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What symptoms are you having?

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So far I've just been crampy (sometimes really achey) off and on, and I have to pee a lot. I can't make it through the night anymore!

No sickness at all yet, but I never really had it with my first two pregnancies either.

I'm due Nov 1st, so only 4 wks pg or so...
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I was just going to post a thread asking the same thing

I have been having heartburn for the past few days, and I was nauseous last night and much of today, along with the feeling of excess saliva which is so nasty. Ugh. My breasts feels somewhat fuller tonight and a little achy, but no real nipple tenderness yet. I feel more tired at night and like I am peeing more but maybe that is all in my head The other thing is that my Crystal stick stops working - it's usually the first sign that I'm pregnant...

I am thrilled to be having symptoms so early, I will be 4 weeks tomorrow. After the m/c it helps to reassure me that things are progressing. I didn't really have a lot of symptoms with DS, some queasiness and tender breasts as well, but all that started around 7 weeks and didn't last too long.
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I'm due November 1 as well- so 4w2d. I keep telling myself my "symptoms" must be in my head as it's sooo early!

I'm really crampy- that's one I can't fake. It's not period crampy, just achey. I've felt this way since 5DPO, two days before my BFP. I'm EXHAUSTED (thought that was from toddler chasing, but it really is pregnancy exhaustion). I'm also peeing like crazy.
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Sore Boobs! Yeeeeooooooooooooouuuuuucccchhhhh!!!
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Sore boobs, waves of nausea, strong gag reflex while brushing teeth, and I'm TIRED! And occasionally crampy, but I like to ignore that one.
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I am tired and constantly cold...... Unless the heating is up full I am just shivering. TThats it, usually by now I will be tired, able to smell dog poo a thousand miles away and have swelling, sore boobs, but except for the tiredness, none of that has happened.
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I actually feel totally normal. I never had a PPAF after DS so if it weren't for TTC and charting, I'd have no idea that this was happneing! I'm pretty early, thuogh, so my usual early pg symptoms still have time to kick in. The only thing that I can attribute (but probably wouldn't raise any flags if I weren't thinking about it) is that I my sense of smell is heightened.
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Cramps and fatigue have been my symptoms the past week. I also have been having a hard time spelling correctly and reversing letters. Don't know if that's a symptom, but I noticed it before my BFP and I wasn't even thinking about it.
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I'm waaaaaay tired, and last night I noticed those little glands appearing on my areolas! What are they called? I was happy to see them. I mean, I believe the and all, but it's nice to see some actual signs from my body (besides being late)

Oh, and TMI, but isn't it way too early to have pg-related hemoroids? It's almost like my body is remembering how to be pregnant and just picking up where it left off last time
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I'm due Nov 2 and I have no real symptoms. I crash some during the day and want to nap, but no major fatique. No cravings or aversions. I have a few small cramps/twinges of pain in the lower abdomen and have started waking at 3am to pee.

I have a feeling that this pregnancy isn't going to stick though. Not sure why. I already have 3 children, so maybe I'm just afraid of the possibility that this pregnancy will stick!LOL I'm going Monday to have my naturapath look around and see if all looks normal.

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I haven't been feeling too pregnant, none of my usual symptoms at first. But now, all I want to do is sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Yep, definitely pregnant. And the boobs are starting to tingle, so it won't be long before I can't sleep without a bra on. I HATE sleeping in a bra!
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I'm pretty tired and my boobs are a bit sore. No proper sickness yet thank goodness (hopefully I will miss that altogether!) but feel a bit queasy some of the time. And I've been light-headed for most of the past four weeks.
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Ok, still no real symptoms, still incredibly cold all the time sorta... Its so weird, one minute I will be freezing cold so I get a blanket but with the blanket I will be so hot so I take off the blanket and end up really cold. If I have a blanket half on half off then half of me is freezing and half of mee is boiling........ Then, the rest of the time, no matter whether the heating is on or not, no matter how many layers of clothes I am wearing, I will feel freezing...... I have icicle hands at the moment apparently, they are usually cold but not this cold...... And then at night I am doing thee hot cold thing again but included wiht it is AWFUL night sweats....... Its so WEIRD.
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Tireesix, that sounds hormonal related. Hope it passes soon!!
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Yeah, I have googled and it looks like it is hormones, I have just never ever had this in pregnancy before..... This pregnancy is completely different to my otherr 3.......
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I feel really, really tired and I also feel like a horse kicked me in the stomach. I hace had hyperemesis with all my pregnancies so I'm trying to enjoy these first couple weeks b/c soon I know I will be miserable.
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I am already shocked at how similar this is to my first pregnancy - lightheadedness, craving meat, a little bit of nausea. The lightheadedness is going to be a big problem, though - when I was pg w/ dd, I was a college student that walked most places, drove maybe twice a week. Now we're in the suburbs and I drive every day, more like. Being lightheaded while driving = no fun!
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I seem to be having more cramping than I remember before. Sometimes it is really annoying and almost painful. I am also lightheaded often. Exactly 6 weeks now.
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Sore nipples: CHECK

And, holy sense of smell! We had to leave a restaurant tonight b/c of the smokiness. It's one of those places where the bar area is kind of open, and the smoke goes through the whole restaurant. I was a coughing mess for the few minutes we were there.
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tired, gassy, sore boobies (which isn't great with DD still nursing), nausea on and off, some cramps, tired, increased urination and sense of smell, i can even smell a slightly wet diaper within seconds. hehe.

major food aversions, oh and did i mention tired, I am so exahusted. i hope that symptom doesn't hang around for long. and i am really hoping the M/S doesn't get any worse. right now i am controling it pretty well with a supplement from the health food store, i think it is called morning ease or something like that. it has ginger and milk thistle, and some other goodies too.
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