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Do you have a degree? In what?

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I've done some college, but got a job and ended up leaving school. I am thinking about getting my associates right now (medical assisting or something like that, I've only given it a day or two of thought), but part of me thinks that an associates isn't worth anything and no one will really care about it. But on the other hand, doing it may help me want to go further and get my bachelors.

I'm curious what you have and what you think about this.
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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. In Maine (where we live), I am able to hold a Social Work license with my degree (not able to do this in New Brunswick, where we are from). I wish I had taken nursing. I really like my job but the money sucks.
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I have a B.A. in music.

I think for obtaining a job, an A.A or a certificate program of some kind is just as helpful if not more so. I have a friend and a sister both with B.S. degrees, and both of them got jobs based on the one year training program that they got several years after they graduated from college, when they realized their bachelor's wasn't getting them anywhere.
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I have a BA in Broadcast News and Religious Studies
I am now getting a BS in Education
I wish I would have got something sure fire the first time!
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I'm graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in May. My college requires you take a number of very diverse courses in your major and then with electives within the department you can specialize (like the pre-med majors tend to take A & P, Gross Anatomy, etc. while the environmental types go for Evolution, Vert, etc.) or take a broad swath. I love it because there are so many fields you can work in and you come out with a broad knowledge base.
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I have an A.A. in Criminal Justice. I was going to continue on to a B.A. in Psychology but changed my mind am working on my ADN now instead.
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I have a BA in Liberal Arts with emphases in Psychology and Women's Studies, and an MA in Counseling Psychology. I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist and I love it. It was a long road to get through graduate school, interning and the licensure process, but I'm really glad I did it. I'm able to make a good income while working very PT, so I'm mostly home with my DSs.
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Can you really do anything with an Associates?

Will getting it just make me look better, or will it do anything at all?
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I have a BA in English with minors in Theatre, German, and Gender Studies.
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I have a B.S. in Physics. It looks beautiful in the frame on the wall but didn't give me much in the way of practical preparation for a job. I ended up working as a nuclear engineer, my company gave me a year of on-the-job training and schools first.
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I have a BS in Geology.
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Midwifery. A baccalaureate (bachelor's) degree in Health Sciences - Midwifery.

I am a smidge away from an honours degree (BA) in Women's Studies
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B of Fine Arts - major in Art Education.

Never regretted it - but I do regret the amount of student loans I racked up getting in!

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BA. in Environmental Policy

MSc. in Environmental Toxicology
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I have a BA in Sociology (concentration in Social Psychology; specialization in Computing) and an MA in Urban Planning (concentration in Transportation Planning).

The Bachelor's did practically nothing at all for me. Having the comfort level with computers was nice when it came to getting jobs, but that's it. OTOH, I'm a massive underachiever, so I never tried really hard to get a good job. ;-) I eventually landed in Computer Services and Tech Support.

Seven years later, I decided I wanted to become a Transportation Planner. ;-) So I went back to school. But then, we went ahead with TTC during the first quarter of my second year, so I spent the second year pregnant, and had a baby two weeks after graduation (when I still had five incompletes and a rewrite to do on my capstone project). It took me another year to complete all my coursework, and then a further year to track down all the appropriate professors to get my grades submitted ;-) but finally got my Master's. All the while, I was still a SAHM.

Now I'm working part-time, and I know having the MA justifies my pay rate at least. The writing work I did, as well as some of the community development stuff in the urban planning program, is useful in my current job (development department of a healthcare non-profit). I applied for a Transportation Planning Associate position with the City, though I can't start until at least 3 months PP if I get called up (I'm tied for second on the list). Without the Master's, I would need three years experience in Transportation Planning *plus* undergrad coursework in TP to qualify for the job, but thanks to the MA, I'm qualified even though all I've had is an internship (and the position starts at $56k a year... not bad for government work!).

Which tells you little about an AA... but here's the thing: if you go to a decent community college, and you complete an AA program in something that you find interesting, and take care to ensure that most of your units will be transferrable to a four-year program... employers will at least see that as you being "serious" about learning and expanding your options. Employers who want to invest in their employees will like it; ones who worry that you won't stay in your place will ignore it or be put off by it. It's almost like a litmus test. ;-)
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I have a BA (Honours) in English with a Classics minor and an MA in English.
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I'm a few months away from a Bachelors in Psychology. I'm only getting it because you can't get a BS in Pharmacy anymore, which I am also studying. Hoping to use this degree to go to pharmacy school to get my Pharm.D...but I'll probably end up in Pharmaceutical Sales for a few years. Pharmacy school is EXPENSIVE.
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BA in sociology at San Francisco State, and then an additional year at Univ. of San Francisco to get my teaching credential (which I haven't used yet got pregnant just as I was graduating).
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I have a BA and a MA in French Studies and in 2 months, I will have a B.Ed.
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