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worried because newborn sleeps so much

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I never thought I could possibly see this as a problem, but I am worried. I have a ds who is 23 months old and was never a good sleeper - even when he was a newborn, he only slept in fitful periods.

Well I have a darling new baby who is 3.5 days old and does nothing but sleep and nurse. She has many pooey diapers a day (10-12) and nurses every 1.5/2 hours, but then promptly falls back to sleep. I don't have to nurse her to sleep or rock her to sleep. She just falls asleep on her own.

Am I crazy to be owrried or should I just relax?



ps Last night she only woke three times to nurse....
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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I was worried about my baby, too, because he slept all the time as a newborn, unlike his older brother, who slept far less at that age. We could never get any pictures of him wit his eyes open, LOL! But he grew out of it. And even if your child always sleeps more than "average," she just may have more sleep needs. It's okay.
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Write back in a week....bet you'll be singing a different tune!!!!!

My babe "woke up" at 5 days. As long as you've got wet/poopy dipes, babe is fine. Enjoy it.
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I know... I think we just have to relax and enjoy it - she will wake up... I think I have just been worried because my ds, Mac, never went through this - he fought sleep from day one...

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My baby is 11 days today and he's doing werid sleeping too. But his is more sleep for four hours wake up and nurse for 5-6 hours with short breaks of milk drunk passing out. I'm worried that there is a problem? He has the normal poop and pee.
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DON"T WORRY! My dd is now 2.5 months and was also VERY sleepy for the first few weeks! I actually had to set an alarm clock to wake her to nurse during the night!!. She is fine and thriving. Birth is hard on babies too, that was mu mw's explanation when I called her worrying about my sleepy baby. Thank god for my unmedicated labor, if she were recovering from meds she would have been even more sleepy.
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It is SO reassuring to read other's experiences.... Aislinn (my dd) is doing well... she is still sleeping all the time, but I had her weighed - she is only 4.5 days old and she has already regained the weight she lost at birth, plus put on some - she now weighs 2 oz more than she did when she was born!! So I feel better - I know she is eating enough...

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Hugs and hang in there! My ds is now 4 weeks and I could have written your post when he was first born. I had to wake him to nurse in the early days. Was your babe born a little early? My ds was born just shy of 38 weeks and seemed to wake up around his due date. Just a thought...
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