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Screen Name:Pookie
Other Children: DD, born 5/05 via cesarean and DS, born 2/07 via vagina!
Due Date:November 23, 2008
Where do you live: Missouri
A brief intro: We're really excited to welcome number 3 to the crazy mix I'm bursting to just tell everyone I see but we've decided to wait till Mother's Day. I hope to go to the Birthing Center and have a Water Birth but we are still working through insurance issues. I'm sure everything will work out just fine though. We're just so, so excited!
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Name: Liv
Screen Name:
I'll be 28 in August
Other Children:
Nora will be 3 in July, Sara is 11 mo
Due Date:
Where do you live:
in the EU
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc.

I introduced myself here.
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Screen Name:ShelleyD
Other Children: My dd peanut who is 2
Due Date:11-21
Where do you live:Southeast MI
A brief intro: Dh and I have been married for 3 years. Peanut was born in a FSBC on Christmas day 2005. She is still cosleeping and still nursing. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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Hi ladies, may I jump aboard?
Name: Jessica
Screen Name: Brookie
Other Children: Brooke (10months)
Due Date: November 5th
Where do you live: San Antonio, TX
A brief intro: I have been married for 2 wonderful years to a great husband. We got a BFP 3 months after our wedding, but sadly m/c at 8 weeks. 3 months later, we conceived our DD and had her last May via c-section due to ceph. disproportion, so of course I would love to V BAC this one, but our doctor, who we love, will not do one. Thus, I'm pretty sure it will be another c-section. Loved BFeeding and hoping to carry it further with this baby. I will be a SAHM after this school year, so it will be much easier to get the BF'dg down. Hoping for a blessed, smooth 8 months ahead, but I'm prepared for any suprises. Had a wonderful first pregnancy except that I gained 50lbs. I did lose it all, so I am going to be better this time.
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Name: Emilie
Screen Name: PNWmama
Age: 29
Other Children: DS 17 months
Due Date: Mid-November
Where do you live: Oregon Coast
A brief intro: I'm a SAHM, married to my Dh for 2 1/2 years (though we've been together for almost 12 years now). I'm still nursing my ds and am praying that my milk doesn't dry up and he's forced to wean before he's ready . My ds has multiple food allergies and I'm hoping by avoiding those foods during this pregnancy that our next child won't have allergies as well. Ds is still co-sleeping...don't know yet if we'll try to change that or not before this next baby comes! This pregnancy was a surprise, but we are really excited!
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Name: Kerri
Screen Name: BundleFishMama
Age: 30
Other Children: DD 5.5, DD 3.5, and DS 20 months
Due Date: Either Nov. 25 or Nov. 27, my chart was weird this cycle so there are two possible days I could have ovulated!
Where do you live: Tucson, Arizona - just moved in January from the Philadelphia area
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc: DH Steve and I have been married for 6.5 years, I am a SAHM mom now, tandem-nursing (so might end up triandem-nursing!)
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Screen Name: Elowyn
Age: 28
Other Children: none
Due Date: November 26th
Where do you live: the Midwest
A brief intro: I'm a single mother by choice and conceived using IVF and donor sperm. I'm an emergency room physician assistant working nights. I love to knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, garden, can, etc. Martha Stewart without the snooty attitude. I have a Scottish Terrier (see my sig) and am absolutely petrified about whether this pregnancy will stick. And about whether it will be twins.

AP-wise, I'm strongly pro-BF, pro-intact, cloth diapering. I'll probably delayed/selectively vax and haven't decided about cosleeping yet (given my night job, babe will have sitters at night 3 nights/week.) I'm hoping to use a FSBC if it's a singleton (or if they'll take me with twins) otherwise as natural as possible at the hospital.
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Name: Katie
Screen Name: E's Mama
Age: 32
Other Children: DS 6 years
Due Date: 11/8/08
Where do you live: Western NY
A brief intro: Married to high school sweetheart for 6 years- together much longer if you do the math. I work full time as a Community Health Nurse, but plan to cut back or quit once new baby arrives if fiancially possible.
I plan to deliver in a HBC and we'll have the same midwife who caught our son. I am so glad to find this site and meet everyone!
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Name: Be
Screen Name: bemommy
Age: 35
Other Children: Liberty 12/31/02 and Henry 3/17/07 (today is his birthday)
Due Date: November 18th
Where do you live: Massachusetts
A brief intro: Totally not expecting that I would be back on a DDC. Actually a little bit freaked. My ds turned 1 today and it took so long and so much emotional energy to conceive him I just couldn't imagine that I would be able to conceive easily. . while nursing. . when only having sex 1-2 times a month For now I'm just waiting to see if it's trule a viable pregnancy or not.

I think I'm glad to be here It's a bunch of thought that are going to take awhile to get use to.
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Name: Katie
Screen Name:Katielady
Age: 32
Other Children: Jamie, 21 months
Due Date: Nov 25
Where do you live: Westchester, NY
A brief intro I've been married to a great guy for 4 years, together for 10. I'm a SAHM to my 21-month-old son Jamie. He was born via c-section; I had a lovely natural labor and then was sectioned for "failure to descend and fetal distress" during second stage. I'm hoping for a VBAC this time and will probably try for a home birth. I had one miscarriage last August, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one is a sticky. Oh and I'm also a novice birth doula. And thumbs up for breastfeeding. I nursed my son for a year and it was the most meaningful experience of my life. Can't wait to nurse again.
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Name: Kelsey

Screen Name: Hattifattener

Age: 29

Other Children: Lucy, age 3.5

Due Date: Nov. 17

Where do you live: Portland, OR

A brief intro: We're breastfeeders, into natural birth, anti-circ, etc. etc. (But don't you hate trotting out your qualifications? It always makes me feel like I'm trying to prove something to someone. ) I'm a SAHM working on a novel while DH attends med school. We've had two miscarriages already, and it's really hard for me to trust in and enjoy this pregnancy. So anyone who's a praying type, send some our way!!!
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Name: Annie
Screen Name: railyuh
Age: 26
Other Children: DS, he just turned 2
Due Date: Nov 3rd
Where do you live: Oregon coast
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc. DH and I have been married for almost 4 years, I'm still nursing our toddler and I am hoping to tandem nurse. We really want a homebirth this time so I'm very excited about that and am in the process of finding and choosing a midwife.
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Screen Name: goodheartedmama
Name: Erin
Age: 24
Other Children: Ethan and Bella
Due Date: Mid-late November, I think
Where do you live: Lexington, KY
Brief into: I will be having 3 under 3! I had some issues with my last pregnancy (rh sensitization and preterm labor, but the PTL was because my first 2 are so close together). I'm planning my first home birth!
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I am Emily
my screenname is Arismama!

I am apparently due November 26th but my son was 11 days past due so I think this one might be "past due" too, it seems to run in my family.
I have one son age 6 and two stepsons ages 5 and 7.

I breastfed my son, now age 6 until he was 5, he still cosleeps half-time, I'm into Traditional Foods and raw milk, I am a sahm and am exited to have a baby with my wonderful DH, we have been married about 8 months!

I want a homebirth but DH is freaked by even the mention of it so we'll see.
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Name: Amber
Screen Name: Ambotchka
Age: 28
Other Children: Elizabeth, 19 months old
Due Date: mid-November?
Where do you live: Southern Maryland
A brief intro: Hi! I joined mothering.com back when I was pregnant the last time and the DDC was a life-saver! (Or at least a mind-saver.)

I'm still nursing a few times a day...and I'm supposed to be writing my second novel while my DD naps, but now...I takes naps as well.

We had a perfectly normal pregnancy and delivery the last time (unmedicated natural birth in a hospital) and hope to have the same this go around. :-)
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Name: Vanessa
Screen Name: MommyinMN
Age: 27
Other Children: Caitlin 4, Ben 2
Due Date: Nov. 11th
Where do you live: Twin cities
A brief intro: My husband, Joe and I have been married for 5 1/2 years. I am pro breastfeeding but have had difficulty in the past due to a medical condition. I did make it past a year though with both children with a lot of work. I am hoping for a smoother time this time around,my goal is 18 months (which is how long I was able to nurse my son), would love to go longer. I had an unmedicated hospital birth with my second child and I am trying to repeat that this time. I did have an epidural with my first baby, which was also a great experience. We baby wear and will be cloth diapering for the first time with this baby.
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Name: Shelley
Screen Name: Owensma
Age: 31
Other Children: Owen (4.5), Jared 21mos
Due Date: Nov 16/08
Where do you live: SW Ontario, Canada
A brief intro: I'm an RN, staying at home to raise my children. DH and I have been married for 7 years. Still nursing DS2, for now... We're on board with most NFL practises and our parenting style is AP (oh, how I loathe that term, and these 'qualifications')
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Name: Lynsey
Screen Name: Mom2baldie
Age: 29
Other Children: Riley, 10 yrs; Paityn, 6 yrs; Naiya, 3.5 yrs
Due Date: Nov. 20
Where do you live: N. Texas
A brief intro: My husband and I have been married for 8 years. I am basically a SAHM, though I also do birth photography with several area midwives between 2-5 times a month. I had my 1st child by cesarean, my 2nd by VBAC, my 3rd by home waterbirth and am hoping for another home waterbirth with this baby as well. My youngest child is actually still nursing, but I am not planning to tandem nurse again... I am so pleased to be pregnant again! Can't wait to meet my baby!!
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Screen Name:the same
Other Children: Elizabeth, born 11/06 via c/s
Due Date: Mid-Nov.
Where do you live: Canada
A brief intro: I'm a f/t WOHM (I'm a video editor) and can't wait for another mat leave My DH is a supervisor in the technical department of a TV station. He's also in the military reserves. For fun we do rock climbing and running, so keeping those up w/ 2 babes is going to be a challenge (although we've managed with one!) I volunteer with a filmmakers co-op and an environmental group and love a good documentary. I'm having this baby with a midwife and hoping for a VBAC - wish me luck. Right now I'm still nursing DD and taking it one day at a time...I could end up tandem nursing here
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