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Writing prompt Feb 27th

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Hi everyone!!!

This new writing prompt will be "due" next Wednesday (3/5) try to keep it manageable and don't be overwhelmed, no more than 8-10 paragraphs, no less than 4.
I think it's great that so many of you felt safe enough to share here in this forum

Here goes:

Write about the dark side of a good person, OR the good side of a terrible person.

"There is so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the rest of us
that it hardly becomes any of us
to talk about the rest of us"
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I changed my mind!! I got some RL feedback and decided I didn't really do this right. I have a new idea, and I will be posting it as soon as it's done! Sorry, hope this is ok!
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So, the prompt made me think of how my sweet little girl can be so rotten to her little sister! A little off topic, and a poem, so maybe not right for the forum but here it is anyway:

Blonde curls and bright blue eyes
Sugar cookie smiles
Splashing in the winter sunshine

The little one comes swimming
Really just toe tipping
Upturned nose at the water-top

“Look out baby!
I’m jumping!
I’m swimming!”

Bubbles and wild hazel eyes
A mama’s sure hands
Coughs and tears in the slanted sunshine

“You alright baby!
You come jump and swim with me”
Together in the winter sunshine.
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I LOVE it, great imagery of course this is the right place for it. The writings don't have to be prose, poetry is great. It is all about opening your mind. Prompts are just a jumping off point.
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Thanks! It felt good to write a little something again -- it's been a while.
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LOVED it! Great job, I absolutely loved how it was written! I didn't get a chance to do this week's prompt. I sat down and tried to write something out, but it just wasn't there for me.:
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marlyninla, very sweet imagery. I like seeing a poem!

My piece went a little bit overlong, it's almost 1000 words so I put it on my Momspace blog because I don't want to hog the thread It's mostly dialog, almost a monologue. I'm open to any kind of critique.
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Ok, this is what I came up with this morning..

Looking into the eyes of a child is such a mysterious wonder. The eyes that can show so much. Curiousity. Mischeviousness. Excitement. Sadness. Knowing that from everything they do, good or bad, is a learning experience. Eyes can tell so much, and yet keep so much in, if we let it. As we age, our eyes get better about hiding our feelings, but in children, with their inexperience, they have so much to tell us.

Looking into the eyes of my daughter, can reveal every emotion not willing to surface. Her puppy dog eyes will melt you. With her eyes blinking brightly in anticipation for praise because of something she accomplished, or looking at you with her questionable expression, not sure what she should do next. Her eyes always remind me of the eyes of a cat. One minute they are sleepy slits struggling to stay awake, and the next minute big brown eyes that twinkle, almost as if she's ready to pounce.

Right now her eyes show so much. And yet I know that soon she will learn how to conceal her feelings, like the rest of us do. I know that soon I will not be able to read her eyes as well as I can now. Her eyes tell such a story, a story that I pray isn't marked with too many harsh expeiences.
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