brunch: waffles, eggs, fruit
Supper: roasted Pork Tenderloin with currant sauce, green beans, salad

Sun 3/9
Brunch: egg sandwiches, fruit
Supper: pizza, salad

Mon 3/10
Supper: sub sandwiches, carrots

Tues 3/11
Supper: Sweet + Spicy Cashew Chicken (with peppers and onions)

Wed 3/12
Supper: Tacos with fixins

Thurs 3/13
Supper: Beef Stoganoff, peas, carrots

Fri 3/14
Supper: Garlic Ginger Teriyaki Shrimp + Broccoli with rice

Sat 3/15
Brunch: waffles, eggs, fruit
Supper: Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas, salad

Sun 3/16
Brunch: egg sandwiches, fruit
Supper: pizza, salad

Mon 3/17
Lunch: Grilled cheese, soup
Supper: Casablanca Chicken (with peppers and onions), carrots

Tues 3/18
Supper: Honey-Dijon Pork Chops with herbed mashed potatoes, salad

Wed 3/19
Supper: grilled cheese and soup

Thurs 3/20
Supper: Greek Pork Pitas, salad, green beans

Fri 3/21
Supper: Ranch Steak Wrap, salad, carrots

Sat & Sun- at Grandma's for Easter

Mon 3/24
Lunch: Tacos
Supper: Butternut Squash Ravioli, salad

Tues 3/25
Supper: Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin with parmesan green beans

Wed 3/26
Supper: Chesapeake Crab Cakes with roasted asparagus

Thurs 3/27
Supper: Jerk Chicken w/ pinapple salsa, salad

Fri 3/28
Supper: Rosemary + Mustard Grilled Steaks, baked potatoes, salad

(end of the month: eggs (we have chickens ) plus assorted food that was planned but not eaten because we decided to do something else that night )
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Ann, could I have your recipe for the honey dijon pork chops?
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Originally Posted by wife&mommy View Post
Ann, could I have your recipe for the honey dijon pork chops?
Sorry, I haven't made it yet and it's a meal from Let's Dish.
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Oh that's OK. It just sounded good. I'll see if I can find one online.
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Originally Posted by granolalight View Post
How is it that I'm spending so much? Well, so much more than you?
Well, this is what I do.

~watch sales cycles. I know chicken goes on sale for a certain price every so often. I stock up at that time and get enough to last me till the next sale.

~use coupons for stuff I already buy. Did you know you can combine store coupons and manufacturer coupons? Combine that with sales and you can get a great deal! I also trade coupons so I can get multiples of a great coupon.

~plan meals based on what you currently have in the house. If I were to make a grocery list after I made a menu my bill would be much higher.

~try to stay out of the store when I'm not doing all of my grocery shopping. This is a big one for me!
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OK, here's my month-

1 B: Pancakes, eggsL:LeftoversD:Shepherd's Pie
2 B:Coffee CakeL: Out to EatD:Sandwiches
3 B:PancakesL:SandwichesD:Grandma's Casserole
4 B:ToastL:Mac & CheeseD:Burritos
5 B:Baked OatmealL:Grilled CheeseD:Tuna Bake
6 B:Banana BreadL:LeftoversD:Lentil Chili
7 B:Biscuits L:PastaD:Pizza
8 B:French ToastL:Mac & Cheese w/ hotdogsD:Fried Rice
9 B:Coffee CakeL:TacosD:Sandwiches
10 B:BurritosD:Porcupine meatballs
11 B:MuffinsD:Chicken Curry
12 B: OatmealD: Al Fredo w/ Polish Sausage
13 B:Ham & EggsD:Spaghetti
14 B:Bread PuddingD: Sandwiches
15 B:Motel BreakfastL: ApplebeesD: Drive Through
16 B:Coffee CakeL:Chili DogsD:Sandwiches
17 B:PancakesD:Mexican Dish
18 B:MuffinsD:Veggie Tacos
19 B:ToastD:Skillet Lasagna
20 B:Baked OatmealD:Pizza Pockets
21 B:PancakesD:Spicy PB Noodles
22 B:Hootenanny PancakesL:Fried Rice D:Mac & Cheese w/ Ham
23 B:Cold Cereal (Big Breakfast @ Church)L:Grilled CheeseD:Skillet Tuna Pasta
24 B:PancakesD:Steak & Potatoes
25 B:ToastD:Black bean & Rice Tacos
26 B:Baked OatmealD:PB Rice
27 B:Zucchini BreadD:Pepperoni Bake
28 B:MuffinsD:Skillet Chili Pasta
29 B:French ToastL:Grilled CheeseD:Stroganoff
30 B:Coffee CakeL: Italian Beans & RiceD: Sandwiches
31 B:PancakesD:Spaghetti

I like lists, so I started with month long menus too- but that's more per personality, menu planning saves whether you do a week or a month.
I wrote on my my blog about some things I do to save money here.
Sometimes even though I plan it all out, the last couple meals of the month still end up being "whatchagot" meals.
And no- you aren't weird for spending more, it depends on how you cook, from scratch, pre-made, organic, where you live, what you drink/snack on, do you eat out, etc
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This is my first time posting on a meal planning thread
I recently sat down and made a 3 week rotation of my family's favourite meals, March will be the first month we try it!
We eat at my mom's every Sunday and usually decide what we're having that day after church, and every other weekend 3/4 of the kids are away visiting their bio-father so I don't really cook, ds (2yo) and I just grab whatever. If there are ever enough leftovers from a meal we'll have it again the next night (and just skip the planned meal) but with the appetites my girls have (12.5yo, 11.5yo, 10yo) we rarely have enough for another full meal.

This is what the month looks like for us:
1 - 3/4 kids away, just grab whatever
2 - buns, deli meat, vegetables, birthday cake
3 - cheese bean bake & cornbread
4 - pizza rice
5 - pancakes & eggs
6 - pasta salad
7 - one-pot supper
8 - vegetable curry & rice
9 - Mom's
10 - tacos
11 - vegetable soup
12 - bbq chicken, pasta
13 - Shepherd's pie
14 - 3/4 kids away, just grab whatever
15 - 3/4 kids away, just grab whatever
16 - Mom's
17 - honey curry chicken, rice, sesame spinach
18 - Colorado pie
19 - French toast
20 - vegetable lasagna
21 - chicken pot pie
22 - sesame pork & rice
23 - Mom's
24 - spaghetti, meat sauce
25 - veggie shepherd's pie
26 - pancakes
27 - burgers
28 - 3/4 kids away, just grab whatever
29 - 3/4 kids away, just grab whatever
30 - Mom's
31 - cheese bean bake & cornbread
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OK trying to plan things out a bit. I keep changing things up! Trying to use stuff in the freezer.

1 - Cranberry Chicken, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli
2 - Veggie Rotini Soup, Grilled Cheese
3 - Cobb Sandwiches
4 - Saucy Honey Mustard Chicken, Zucchini, Mashed Potatoes
5 - Creamy Ranch Pork Chops, Rice, Peas
6 - Veggie Lasagna
7 - Sloppy Joes, Corn
8 - BBQ Jelly Chicken, Corn, Green Beans
9 - Refried Black Bean & Cheese quesadillas
10 - Chicken, Broccoli, Rice, Cheese Casserole
11 - Angel Chicken Ranch Alfredo
12 - Crunchy Oven Baked Fish Sticks, Macaroni & Cheese
13 - Creamy Mushroom Pasta
14 - Crockpot Chicken & Dressing
15 - Chili w/ Cornbread
16 - Chili w/ Baked Potatoes
17 - Whole Chicken w/ Potatoes & Carrots
18 - Skillet Chicken Pot Pie
19 - Ham, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Rolls
20 - Leftovers
21 - Ham & Macaroni Casserole
22 - Ham & Pineapple Couscous
23 - Farmer's Strata, Peas
24 - Red Beans & Rice w/ Sausage
25 - Kwick Kielbasa Hash
26 - Garlic Cheddar Chicken
27 - Veggie Spaghetti, Salad
28 - Pork Chops, Broccoli, Rice, Gravy
29 - Baked Tortellini Florentine
30 - Orange Marmelade Chicken, Rice, Zucchini
31 - Shrimp & Grits Casserole

Deserts - French Breakfast Muffins, Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lunches - Leftovers or sandwiches
Breakfasts - Oatmeal & Fruit, Pancakes & Fruit, Cereal, English Muffins, Bagels, Eggs, French Toast, etc. just alternated
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I am seriously impressed with you gals who are planning a month at a time! I just started this business and am doing a week at a time! Did y'all start that way?
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Originally Posted by granolalight View Post
I am seriously impressed with you gals who are planning a month at a time! I just started this business and am doing a week at a time! Did y'all start that way?
Yep. Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by granolalight View Post
I am seriously impressed with you gals who are planning a month at a time! I just started this business and am doing a week at a time! Did y'all start that way?

Yes, sometimes even just a few days. Then I got used to what my family eats and how much and was able to plan further out. I still sometimes just do a week, but generally I know what we are going to have even further out than that but may not actually *plan* it. We have a lot in our freezer so that is how I know what is coming up. This is really just a guide though. I take what is on sale at the store, and what we get through our co-op and work it in. Also using what we have on hand. So the veggies may change or we may switch days of the week of something to use it up fresh if I don't get to the store in time (like fish or something), etc. But this is just in general what I would like to cook for the month. About half of these are new recipes I'm trying so I'm excited about that.
You'll get it. Just stick with it and you will learn how your family eats and it will get much easier. My biggest nemesis to begin with was leftovers! Now I know what to expect.
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Here is our plan... I work late on Mondays, so we normally get Logans
2/$12.99 dinner special. Every other week I have clinical until 11 pm, so DH will plan dinner. He prefers to do this.... It is usually baked chicken nuggets or soup for everyone.

S- Creamy Tortellini with ham and peas, salad, steamed veggies, garlic bread
M- Out
T- Slow Cooker Chicken Posole, mexican cornbread
W- DH will plan -- I have clinical until 11 pm
T- DH will plan -- I have clinical until 11 pm
F- Slow Cooker Pot Roast with root vegetables, steamed rice, green beans, rolls
S- Grilled Turkey Burgers on WW buns, baked sweet potato fries , rolls

S- Oven- fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, green lima beans, cornbread
M- Out
T- Chicken and Sausage gumbo, white rice, corn bread
W- Skillet lasagna, veggie, salad
T- leftovers or grilled cheese/soup
F- Stuffed shells with ground turkey, artichokes and arrabiata sauce, steamed greens, garlic toast
S- Cajun Red Beans and Rice with keilbasa , leftover greens, cheddar and scallion cornbread

I am going to stop at two weeks right now. I will edit later with the rest.

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Saturday: Parmesan-crusted chicken cutlets and broiled asparagus
Sunday: Dinner party at friends' home
Monday: Spaghetti with mizithra cheese & butter. With loaf of french bread.
Tuesday: Beef and noodles with leftover french bread
Wednesday: Biscuits and gravy
Thursday: Heuvos rancheros with blue chips, guac, and black beans
Friday: Weekly out to eat night
Saturday: Ham steak, fried potatos, and corn bread

We spent exactly $100 this week on groceries for the two of us. We often eat leftovers for lunches throughout the week. No eating out except on Friday nights.

Got all meat from local famer's market. All is grainfed, free range, hormone/antibiotic free. We bought ham steak, bacon, breakfast sausage, and cornmeal from an Amish family for $20. Got eggs from another vender for $3 a dozen. Milk from a local creamery for $3 a dozen. Ditto for yogurt. Spent another $15 on stew beef and gouda cheese from a local vendor at the market. Bar of homemade lavender and pachouli soap for $5.50. The rest was spent at Whole Foods on items from the bulk bins (trail mix, black beans, pasta, sugar, flour, and noodles). Also got produce from Whole Foods (avocados, 10lb. bag potatos, peaches, pears, bananas, lemons, and limes). I also bought stuff to make a double batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies for tonight's dinner party.
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I need to take more note's! I don't know how you guy's do it!

I have a hard time planning the weeks shopping and meals. I always forget something. The lil trips at $30 at a time are killing me.
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Originally Posted by medicmama View Post
I need to take more note's! I don't know how you guy's do it!

I have a hard time planning the weeks shopping and meals. I always forget something. The lil trips at $30 at a time are killing me.
Gather all your recipes and make your list off the ingredients, list EVERYTHING. Then list what your family likes for lunches/breakfasts/snacks. Then go through and mark off what you already have while checking in your kitchen. This always helps me not to forget things!
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Saturday: Steak, lime, and cilantro tacos. With blue chips and salsa
Sunday: Rump roast and potatos
Monday: Hash made from leftover rump roast
Tuesday: Ham steak, potato, and cornbread
Wednesday: Grilled cheese and homemade vegetable soup
Thursday: Black bean and cheese quesadillas. With blue chips and guacomole.
Friday: Out to eat

Lunches will be: leftover hash, roast beef sandwiches, ham steak, and soup.
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I haven't made a full plan because I'm a slacker

But last night we had roast chicken, lightly breaded, mashed potatoes, romaine salad with cheese, bacon bits, and tomatoes, and peas.

Tonight I made spanish rice, refried beans with cheese, and tortillas. A salad on the side.

Tomorrow I'm making chili that will simmer all day long with cornbread.

I'll probably do tuna fish sandwiches and salad the next night because that's been sounding good to me.

I have no idea what I'll do the next night, well not true I had considered sourdough waffles.

Did anyone else grow up having salad with dinner every night? Its totally my go to veg if I can't think of anything else!
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Saturday: Mulligatawny Soup and bread
Sunday: Pork Roast and saurkraut
Monday: BQ sandwich (from leftover pork roast) and fries
Tuesday: Chicken pasta salad with artichoke hearts
Wednesday: Pancakes and bacon
Thursday: Greek chicken pasta
Friday: Date night = Out to eat

I only do one week in advance and I like it that way.
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Mmmm pancakes and bacon sounds good!
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