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The March 2008 Infertility ONE Thread

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The Infertility ONE Thread
A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!

Trying to Conceive

: TTC with MFI.

Aly22681 TTC #1 since January 2007, 2 MCs. After TTC 4 cycles with Clomid, 1 Femara/ IUI, now TTC with Clomid/ IUI.

avocada TTC for 2 years. TTC with Vitex, Pre-Seed, Mucinex, and Progesterone cream.

barose : TTC since 1999 (with intermittent breaks), 1 30wk MC, PCOS (treated with diet/ lifestyle) and Hypothyroid.

baturay TTC#3, DC#1 and 2 conceived with Clomid.

biomama : TTC since January 2008 with MFI. TTC naturally while waiting for appt. with RE to discuss IUI.

coome TTC since September 2005 with unexplained infertility. After TTC with Clomid/IUI and Injectibles/IUI, now starting IVF process.

crazyrunningmama TTC #2 with MFI, DC#1 conceived with IVF/ICSI. Currently weaning, looking into acupuncture and trying to lose weight in preparation for another cycle of IVF/ICSI.

EastbayK TTC #2 since June 2007 with unexplained infertility and while treating cancer (DH). TTC with clomid/IUIs starting next cycle.

gemasita TTC since August 2006, ovarian infection in 4/2007 resulted in loss of one ovary and eventually both tubes. 1st IVF cycle 12/2007 (BFN), 2nd IVF cycle (FET) 2/2008 (BFN).

hope4light TTC since March 2006 with MFI and slightly low progesterone. Currently TTC with IVF, cycle 1 cancelled due to hyper stim., round 2 to start in about 5 wks.

ItyBty TTC since September 2005 with unexplained infertility, now post- surgery to remove uterine septum and adhesions, on round 2 of Injectibles/ IUI.

jeannineb TTC#2 with currently unexplained secondary infertility, appointment with RE in April.

Julia'sMom TTC#2 since January 2007 with PCOS. Starting clomid w/metformin & trigger shot.

KittyPaws TTC 2.5+ years with PCOS and bicornuate uterus. Scheduled for laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and ovarian drilling mid-April.

kJad29 TTC since July 2006 with possible MFI, currently TTC naturally.

kristenok18 TTC#2 since 2004, 1 MC in 2007, Non-traditional PCOS (treated with Metformin) and MFI. Alternating between TTC with natural cycles and medicated cycles/IUI, TTC next cycle with Femara.

kristinc TTC since Fall 2006, diagnosed with MFI (CBAVD). TTC with IVF/ICSI after TESA, gearing up for cycle #1.

laralee16 TTC#2 since November 2006 with PCOS (in remission). DC#1 conceived with Clomid/ trigger shot after 4 years of trying and 1 MC. Now TTC using soy.

LiamsMommy31905 TTC#2 since July 2007, 1 MC, with diagnosed LPD. DC#1 conceived with Prometrium to correct LPD. Currently TTC with Clomid/ progesterone supplementation/ IUI.

LoveMyJonah TTC #2 with Endometriosis since 11/2007. 1 MC 1/2008. Laproscopy scheduled for 4/23, HCG shot 3/29 to increase chances of getting pregnant prior to laproscopy.

mermay1677 : TTC since January 2005, Tried Clomid, now TTC with Femara.

mischievium : TTC since February 2007 with MFI (antisperm antibodies) and currently being evaluated for Cushing's Disease/ PCOS, .

TTC #4 since Nov 2005, 3 MC. Currently TTC with acupuncture, mayan massage and meditation.

NishaG :
TTC#3 with PCOS (treated with Actose), DC#2 conceived with Femara and Pre-Seed. Ectopic pregnancy 16 years ago resulted in the loss of one tube and ovary. Currently TTC with Actos/Clomid/Naltrexone and PreSeed.

ourdomicile : TTC since October 2006, 2 MC in 2006, one blocked tube and possible MFI (improving). TTC with acupuncture and naturopath, starting IUI March 2008.

Perdita_In_Ontario TTC#2 since December 2007, started TTC#1 in 1999, MFI (CBAVD) diagnosed in 2002, DC#1 concieved via IVF/ICSI in October 2004. After unsuccesful IVF/ICSI attempt Dec/January 2008, 2nd round of IVF/ICSI planned for March/ April.

poetgirl : TTC since October 2006 with low progesterone and hypothalamus dysfunction. Have tried 1 cycle Clomid and TCM, taking a month off for polyp surgery.

Seedlings TTC#3 since September 2006 with anovulation, low progesterone, and slight hypothyroid. After 2 cycles of Clomid (with no ovulation), now on 3rd cycle of Injectibles/ IUI.

songbird45 : TTC since January 2007 with PCOS. On Clomid cycle #2.

soulshine TTC since June 2005, full-term unexplained stillbirth (2005) and MC (2006), with unexplained secondary infertility. After TTC with Clomid, then Clomid/ IUI, and one canceled IVF cycle, 2nd IVF cycle (ER/ET) planned for April. Also using western herbs & supplements, tcm herbs, & fertility acupuncture.

WeasleyMum TTC since October 2006, 3 MCs, seeking specialist help for recurrent MC.

Taking a Break or On Hold with Trying to Conceive

Graduates (May everyone who passes through this thread find their way to this section)

GreenFlower : TTC#2 since Spring 2007--> MARCH 2008

Stacymom : TTC since March 2006, 1 MC (2007), recently diagnosed PCOS (treated with Metformin), TTC with Clomid --> MARCH 2008

April 2008 Threadkeeper:
(Now accepting applications )

PLEASE let the threadkeeper know if there is anything you would like to add/ delete/ change from your synopsis above (including silly things like not liking the color your username is in). And PLEASE check to make sure that the correct chart is linked to the chart icon in front of your username.
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Okay.. fourth time's a charm (anyone think it's ironic that there's 4 "the ONE" threads? )...

Howdy y'all! I thought since the other thread was from 2003, we would start a new monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying and, let's face it, often heartbreaking, land of infertility. I think of this thread as a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!

I'm not sure if we, as a group, feel the need to define what qualifies as "infertility?" I don't think anyone chooses that label lightly, so I'm comfortable with having anyone participate in this thread who considers themselves to be experiencing infertility.

I am happy to be March's threadkeeper and put together a formal first post list for this thread if people include the following in their replies:

User name, how long you've been TTC, link to a chart (if applicable)

Ex: mischievium, TTC since January 2007, http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/18dd6b

I know on the one thread, they divide the names by "waiting to O" and "TWW," but I think if we divide up the names at all maybe it should be by groups-- if only so new people to the thread have a general idea of where everyone is in their "infertility journey" (for serious lack of a better phrase).
What do you think? Maybe something like the following:

Treating IF Naturally (those that are currently strictly using TCM, herbs, or accupuncture, etc. to treat IF)

TTC with Clomid/ Femara (those are the oral medications used, right?)

TTC with Injectibles

TTC with AI/ IUI

TTC with IVF

Taking a Break from TTC (those who are taking a break, but still need a place to talk about their feelings regarding IF)

Growing Family Through Adoption (those that have or are experiencing infertility and who are pursuing adoption)

All The Rest (those who are still figuring out what's going on and what to do, or who don't wish to have their username under the above categories)

If you fall in more than one category, then it would be up to you where you'd like your name-- unless someone has a better way to group things.

Does that seem like a good idea, or do we just want a general list of those who wish to be active in this thread?

For myself, I would currently fall in the "All The Rest" group as I am still going through the diagnostic process. My DH and I have been TTC for ~14 months without any success. Back in August, we tried the Fertell at home test and, while my results were normal, my DH's were not. My DH then had an SA done that showed good motility and morphology, but low count (34 million). He was then referred to a urologist who specializes in male-factor infertility, who said that 34 million was fine, but wanted a second SA just in case (we are still waiting to hear about the results of that).

As for me, I met with an OB and had the regular CD3 hormone levels done-- which were normal except for an elevated DHEAS. Apparently, having an isolated elevated DHEAS can be an indication of Cushing's Disease, of which I have many of the symptoms... BUT, there is a huge crossover in symptomology between Cushing's and PCOS. I had an ultrasound at the end of January which did not show the classic "string of pearls" that is typical of PCOS, but having read a little bit on soulcysters.com, you don't necessarily have to have ovarian cysts to have PCOS. SO... I have an appointment in March with an endocrinologist (not an RE) for a further evaluation of Cushing's versus PCOS versus ???

While I'm awaiting further diagnosis and the next step (testing, testing, and more testing, sarcastic yay!): I'm charting, using preseed, using the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor and OPKs (it's a REALLY long story as to why I'm using both), and taking the ubiquitous prenatals and fish oil. I took Vitex briefly, but decided to stop taking it so I could get the blood tests done based on what my body is doing on it's own.
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I'd join. songbird45/TTC since January 2007/ http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1a0c23 / On Clomid cycle #1

I think one long list is better than dividing it up by treatment, but maybe you can include a brief description of where we are in our journey by our name, like I did above.
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Barose - ttc since 1999 with a few breaks due to health (surgery), relationship, pregnancy/stillbirth and a short break in 2007 http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1737b0

I have PCOS and hypothyroid.

I’m ttc naturally for now – now that I’m able to ovulate on my own (through diet and lifestyle mostly) and have fairly regular cycles.

If nothing happens in the next few cycles, I will move on to acupuncture or some other alternative method. I used fertility meds in the past and they always made things worse for me health and fertility wise.
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Is there a group for extremely frustrated?? lol...

We've been TTC since 1/2005, no pregnancies...

5 rounds of clomid (2/2007 - 6/2007)
currently on a femara cycle, taking it on CD5-9... had crazy side effects on CD7 and was told by my RE to stop taking it... currently CD21 with NO signs of ovulation...

We will be moving on to something else plus IUI next cycle....

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ourdomicile -- ttc since Oct 06. Two MC in 06 (one after trying and one before ttc) and then nothing all 2007.

One blocked tube for me and less than stellar SA for DH, but that seems to be improving :

Starting IUI this month (hopefully this coming weekend with no fertility drugs. Doing acupuncture/naturopath route for now, I ovulate pretty normally but for that one blocked tube issue.
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kristenok18- ttc#2 since 2004. I have non-traditional pcos, dh has several male factors.

We are currently alternating between cycles on our own and medicated cycles/iui. I take metformin, and will be taking 5mg femara next cycle. We conceived in August with 2.5mg femara/hcg trigger/iui, but m/c in Oct.
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kristenoak: what's non-traditional PCOS? I have PCOS and don't appear to have the same metabolic issues that so many people have (I don't seem to be sensitive to sugar, based on several months of experimentation with my diet; no weird weight issues; etc.) but I do have a lot of other classic symptoms - irregular ovulation, facial hair, acne.
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Originally Posted by songbird45 View Post
I think one long list is better than dividing it up by treatment, but maybe you can include a brief description of where we are in our journey by our name, like I did above.
Good idea, because what I was struggling with with making categorizations is there are a lot ways to do it, and a lot of crossover no matter which way you do it, and if you get too specific with the categories, there would probably only be one or two of us in each category anyway... at which point, you might as well not bother .

So, maybe everyone can write a short (1-3 sentences) about where they are in their journey. We'll put it on the first post, and if you want it changed at any time, just let the threadkeeper know?
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Originally Posted by songbird45 View Post
kristenoak: what's non-traditional PCOS? I have PCOS and don't appear to have the same metabolic issues that so many people have (I don't seem to be sensitive to sugar, based on several months of experimentation with my diet; no weird weight issues; etc.) but I do have a lot of other classic symptoms - irregular ovulation, facial hair, acne.
In this article, under the differentiating features tab, they discuss the 5 types of pcos. I have sugar sensitivities based on my own observations and experimentations, but my blood tests always came back "normal". I have some weight issues, but not like other cysters. I ovulate, but not every cycle, have higher androgen levels which I think is what causes my acne and some slight issues with facial hair. I definitely have the string of pearls and there are consistently between 10-20 little cysts on each ovary all the time.

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Originally Posted by mermay1677 View Post
Is there a group for extremely frustrated?? lol...
I think we would ALL fall into that particular group , for one reason or another! Me... I'm frustrated that it seems to take 3 months to get an appointment every time I or my DH get referred to see a different specialist (besides the general frustration of WHY isn't my body cooperating).
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i'd like to join!

coome~ ttc#1 since september 2005.

unexplained infertility

did acupuncture for a little under a year...HSG was fine. have just tried clomid/iui twice and injectables/iui twice...with no luck. are consulting with our RE tomorrow to start the ivf process...it's been a long road and i hope the end is near!!
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Welcome coome (and everyone else for that matter!), good luck with the RE tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by mermay1677 View Post
Is there a group for extremely frustrated?? lol...
If this is the group for the extremely frustrated, then I'm in the right place.

We've been trying since Sept 05 or so. Spend nearly 2 years just trying to have lots of sex, and wasted a bunch of time trying Clomid and IUIs with my regular OB. I've been seeing an RE since... May? I've had surgery to remove a uterine septum, adhesions from an old appendectomy and to check for endometreosis. I'm currently on my second round of injections and IUI, after last months was a spectacular failure with spotting just 7 days after the IUI, and a full-blown AF 2 days after that. This month the RE wants me to take a second HCG shot a week after the first one to help stimulate progesterone. If this month fails, I'm just not sure what we're going to do. I'm so completely stressed out over this - it's SO expensive because our insurance doesn't cover any of it, so we may take a month off to financially recuperate.
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unexplained has got to be the worst. I felt immediate relief when I got a diagnosis of PCOS, that we weren't just trying things for the heck of it. I really hope that ivf works for you, coome.

mischeivium: Can you add PCOS to my description? Thanks!
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Oh, I forgot to explain - we are still officially unexplained. Various resons have been offered up, but nothing concrete as a diagnosis. He thinks maybe PCOS (I dont have any of the symptoms though) or endo (again, no symptoms, but the teensiest bit was present in my surgery) DH's count is on the low side of normal, but within the normal range.
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I would love to join. Thanks M! Lately the reg old TTC boards have me feeling a little left out and well, my reg. life too. Since we've been trying I have had 18 friends get preg. accidentally or v. early tries. There are no more social circles I can go to w/out 1 or more preg. friends who have been less sensitive than I would have thought. As a result I feel a lot of distance between myself and many of the other women in my life. It's such a strange feeling. This cohesive support will be very welcome!

Me: TTC #1 age 34 This would be month 16 but we're taking it off becuase I am having polyp surgery 3/7 (simple polypectomy did not get it). I have low progesterone which my RE thinks is caused by an ovulation prob., though I O fine on my own and usually early. He says I have a hypothalamus dysfunction and my brain is esp. resistant to giving my body certain triggering messages about hormones. Tried 1 cycle Clomid but I wasn't too responsive, so after this month we'll double the Clo, check my Prog. and if it's still not good I guess move onto injectables. I'm told I have a 1-2% chance of conceiving naturally. I have also done TCM since 7/07, although I can't afford treatments v. often. Have drank tons of herbs. Oh and my sister is currently going through IF too, she's on her 3rd cycle of inject/IUI.

So my short summary is: Taking a month off for polyp surgery. 34, TTC#1 with low progesterone and hypothalamus dysfunction. On cycle #16. Have tried 1 cycle Clomid and TCM.
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i'll join. although i lurk mostly...

me, 38 dh, 36
our daughter died, fullterm unexplained stillbirth, early 2005
one 12wk miscarriage early 2006
ttc since 06/05 (fertility friend says this is my 36th cycle)
secondary, unexplained infertility
clomid alone, clomid w/iui's, skipped injectables,
1st ivf cycle january 08 cancelled,
2nd ivf cycle, er/et early april 08. antagonist protocol.
also using western herbs & supplements, tcm herbs, & fertility acupuncture

ready to move on, in one way or another!
spending time learning about adoption.
spending alot of time in therapy!
(spending alot of money, too)
(spending too much time on computer, too!!)

i think a support thread is a great idea, although the daily in's and out's of a 'one thread' are too much for me, time wise and emotionally! but i'll read along! offer any info if i have it...

thanks for starting the thread, mischievium
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I'll join. I too mostly lurk, especially as I haven't been through so much yet. I do agree the the ttc boards are hard sometimes and not too applicable.

Julia'sMom - TTC #2 since Jan 2007. PCOS. Starting clomid w/metformin & trigger shot.

DD conceived after 18 months trying with clomid/met/trigger.

to you ladies!
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I would like to join you all .

This time around dh and I have been really trying since 09/2006. I have done two cycles of clomid (with no ovulation). In between the clomid and iui's we rescued/adopted a puppy! I am now doing my 3rd cycle of 150 mg follistim injections, hcg trigger and iui. If this cycle fails we will be proceeding to ivf in April.

Thru my re I have learned that I am not ovulating, have low progesterone and have slight hypothyroidism. Our ages also make this more difficult for us, I am 38 and dh is 42.

Today is cd 4 and I started my shots last night. So I am trying to be very diet conscious. So if you have some favorite foods to eat I'd love to hear about them.

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