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My Baby is here. Earlier than expected.

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I'm just now getting a chance to update. It's been a crazy week.

Talk about a huge surprise. I had gone to bed at about 2am on 2/21. I rolled over and felt this gush. I jumped up, turned on the light and sure enough, there was a wet spot. I woke up Karl with an “Oh my Gosh, I think my water broke”. It was a little after 3 am. He looked at me in surprised, closed his eyes. I’m sure he thought he was dreaming. I was only 36 weeks. He opened them up to find that I was still there and so was the wet spot in the sheets. We weren’t prepared for this at all. I called my midwife, Vicki, to see what she had to say. First we ran through the possibility of me losing some bladder control or maybe extremely wet discharge. But after another huge gush and the fact that 3 of my other labors started this way, we assumed this was it. She said she was willing to still do a homebirth at 36 weeks. She does them on a case by case basis. So we decided to go ahead with the homebirth. My contractions started lightly at about 3:30am. They were close together at 3-4 minutes apart but not super strong. We got up and decided to get some laundry folded and things ready. By 4am my contractions we coming very hard and about 2-3 minutes apart. Vicki had just gotten there. Karl needed to call for a substitute for his classes, so he went downstairs and dealt with that. Vicki got all her things out, made the bed and took care of a few other things. She could tell I wanted to labor quietly alone. I decided to get into the tub. Karl came back up and she decided to go lay down on the couch for awhile.

At first the tub water felt great. My contractions felt so much better. Karl sat there talking to me. Then by about 4:45am my back was just killing me. The water was doing nothing. I figured I needed to get out, move around and let Karl do some back rubbing. Vicki peeked in here and there to check on me and listen to the baby’s heart rate. By about 5:30-6:00 I was definitely having some trouble coping. I always thought I had back labor with my other babies, but I was mistaken. I now know what true back labor feels like. It’s very similar to someone shoving a screwdriver in your lower spine and just wiggling it around. I barely had enough time to recover from the previous contraction before another one would come on. Vicki was watching me and asked if I wanted her to check me. She was curious how the baby was positioned. I went to the bed. She checked and she was pretty sure he was posterior. I wasn’t surprised considering the back pain. She also said I was fully dilated, so whenever I felt the urge to push to go ahead. Well that urge didn’t come for about another 20 minutes or so. I was on the bed on my hands and knees, dealing with each contraction, praying I’d want to push soon. Karl had a warm compress on my back which really did help. I decided to get up, thinking that might drop him into position. I walked into the bathroom, had a contraction and then felt like the baby was gonna fall out of me. I said I really needed to push and went quickly to the side of the bed where there was luckily a few chux pads. Knelt down and started to push. Vicki was trying to get her gloves on. Karl saw the head crowning so he knelt down applied some counter pressure and out came Killian Micah with one push into his Daddy’s hands at 6:25am. He was screaming and pink and looking right at his Daddy. He had a head of black hair and dark eyes. Karl had to maneuver the cord from around his neck and my leg so I could lay on the bed. They wrapped him up and put him on my chest. Killian was just taking it all in.

Karl went to wake up our older 3 kiddos to meet their new baby brother. Liam got excited but then decided he wanted to go back to bed. K and Chandra sat on the bed and looked at him. They were in love. About 10 minutes later we asked who wanted to cut the cord. Chandra said Kaelan did. She decided to go back to bed. Kaelan then cut the cord. The placenta came out and he insisted on looking at it with Vicki. He thought it was so cool that Killian had lived in there. He then went downstairs and got ready for school. Vicki checked me for tears and there thankfully weren’t any to be found. I got up and decided to try to nurse. This was the beginning of the problems. He wanted nothing to do with nursing. I tried for awhile but no luck. This was making me alittle nervous. Karl got K on the bus and then came back up. Vicki weighed and measured Killian. He was 6lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long. At this point he started making these grunty sounds. I got into the shower to clean off and when I got out, they were giving him some oxygen. His skin was getting bluish. We took him temp and that was pretty low. We agreed it was time to take him into the hospital. We kept him on the heating pad with some oxygen while Karl went down to call the local hospital. We were pretty sure they couldn’t handle this. Our local hospital is only good for stitches and casts. They confirmed this, told him to call the one in the neighboring town. Karl called that one and they said to bring him in. We were so unprepared, Karl and I had to get the carseat installed. Vicki and Karl both told me I should stay home. They would want to admit me if I went to the hospital and I also needed to rest some. Then Karl set off.

This is when things got very exciting. First he went a few blocks and realized he forgot his wallet. He came back and then left again. At a stop light he reached back to check on Killian and he was cold. Karl just freaked thinking he had died or something. He then sped up because it seemed even more urgent to get there faster. Of course, right on the outskirts of town as he was going around a few cars by using the turn lane, a police officer pulled him over. Karl knew the drill and knew he didn’t have time to wait for the officer to take his time coming over. So he jumped out of the car. The cop freaked of course, fearing for his life. Karl said his newborn son was blue and needed to get to the hospital. The guy didn’t believe him at all. After several minutes of arguing with this guy, Karl finally asked if he could either escort him to the hospital or call an ambulance. The officer called the ambulance. They showed up, Karl told the EMT the story, they grabbed the carrier and took off without Karl or even getting Killian’s name. Karl was really worried now. He called me, told me what was happening. They wouldn’t let him go until another cop came to our house to make sure I was still alive. They also sent another cop to the local hospital to confirm that he had called. They still didn’t believe him at all. The cop showed up at our house, I answered the door, he looked surprised to see me up and fine. I said I felt great and could he please ask the other guy to lay off my husband so he could get to the hospital with our son. He said sure and left. The other officer then gave Karl a ticket and finally let him go. Karl finally got to the hospital. They stabilized him, ran a few test, gave Killian some surfactant and antibiotics. After talking with the specialist, they decided that the birth had gone great. The guy was amazed that Karl had caught Killian and that he was born posterior with no problems. His little lungs just weren’t ready but it took about 1.5 hours before that became apparent. They decided to send him to another hospital with a better NICU. Karl waited for the transport and talked with the nurse for the hospital, signed all the papers to get him admitted there. And off they went.

So far he’s been there 7 days and there is huge improvement everyday. They were thinking he’d probably be there for a total of 7-10 days. So hopefully he’ll be home soon. He is such a little sweetie and truly a fighter. It was certainly our most exciting birth. Killian’s got quite a story for when he’s older.
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congrats mama!
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Wow what a busy day you had. Glad to hear that you are all doing good.
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Welcome to the world, Killian!! Lots of : coming your way that you are getting better and stronger every day and soon will be back at home!
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Wow that was an exciting birth! I'm so glad that Killian is doing well. Your poor husband must have been absolutely beside himself when the cops pulled him over. I wish they had believed him and I hope he fights the ticket.
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Congrats, mama! What an exciting story! I'm so glad that things turned out well. Your DH is awesome and your newest DS sounds like such a trouper Welcome, Killian!
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That is an exciting story! I'm glad to hear that Killian is doing well now. Congratulations!
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holy cow!!! congrats!!!!!
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Congratulations!! I can't believe the cops! Hope he's home soon
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Wow, what a story. I'm so glad Killan is doing well now and hope he is home soon.
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I can't believe they actually gave youe dh a ticket. What a ua violation. I'm glad that he's doing alright now. Congrats.
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Wow! What a story!!

Congrats on your arrival. I hope he gets to come home soon!!
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congratulations!!! what an amazing story.
he sounds like a little trooper.

sending :
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What a jerky cop! I'm glad he's doing well, though, congratulations! I hope he's home soon.
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WOW!!! That is an amazing story, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats, mama! Welcome Killian! What a story - I hope he'll be ready to come home soon!
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I agree, amazing story! (And yikes, reality check - you mean I really *could* have a baby at 36 weeks?!?)

Holy cow, though, what your poor DH went through trying to get the baby to the hospital. I, also, cannot believe the cop actually gave him a ticket after all the other crap they put you guys through! That's just wrong. Cops are supposed to be the heroes that give you a rush escort to the hospital, not practically hold you hostage and then give you a ticket for speeding with a perfectly good reason.

At any rate, I hope his lungs mature quickly and he gets to come home very soon!
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So glad you are well, the birth went well (despite the screwdriver back labor!), and most importantly that Killian is now doing better. What a wild ride!
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Wow mama what a day for you all. I hope Killian is home soon!
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Congratulations!! What an amazing story. I'm thinking of you and Killian (love the name btw!!) and hope he comes home soon!
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