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I think a Suzuki tribe would be really cool too. I have 2 suzuki fiddlers, one is 15 (in book 5 but taking a little break from the Suzuki repetoire to focus on Irish, Scottish and old-time fiddling with her teacher) and one age almost 7 (started at age 4, just beginning "Perpetual Motion").

Both of my kids have had the same teachers, we started at the "big" Suzuki program in our area, but we left it last year for a number of reasons, including:
1. The tuition doubled! Probably due to a big construction project at the conservatory where our program was. So I would have paid $3900 per year for both kids instead of 2006-2007 $1850 tuition for both kids.

2. A new person took the helm of the program during that year, and to my great dissapointment, children who were involved in an inner-city school Suzuki program, taught by one of "our" faculty, were no longer participating in the Saturday morning Suzuki classes, ie, Group, Theory, Orchestra, and Performance Hour. As I personally was under the assumption that Dr. Suzuki felt "every child can" learn to play an instrument, and the fact that these kids were enthusiastic and just as important to the gestalt of the Saturday morning deal as the "preparatory" (tuition paying) students, I was pretty forlorn!

3. Due to a move, it would be an extra 150 miles of driving per week, and the carbon footprint seemed big. (We live about 33 miles from the place, and I would have to drive there and back twice weekly, for private lessons on Thursday nights and for the Saturday stuff).

So, we started with a solo Suzuki teacher this fall, we love him, and his style is definitely more relaxed than at the "big" program. He also teaches Irish, Scottish, and old-time to both girls when they need a break from the Suzuki repetoire. He is more playful than our previous private lesson teacher, who was a very gifted, empathic, and playful teacher as well. The increased playfulness has decreased the amount of resistance to practicing--which the 15 year old has done independantly since age 12 anyways, but now I need to remind her to practice only about 2 times per week, as opposed to daily. And, my almost 7 year old now brings the violin to the couch about a half hour before we leave for school, saying, "Let's do our violin now so we can do x, y, or z after school," as opposed to saying "But I hate the violin" when asked to get ready to practice.

Although they would both quit if were an option at my house; it isn't, although we aren't mean about it, we have explained to both of them that it is good for their brains, we send them to schools with little to no homework, so giving back to us 15 to 20 minutes per night is a reasonable request.

Once though, in a fit of bad mothering, I told the oldest, who was balking at practicing, that even though she hated the violin and me at that particular moment, she could look forward to the day when she'd be able to play "Ashoken's Farewell" (theme from Ken Burns' Civil War documentary) at my Irish wake. Which cracked us both up, broke the tension, and thankfully I haven't regressed to such an infantile level in 3 years.
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After hearing some interest voiced here I started a Suzuki Moms Tribe thread in Finding Your Tribe. Here's a link. We can continue the discussion over there if you like.
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