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I don't know if mine should be changed or not, lol. My official due date is still November 6, but now we're not looking at anything past Sept. 25.
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baby boy EDD 11/27/08
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EDD November 23, 2008
But was off by 15 days (over) with my first
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Ack! Due date has been moved up 11 days- so DD#2 is now due

November 13th

But we're all doubting I'll make it to 40 weeks (I am holding out hope though!!)
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Due the day before Thanksgiving. And we are finding out if Belly's a boy or girl. Sometime in November!
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Originally Posted by selena_ski View Post
Thanks mama!
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11-27, girl
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Due November 27th
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Kye'sMama-November 29 BOY!!
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my due date was changed to Nov 27 yesterday. I predict he'll be born on Nov 5, but we'll see how the next few weeks go.
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I suppose I should have included myself a long time ago, but I never looked at this thread for some reason. Due date 11/16, expecting boy #2. I am already 70% effaced and my cervix is "very soft" according to the wonderful doctor who has written me OUT of work. YEA!!!!!:::
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OK ladies I have updated this thread for the last time. Being that we have only 5 days left of October. At this point i feel the thread is not changing a whole lot, and after our babies start coming in force we aren't going to have as much time to spend on here.
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