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Name: Angela

Screen Name: thebeljur

Age: 32

Other Children: Jack (4) & Adeline (almost 2)

Due Date:November 2

Where do you live:Southern California

A brief intro: I'm a happily married SAHM. We co-sleep, breastfeed, sling, & live as holistically as possible. I gave birth to my first at a hospital with an OB. I gave birth to my second at home in the water with a midwife. We're planning our second home birth.
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Name: Michelle
Screen Name: Mommalilac
Age: 28
Other Children: Erynn 9, Aria 6 & Morgan 2 and sdd Kori 9 Hoping for a boy
Due Date: 11/8/08 which is also my birthday
Where do you live: Western PA
A brief intro: I'm a s/wahm I do graphic arts, sew (diapers, clothes, bags/purses) hair bows & H&B products. I also do volenteer work 12-15 hrs a week Im a Happliy Married Baptist. I have had very high risk pregnancies and several losses Im hoping and praying to have my first water birth (still to be determined if I will even beable to go to the midewife center for birthing) I plan to brestfeed exculsivly has I have for my other children, as well as cloth diaper, co-sleep & babywear.
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Hey everyone!

Name: Heather
Screen Name: OkiMom
Age: 24
Other Children: 1-DD almost 15 months old.
Due Date: Early November.
Where do you live: Okinawa, Japan
A brief intro: Hey! Im Heather, I am a SAHM. Ive been married for almost three years to John. We have a wonder daughter named Elyse. I miscarried in Janurary and took a test the other day and wow Im pregnant again. I have no idea when I will be due since I didn't have a period after the miscarriage (Ive miscarried once previously in Feb 06) and I am still nursing my DD. We are super excited to be expecting and are praying that this baby sticks. Im already feeling more optimistic since I actually feel pregnant this time unlike last time. Depending on the baby's due date he might just be born on mine (Nov 9) or my husbands (Nov 11) birthday.
We live in Okinawa, Japan. My husband is a US Marine and we have been stationed over here for almost a year. We have another two years before we go back to the states. We would really like to do a home birth but it is illegal over here to so I have to go to the hospital and give birth.
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Screen Name:Smocklets
Age:30(for two more days)
Other Children:Mary 9, Noah 7, Aidan 4
Due Date:November 27
Where do you live: Ohio
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc.
I am a SAHM, we cosleep and practice child led weaning. I have been nursing since 1998. This time around we are considering our first homebirth.
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Hey Everyone!

Name: Marina
Screen Name: PabloHoneySF
Age: 38
Other Children: Matteo 2.5 yrs, Nico 16 months
Due Date: 11/30 ish
Where do you live: Berkeley, CA
A brief intro: SAHM, so happy to be here and meet all of you
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Name: Sarah
Screen Name: lady_ell
Age: 32
Other Children: none
Due Date: early November
Where do you live: Appalachia
A brief intro: I'm a professor and pregnant with my first child. In the span of 10 days, I accepted a tenure track position, put a contract on an 1889 farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, and got a positive pregnancy test. My husband of less than a year is a documentary filmmaker. We're very happy about this pregnancy, but a little overwhelmed right now (it was not planned!). I'd like to have a home birth, but they're illegal here, and the word on the street is that our local hospital (the only one in a 2 hour radius) is big on interventions. So we're trying to stay informed about how to keep this pregnancy and birth as natural as possible.
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Name: Kathryn
Screen Name: ktarsha
Age: 37
Other Children: Sam, just turned 2
Due Date: Around Nov. 18
Where do you live: near Nashville, Tenn.
A brief intro: I'm a former copy editor, now a SAHM. Had a failed pregnancy last fall (blighted ovum) and praying that this one will turn out well. Sam was born by c-section, and although I'm hoping for a VBAC, I'm not sure I'll go through with it; we'll see what happens.
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Name: Julie
Screen Name: snowgirl
Age: 36, soon to be 37 on April 10th
Other Children: Anna, 3-1/2
Due Date: Nov. 22
Where do you live: South Burlington, VT
A brief intro: I WAHM part time. My dd is still nursing strong and praying that if it needs to end, that it is directed by her and not me. I have lurking here for almost 2 weeks and worried that someone who knows me and doesn't know I am pg. is reading my post. If you read this, pm me. We have been trying on and off for almost 3 years to ttc #2. I had 3 acupuncture treatments and I swear, that is why I am pregnant. I had a beautiful, fast, unmedicated water birth with Anna. I am hoping the same for #2. I am praying that I do not get placenta accreta again.
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Name: Joanna
Screen Name: MamaChicken
Age: 32
Other Children: DS (9 yo) and DD (11 mo)
Due Date: Nov. 8
Where do you live: Pacific Northwest
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc. DH is a firefighter and EMT. I am still nursing DD. I did hypnobabies with DD and it worked beautifully. I work as a construction engineer but haven't been out in the field much lately.

Excited to be here!
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due in november

2 girls, nova 8, and sage 3
married to dan
due november 14
live near pittsburgh, pa
nursed both girls for 3 years
wasn't planning this one, kinda freaking out
almost done w/school, but in bad accident and lost a hand, so very worried about mothering this one.
had 1 c-section, then a vbac, so i will be in a hospital but under the care of my awesome midwife, will be nursing, co-sleeping, slinging again.
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Introducing myself

Name: Summer
Screen Name: Om Girl
Age: 27
Other Children: DD 2yo
Due Date: 11-25
Where do you live: Minnesota
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc. I'm married to a wonderful DH who shares the same AP, NFL mindset as I (though I do push his limits!). I nursed DD on demand until she weaned...though she still likes to "nursie" though there's nothing left! We birthed in hospital with a midwife with DD #1 and haven't decided what route we're planning on this time. (I'm pushing for a homebirth!) I work as a prenatal yoga teacher and childbirth educator, so this will be interesting to see how I handle teaching & attending classes as a "student"..
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My name is Penny
Screen Name: Penster
Age: 30

Due Dateossibly Nov. 23rd
Where do you live: NYC

My loving DH & I have been married 10yrs. This is our first pregnancy we are hoping to have a hb. I WOH full time and my dh is a PhD student. I am new to everything related to pg and excited to have come upon mothering.com. I'm looking foward to getting to know you all.
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Name: Liz
Screen Name: emc03
Age: 29
Other Children: just the st. bernard pup
Due Date: 11/11
Where do you live:NYC, upper manhattan
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc. married to John, this is our first. we're focused on homebirth, breastfeeding, and babywearing. just moved from chicago last summer.
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Name: Kristen
Screen Name: thischickknits
Age: 27, 28 soon
Other Children: Madeleine Isabella will turn 3 in August
Due Date: not sure yet because no LMP to go off of. But I have a feeling of last week of Nov/first week of Dec
Where do you live: Florida
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc.
Madeleine's birth was awful. C section under general, long seperationg from her, week long NICU stay. I am trying to avoid that at all costs. We are looking at birth centers and home births. Both of us are leaning toward homebirth. I am still somewhat nursing my daughter and hope that she weans completely on her own by the time the new little one comes. I am just not up for tandem, although i will if I have to.
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Nice to see you over here Kristen! (latemove from LJ)
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Originally Posted by andi-mama View Post
Nice to see you over here Kristen! (latemove from LJ)
i figured that was you!

Man, is morning sickness hitting you yet?

it's awful over here. no ralphing yet, but MAN!

I see you are going UC, I am pretty sure we are doing a homebirth. I would love to do an UC, but I think once I get a natural birth under my belt I would be more confident.
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Hey, another knitter! Woot! We have a thread somewhere in this DDC rallying the knitters and swapping ravelry id's, lol.
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Screen Name:
Other Children:
Kyla, 2 yrs
Due Date:
Nov 15
Where do you live:
Charlotte NC
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc.
I am Married to Jon, and have been a SAHM since a month before K was born. I have my degree in elementary ed, but became a Nanny for 2 1/2 years after graduating college instead of teaching. My pregnancy and delivery with K were pretty rough, and led into major breastfeeding issues. She did not latch until 10 weeks and in the meantime I had mastitis 3 times, thrush for 6 weeks, and reynauds. I still have some permanent damage to my nipples. B/c of what I went through with her, I have spent the last 2 years researching what occured during her birth and am planning a homebirth this time.
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Introducing myself

Screen Name:CheriK
Other Children: Fiona and Kieran, 6-year old twins
Due Date: End of November (on or about Fiona and Kieran's 7th bday)
Where do you live: Northern California
A brief intro: ie, partner, breastfeeding and birth choices, other things going on in life, work, school, etc.

Married to dh James for almost 13 years. We're planning a homebirth this time(VBAC). Breastfeeding - of course Fiona and Kieran self-weaned (Kieran just a few months ago). We homeschool/unschool. I work part-time outside the home and volunteer for LLL and our local homeschooling community. We have way too many animals, including a momma guinea pig and her babies who we're fostering for the animal shelter (so if you know anyone near Sacto who wants guinea pigs. . .)

We aren't sharing the news of our new baby until I'm a bit more pregnant, but boy do I need to connect to other moms. Already feeling tired, queasy, and wondering how I'm going to manage this time with two others who need Mom.
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My Intro:)

Name: Anna
Screen Name: Chiroalltheway
Age: 25
Other Children: J, 2 yrs old and T, 12 months (both boys)
Due Date: end of Nov. I think
Where do you live: Texas
A brief intro: Well, I'm jumping in here. I had a m/c b/w my 2 boys so i'm a little nervous. I had horrible m/s in the night last night, plus bad headaches, lower back pain, etc. so I thought I could at least tell you all. (not telling many IRL yet) DH is in school to become a Chiropractor. I'm a SAHM and LOVE it. I'm still BFing my 1 yr old and am clueless how it's going to go while prego, b/c he will NOT eat any solids. Everyone is encouraging me that he won't starve himself, though, if I lose my milk I'm planning a birth center birth with a midwife and of course planning to BF (and possibly tandem BF if it's what DS2 prefers) We CD, don't vax, and GD. That's pretty much life for us!!
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