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Vitex: pill, tea, drops?

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I want to start TTC soon, but I don't have my cycles back. I'm trying to get my cycles back with vitex (I'm 2 years pp). I've been drinking vitex tea 2-3 times a day for two months now. Other than making me extremely irritable for the first few weeks, and perhaps have a bit more cervical fluid, nothing is happening. So I'm wondering if it would be more effective for me to take vitex in a different form. Any vitex experts out there?
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The most absorbed form of vitex is the tinctures. It should be taken right upon waking in the am because that is when those hormones are most active. My herbalist had me on 3mls a day. I induced AF back with vitex when DD1 was 2.5y old, then later upped my dose to be able to get pg. Good luck!

ETA: vitex is a slow acting herb, it is not uncommon for it to take 2-3 months to notice anything. It took me between 2-3m using the tincture to induce AF back.
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I agree that the tincture is the way to go. I use it lengthen a very short LP and just to help balance progesterone and estrogen. I take it first thing in the morning with a little bitsy of water and I saw results the first cycle I took it. This is my 3rd cycle on it and I'm still seeing positive effects. I could tell immediately htat it was doing something for me because my mood swings chilled out within a week of taking it. But I agree with pp that it can months to show it's full effect.

Good luck to you!
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I'm not an expert, but I would recommend the pills. The doseage can be better regulated and you don't have to taste it!

I also find the pills to be less expensive.
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I'm lurking here. Any recommendations on brands? I'm considering Fertility Blend and FertiliAid.
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I had my 1st PP cylce at 27 mos pp, so don't give up hope yet!!

From most herbalists perspectives that I've read, teas are just flavoured water unless the herb steeps for over an hour. Tinctures are more like concentrated, thus they are more effective. However most will contain alcohol, so if that is a problem, go the dried (pill) route.

My Naturalpath told me to take 30 drops of tincture a day in a glass of water. I'm not sure how many ml that is. She said that if the taste really bothered me that the pill was also available.

From what I hear, the pills and the tinctures are all available in different strengths so read the label for recomended dosages. As for brand, I got mine from my NP, so I can't tell you what's good and what's not. Just use common sense and buy from a name your trust. You want to put good quality herbs in your body, not alot of junk!

Keep in mind that it is a slow working herb....personally I prefer this over the "quick fixes" of modern medicine as it is easier for my body to handle.

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i am definitely no expert - but I started taking vitex in pill form (I bought from drugstore.com) a few months ago. I got my first post-partum period about 2 1/2 weeks after starting it. Since, my periods have been pretty regular (30 days), but I'm o'ing really late, so have a very short LP (6-7 days). Still :bfn: - but at least I'm ovulating, right?
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